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Muhammad Ali speaks on Malcolm X – Classic footage


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  1. The so called "Honourable" Elijah Mohammed impregnated at least 5 young girls in his congregation. SMH Malcolm spoke out about it and then was wacked more than likely for this. That is terrible ! SMH all i can say is dont follow religious leaders be your own leader for the religion of your hearts choice

  2. I rarely debate white people about racism and white supremacy. Because even when you provide all the facts and proof they will still discredit and deny it. Muhammad Ali was wasting his time debating these devils yesterday and today the white man will never change.

  3. Everybody seem to want to claim that Malcolm little became great do to the fact of his own personal enlightenment….Here was a man who was sentenced to a federal prison from 1945 intill 1952 on numerous charges, Who became so wild inside the system that the imates called him Satan….To all you who say that the teaching of the Nation of Islam Brainwash Malcolm by presenting him with a false teaching need to really fall back and think,it was Malcolm X who under the teaching of The most honorable Elijah Muhammad allowed him to be heard and love also by many,How many X convicts come out of prison and Become world figure's…..I really dout that Muhammad Ali wrote in his book that he believed Malcolm X was right ….Ali suffered severely from Parkinson and may have been Co Hurst …..

  4. It's disheartening to see Ali so brainwashed like this. The Nation of Islam isn't the true Islam. It was a cult that at first had intentions to empower the black community but greed and jealously took over. I'm glad Malcolm saw the truth before his death but it's a shame Ali didn't follow sooner. I know Ali later regretted turning his back on Malcolm but he waited until Elijah Muhammad died before he made the transition to Sunni Muslim, that's cowardly. Malcolm was a courageous man and knew the dangers of speaking the truth and didn't let that stand in his way. All in all Malcolm still loved Ali as a brother and I know Ali did too, he admitted his mistake so I like to think they're happily reunited. RIP

  5. What I take the most from video is two grown men, acting like grown men, being 100% open and honest with each other, sticking to their convictions and principles, but never once resorting to violence, to name calling or childish behavior. This is professionalism and maturity at its best.

  6. this video was published 28th May 2016. Muhammad ali was already sunni by then. And rejected Elijah. it should not have been published. everybody makes mistakes, so did Ali RH.

  7. Infinite Diversity in infinite Combination Once Again Roddenberry showed the way forward! I deeply admire much of what Muhammed Ali said and did,and understand much of what he was saying here.Tribalism is not a 'white' only issue it has been part of Human nature for as long as Man has existed.The 'White' Culture is committing 'Social Suicide' by undermining its own heritage and values.White means nothing it's a political 'Tag'.All people have their own culture and Traditions.These are often based on Geography,Local Industry,Trades and Crafts and Religion,they all have different 'Pro's and Con's but all deserve to be at least recognised and respected as the established identity of that group and of the individual that see themselves as part of this. Respect is the only basis on which we can all find a way forward together,but this can only come with trust and that must be earned.We can live together without losing our Identity,we don't have to become homogenised to co exist,just respect each other!

  8. Malcom was legend. and he did what he had to. if my father did what he had done I'd leave him and call him bad cause wrong is wrong no matter who do it. Elijah Mohamad did wrong. do not agree with Ali.

  9. it's funny.. if Ali wasn't Muslim he would defend Malcom and tell that he was right what he's done lol. he doesn't want to see his illusion destroyed of course he's muslim now haha

  10. I never saw this interview befor, I thought Ali was more intelligent than this, Malcolm is my hero, and for him to speak against him like this is unreal, Malcolm has always credited Elijah Muhammad for opening his eyes, So Ali is badly misinformed , just sad….

  11. People have to understand watching this that Muhammad Ali was in fear of his life and the lives of members of his family from the people who plotted, planned, and assassinated Malcolm X. Clearly without Malcolm X's input and guidance along with singer Sam Cooke Muhammad Ali would have not talked the way he talked and or took the stands that he took and be the celebrated figure that he was in life and the figure that he has become in death and this is no respect to Elijah Muhammad

  12. Would you say Dr. Martin Luther King was doing disservice, Ali asks and the man just went nuts and changes the direction. Why? because even though Dr. King was peaceful and loving, he was hated so would any other black man get love? no fcuking way!

  13. I loved and respected Ali as well as the NOI, at one point. I think the point that he was making here was that "actions speak for themselves." You don't need anyone to convince you of what's transparent, same as it is in 2016: "National racism that's existed for centuries." However, Ali and all of the NOI were extremely brainwashed to allow their leader(Elijah)to commit his sins, remain on top and then plan to execute one of their own(Malcolm X) for exposing them. Even Ali himself came to resent that and later left the NOI.

  14. Everybody confuses the value of the man with the value of the truth he speaks. As if they stop lying for a second, and attain a position of a God. Anyone can speak the truth for a minute, an hour, a day. Truth is a powerful thing, even in bits, but truth cannot abandon even the lowest abuser of it. Truth shows the character of a man by consistency, fluidity, and grace. Honesty is the tool Ali found to communicate, not Elijah Muhammad's truth, Ali's.


  16. Malcolm X was killed in 1965 and he was still talking about him like this in 1968 when this interview was conducted. They were friends. In his book he wrote how he regretted turning his back on Malcolm. Well he turned his back on Malcolm and his family.

  17. It's easy to take a superior position and to mock the NOI or to say Malcom X and Muhammad Ali eventually joined true Islam.

    But without the NOI they wouldn't have been Muslim nor the great men they became. Every member of the NOI learnt how to be great communicators and how to deliver words with articulation. If they didn't join this organisation neither would have been half the men they were.

