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Minister Farrakhan speaking on Malcolm X going to Mecca and White muslims

Minister Farrakhan speaking on Malcolm X at Savior’s Day 1993


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  1. Muhammed peace be upon him gave his last sermon and clearly stated "All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action."

  2. Already read Manning's book as well as a plethora of other books pertaining to X's assassination. Gene Roberts is a known agent and was assigned to stand guard on stage the day of Malcolm's murder. A week prior to this he was at the audubon watching the agents rehearse Malcolm's killing. Moments before Malcolm was shot, Gene signaled to be moved from his position on stage and therefore he was not in the line of fire. The FBI are the real P.O.S thugs your animosity should be directed towards

  3. u can say what u want u traitor… but at the end of the day your thugs in the NOI did the WHITE MANS WORK for him in assasinating brother malcom… your form of islam is false and we all know it

  4. The NOI did not have the power to have 2 innocent men who were not at the Audubon when Malcolm was shot, convicted of his murder. The NOI did not have the power to have Malcolm poisoned in Cairo either. Thats why towards the end, Malcolm told his secretary Sara Mitchell that he was going to stop saying that its the NOI trying to kill him because he knew what the NOI was capable of and they werent capable of what was happening. Read 'The Assassination of Malcolm X' by George Breitman

  5. There was a Minister Farrakhan video on here where he was talking about the evils of the international bankers or 'the illuminati' as they are most known by that had over a million views on it. I know because it prompted me to buy the actual DVD when I saw it on here. Also, Minister Farrakhan has way more videos on youtube than Malcolm does given that Malcolm doesnt have many videotaped speeches. Add all those views on every Farrakhan video and the sum will equal a huge interest in Farrakhan

  6. Minister Farrakhan has way more videos on youtube than Malcolm. Add every single Farrakhan view from every single Farrakhan video posted on youtube and THEN come back and give me THAT number. You really think posting up 3 Farrakhan video numbers proves something? Especially when he has way more videos posted on here than Malcolm? Malcolm in his day didnt have the luxury of having all of his speeches videotaped like Farrakhan does today so it is understandable but please dont try to run game

  7. Malcolm had already learned that all pious Muslims regardless of color were equal in the sight of Allah when he was in the NOI. Malcolm had already been to the Middle East in 1959 and saw white muslims. I hope you realize that after Malcolm went to Hajj he still wasnt for integration and thought the only salvation that whites in america could have would be if they accepted Islam. I hope you're not one of these misinformed people that think that Malcolm turned into MLK after he went to Mecca

  8. I have no form of Islam. My Islam is the same as Prophet Muhammad's of 1400 years ago. Secondly, black FBI agents have a long history of infiltrating black organizations and causing disruption. A black FBI agent was instrumental in bringing down Marcus Garvey. After Gene Roberts finished his work in Malcolm's assassination he infiltrated the black panthers and set them up for the brooklyn botanical bombing. 2pac's mom was arrested for that. Thats all FBI. J Edgar Hoover was behind it all

  9. You may many blind assumptions just from my one statement. Haha, I understand however. Yes, I know Malcolm was never for integration. All I said was that Malcolm realized that we're all equal under God. And this is true. God bless you. 🙂

  10. I don't like NOI's theology, but Farrakhan is on point when he's speaking about the white Muslims and how we're not devils if we don't act like them. If we accept God and know that there is no God but God and Muhammad is His final Messenger, we are Muslims. I am a white Muslim.

  11. what is interesting that a lot of us including myself were taught to believe that Malcom X turned into some sort of MLK after he went to Mecca-even his autobiography which was completed by Alex Haley after Malcom was killed -gives the impression that Malcolm X was changed after leaving Mecca-so i guess we were misinformed since Malcom had already saw "White Muslims" in 1959

  12. If we are all equal under God then why are there Black people in Iraq living in poverty, why are there Black servants in Arabia, why are there Black poor people being oppressed in Libya?

  13. I dont see Minister Farrakhan as tainted as all and I know ALOT of black people that don't see him that way either. Only the people that take the lies that the media say about him on face value will see him that way

  14. The Nation of Islam is way too big to be a cult. Any black people in amerikkka whose family roots go back to slavery has relatives in their lineage that either have been in or are currently in the NOI

  15. That Farrakhan quote began with the words "AND IF WE dealt with Malcolm…", Minister Farrakhan did not say the NOI murdered Malcolm. I have that lecture and I know the context in which he made that statement. There were members of the NOI who did not appreciate Malcolm slandering Elijah Muhammad like he did but Elijah gave strict orders to his followers to leave Malcolm alone and NOI members hung on every word of Elijah's like pure gospel itself. True NOI members dont even carry guns

  16. Malcom X and Dr. Kaled Muhammad were supirior intelectuals to Farrakhan as well as orators. Khaled Mohammed was a truly exceptional man that could speak in a way few men can. He was a natural leader with great intelligence that saw the past and had a great vision of the future for Black people.

