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Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X – Rare 1965 Interview

Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X – Rare 1965 Interview. Malcolm X calls Ali “Cassius.” Meeting at United Nations in New York City


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  1. Malcolm was a bonafide Muslim man. He stay loyal to the Nation & Elijah M. for as long as he could. The truth never needs any support and Malcolm simply embraced the truth by accepting True Islam.

  2. Are you sure this is 1965? Malcolm X left in March 1964 and Muhammad Ali wasnt talking to him and even turned his face on Malcolm when he saw Malcolm in Ghana. From the conversation, it is most likely that this video is made in 1963 or 1964 when Muhammad Ali joined the Nation I believe though I might be wrong, though I am sure this wasnt made in 1965

  3. What a beautiful video that is! besides the interviewer, all the guys look genuine and happy and full of love and faith. Ali, Malcolm X and the Nigerian ambassador at the end!

  4. Look at the beaming smile when Mr X talked about Ali knocking out Liston. Malcolm was the happiest around Ali, it's one of the few times he can relax and just have fun bc he had to be so serious the entire time elsewhere.

  5. Black people should invent space exploration vehicles, scientific instruments and machinery that can be capable of collecting, and analysing various soil and other mineral samples from varying planetary expeditions outside of earth's orbit.

  6. somebody should have informed him that Islam is not the religion of blacks like he thought , the phrophet Mohmoud owned slaves raped slaves commanded people to do the same he castrated the males because he said blacks are evil cause of there color called them raisin heads. I guess Jesus still is everyone's god and not the blonde haired blue eyed Malcolm x says he was

  7. Can the information be wrong about the date of the interview? Because Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam I believe in 1963 and he was killed in 1965. Muhammad Ali did not follow Malcolm on the other hand.

  8. I'm not black but having confident intelligent determined young men like muhammad ali and malcolm x at the forefront must have fealt like a renaissance for the black people. They could have taken on the world at that point. Unfortunately this period was short-lived.

  9. Malcolm said it best; it's all about the press. Once you control the information stream, you control people's consciousness, subconsiousness, emotions, fears. It's only gotten worse since the mid 60's as the government destroyed black families and "enslaved" Black men. It ended black leadership as it was during the 60's, and led to self-serving, double-agent leeches like Al & Jesse.

  10. The Gospel message we share:

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    Scripture References: John chapters 3 & 14, Isaiah chapter 53, Acts chapter 3 and All of the Holy Bible. Praise CHRIST JESUS! AMEN.

  11. Malcolm sounds like Donald Trump, blaming everything on the press. But the press is only reporting what they say. If you go around preaching "The white man is the Devil," and is "Evil by Nature," are they supposed to belive that he was preaching love? Especially when Dr. King was preaching love! In 1965 when this interview was done I was 23 years old and a fan of Malcolm's. I say a fan rather than a follower because I was an atheist so I didn't join the NOI. However I straight-up hated whites in those days because of my experience with their blatant racism, and it was Malcolm's emphatic hatred for Whites that attracted me to him – since I believed Islam and Christanity to be elaborate myths. But the press did not create his image as a hater: HE DID!!!! And for those who like to say 1965 was just like today I say you are a MORON!!!!!! I was there and I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. In 1965 black people couldn't even buy a cup of coffee at a public lunch counter, TODAY YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE IF YOU STUDY HARD AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!!! To say nothing has changed since 1965 is a cop-out, an excuse for failure!!!!

  12. The reporter is being disrespectful by addressing him as Cassius. Unless the reporter just woke up from a coma, he's got to know that his name is now Muhammad Ali .


  14. Also, Malcolm, in this interview, had been in violation of the order, not to speak with the press, given the 90-day suspension, meted out, after his comments on the assassination of JFK.

  15. I had barely known the name Cassius Clay when he changed his name. I remember how puzzled I was, as a child, about it. But I said; I guess I will be calling him Muhammad Ali. I am glad I grew up calling him Muhammad Ali. What a beautiful name ; and what a noble person.

  16. I actually must disagree and make this even earlier for the date of the interview. The posted date of 1965 is clearly incorrect. Another person noted it must have been in March of 1964. However, that is also incorrect. I believe this interview was the next day or so after for several reasons. First, Minister Malcolm X was still in the Nation of Islam and had not yet broke away, and he referenced "the other night"-in reference to the Feb. 25, 1964 defeat by Muhammad Ali of Sonny Liston. Secondly, Muhammad Ali was given the name very shortly after that fight, via a recorded statement issued by The Hon. Elijah Muhammad in February of 1964, and there is no way he would have been referring to himself as Cassius, that Malcolm X (who had himself been given the name Malik El Shabazz by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the 1950's-he already had his holy name, which is the name he used later in life-but because of being so well known as "Malcolm X"-he kept using that publicly until later) would have been referring to him as Cassius in his presence, either. Muhammad Ali was immediately corrective of anyone calling him Cassius after he got his holy name from his leader and teacher. This interview is most likely Feb. 26, or Feb. 27, and I believe by Feb. 28 or 29 (as Feb. had 29 days that year) he had been given the name "Muhammad Ali" if NOT sooner-this interview appears to have been either the next morning or two after the fight.

  17. Can anyone tell me why Muslims are ok with Isis or Alqueda being Muslim but White men are so bad with Hate groups of white origin. Can anyone tell me why a person today is guilty of yesteryear, can anyone tell me how leader of yesteryear talked about white men teaching them to lead themselves but don't see the logic in we must work together!? Bring the conversation, I welcome it with an open mind

  18. This interview cannot have been in 1965. Malcolm X was seperated from Elijah Mohammed in 1965…Malcolm couldnt have spoke so highly of Elijah As he did if it was 1965. The interview was probably 1963-4 (before his trip to Mecca).

  19. I would love to see the entire footage. There is more to Malcolm's interview. This footage is from March 5, 1964. Malcolm arranged for Ali (then Cassius X) to meet with diplomats from Africa and Asia at the United Nations. Malcolm intended to make Ali an international political figure. Malcolm and Ali even made plans to tour Africa together. Days later on March 8, Elijah Muhammad gave Cassius the name Muhammad Ali and forbade all members to communicate with Malcolm after he was ostracized from the Nation of Islam. Ali and Malcolm met by chance in Ghana in May 1964 but Ali turned his back on him. He left Malcolm alone and vulnerable to the threats of the Nation, Malcolm was assassinated on February 21, 1965. Ali later regretted how he abandoned Malcolm.

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