    Sunni Islam would have been impractical for black Americans, it wouldn't have related to what they experienced in North America. Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali have positively raised the profile of Muslims world wide for their courage, charisma and human compassion which they had long before Sunni Islam.

    Now about this video, it just shows how ignorant Ali was. He is sat with a white man mocking the man whose mannerisms he took on. Much of what Ali said over his lifetime was from either Malcolm X or the NOI. Long after X's murder and long after he left the NOI he was still using the great speeches which he memorised as his own.

  18. crazy how foolish my people become. They think they become real Muslim when they stop being themselves. I have done a long study of us who go from being Black to only considered Real Muslim if they began to act like an Arabian. Sad part about it Sunni is not in the Qur'an. Nor any of those other labels. Malcolm wasn't wrong when he was for his people. Neither was Ali…there was a lot of egos that played our greats against each other. Ali, Malcolm and Elijah all had dealt with numerous woman. And the same ones who try to bring this up about Elijah run behind some Arab imam or whatnot that has more than one wife
    smh hypocrite 😂

  19. show me true islam that produced these men not so called orthodox islam nahh its racism in that arabism shit one of Muhammad alis last quote was pretaning to elijah muhammad he said what elijah was teaching was correct for that time go check it out

  20. Elija didn't know how real Malcolm was yes Elijah Poole you had recruited a real one to real for you and your movement and you said it ( a lie can not stand when the truth is on the scene).

  21. There's proof that blacks we're hired to shoot blanks and that whites in the CIA actually murdered Malcolm X but those who are not educated enough that doesn't study the history and teaching of Malcolm X and the Muslim culture will always be blind to the injustice in this country.

  22. this is what stupid religions does …. this clash between elijah muhammad and malcolm x happened because iSLAM got involved .. every body thinks that he represents the real islam… fuck islam

  23. unfortunately white folks would turn ali around as they did malcolm then kill him. He did exactly what malcolm did but he stood strong here and told the truth. Whites always want to bring Hitler up when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is concerned forgetting he orderd nobody to be killed because of a color. Even though my view of Hitler does not mirror folks blinded by false jewish literature in regards to him THEM is a divine man with a great purpose who raised up great men

  24. Ali my idol I love you so much but I must say that here you was terribly wrong about Malcolm x but you said it that you was wrong about Malcolm x. I hope you see him in heaven

  25. my issue I've ever had with Malcolm is that he blamed white people and not government. Africa has zero freedom cuz of poor government. government burned witches not the churches. government is the issue not big business if big business can buy government it's still the government. the enemy is control and power. robots run government.

  26. The problem with Everything was Elaja Muhammad (as I 've Understood from Malcolm X biography) but let do not forget his contribution to the Black people in America. Mohammad Ali, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan etc , legends, were trained by Elaja Mohammad. He woke 'lost people' up.

  27. Malcolm X – the man that publicly announced a celebration when hearing the news of an awful plane crash which had resulted in many dead . . . Malcolm was filled with joy at the news . . Why you may ask, how could he possibly celebrate such an awful event ? . .

    I will tell you why – because the passengers all had skin that was different in colour to his own . . . They were all White . . To Mr X that was the greatest of news . . More than worthy of celebration . .

    Evil takes many forms . . The evil that called itself Malcolm X is long gone . . I hope they piled some extra coals on the fires of Helll for his arrival . . .

  28. he said a lot of things,that make sence…and to be classified as a "public enemy"by the government, and their instruments( police, fbi, cia,army etc) , is in this case, an award, and very positive item,…they (politicians, police, etc), may try to "control" and frustrate, humilate, torture, even murder , minorities, groups, but, they never can win the war on long time, it's a daily battle, with those terrorists, dressed as politicians, or with uniforms, or undercover…but you can't respect devils, you only fear them, and ignore them but never see them as equal or even shake hands, with them , ….they start the fire, and we never forget or even forgive, them for a lot of suffering and injustice…/ it's a struggle and politicians, try to divide and control everybody,and when people finally wake up, they have their devils/police force to oppress and humilate people with their racist and injustice evil thaughts, that suddenly becomes "laws"…../ police has brutalise and TERRORISE more people in history than any other groups, in the whole world…., afro-americans, immigrants, refugees, fear more those (uniformed) terrorists, than other (religuous) terrorists, …this organised "legal" terrorists, are their real NIGHTMARE or ennemies for the majority of immigrant groups, refugees,and afro-americans , not ONLY what the mainstraim media, took nowadays for (religuous) terrorists….-) / the most immigrants, afro-americans, refugees, minority groups, aren't afraid of terror attacks, , but they main problems , who's gone really protect them from the (uniformed) terrorists by the police?….About Ali, he was the Greatest,especially outside the boxring, fighting with his real enemy , the usa racist/apartheid regime…(RIP)

  29. This is hard to watch knowing how much Malcolm loved Ali. Even after he was ostracized from NOI he still called Ali his brother. I'm glad Ali finally realized Malcolm was right about NOI even if he cowardly waited until Elijah Muhammad died before he left. Ali had expressed his regret about turning his back on Malcolm. I like to think the brothers are happily reunited. RIP

  30. To Ali's understanding at that time X was a traitor. Even so he tries not to speak ill of him, as he was dead. We all develop and grow (hopefully) through time. Ali was always very vocal and public, so it's easy to criticise him. But this is a man not yet 30 you're seeing here. Alot of us would freely admit to talking some wild shit in our twenties which we'd never say now. I don't think he'd anything to be embarrassed about from this or any other interview he did. He calmly and civilly stated his position and the reasons for it.

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