  17. I know perfectly well what cult means. Did you read the person's comment that my reply was directed towards? I understood the context that he was using the word 'cult' in and I answered it as such. As far as the good that the NOI has done for blacks in america, I know that as well. Thanks

  18. MAN LOOK IM ABOUT TO XPOSED ALL YOU IGNORANT FUKZ!! THE BEST BLACK LEADER WE HAD WUS A MAN NAMED "MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY" DO YOUR RESEARCH WUSNT FOR HIM THERE WOULD BE NO MALCOLM X NO MARTIN LUTHER KING NO FARRAKHAN NO ELIJAH MUHAMMED -____- They all got there knowledge from the honorable marcus garvey , garvey only BLACK man 2 organize and unite not 1 not 2 not 8 not 12 not 14 but 15 million blacks all over the world!!!! im done do your fucking research!!! "The Real Is Back"

  19. So you are saying that people who are atheists are all junkies?? People of religion have been caught molesting children, giving sermons on killing people. It is one reason for conflicts in many parts of asia and africa today where blacks kill blacks, browns kill browns coz they belong to separate religions. Ironically in africa both islam and christianity were largely spread by invading arabs and europeans

  20. Are you not familiar with the story of Malcolm X? He was a junkie. When he accepted Islam in prison it cleaned up his life and turned him into a disciplined leader. I never said atheists were junkies. Where did you get that from? As far as your 'People of religion..been caught molesting children, giving sermons on killing people' statement, Well people who DON'T follow religion have been caught doing the same acts. Religion has produced good people and Malcolm X is an example of that

  21. Well people who DON'T follow religion have been caught doing the same acts.. Exactly. That is for being a good person you need not be religious,It depends on the person. Besides Buddhism has turned people into new leaves. For some it was christianity, for some hinduism and for some leaving religion brought them peace. But one thing is clear that most islamic countries dont exactley treat non muslims well. Why even non arab muslims are treated bad by muslim arabs.

  22. Also it's funny that african americans believe islam is good for them. Reality is many muslims treat blacks just like europeans did back then. Ask africans who work in arab countries. Also you must have heard stories of blacks treated badly in Libya, sudan etc. The lighter skinned north africans have been doing it for years. Besides slavery of Africans was started by arabs before europeans arrived.

  23. you seem like somebody who feels the need to defend the belief that religion is just bad and you dont need it to be good. The fact is that there have been plenty of people who found religion and it made them better people, Malcolm X is one of the best examples of this. Martin Luther King's found strength in his faith and it was influential in his stance when he was alive. There are hypocritical people who claim certain religions but dont truly live the tenets of it. It just depends on the person

  24. Of course african americans would believe and find Islam is good for them, Prophet Muhammad was as black as they are. The Arabs of Muhammad's day were all black so naturally blacks will identify with Islam. The thing is today when some think of an arab they think of some pale man with robes on. And yes, today there are racist pale arabs but they are not the true 'Al-Ariba' Arabs that the Prophet was. They are mustariba arabs who came in the area later and adopted the ways of the black Arabs

  25. As far as slavery in Africa, Africans were enslaving themselves long before some pale arab did anything. Slavery is one of the oldest institutions on earth & you can find some form of it practiced in almost any ancient civilization up to the greeks and romans. So spare me the 'pale arab practiced slavery so that means islam is a slave religion' stuff. The Prophet did not like the institution of slavery and freed slaves. Just cause some pale arabs didnt follow his example doesnt make Islam bad.

  26. If they were superior to Farrakhan, then why does Farrakhan attract more people to his speaking than Malcolm or Khalid ever did in their day? Minister Farrakhan called a Million Man March and nearly 2 million black men came. When Minister Farrakhan spoke at Randell's Island in the 70's nearly 70,000 people came to hear him speak. That is more people than Malcolm ever spoke to at one time. Farrakhan is just as equal to those men because his work compared to their work in their day says it all.

  27. Yeah i know that.Well by that same standards no one should be complaining about whites taking slaves right?? And the prophet himself had slaves my friend many from his conquests. Saying that you can hold slaves but treat them well doesn't mean that the person is good. It is encouraging slavery in a sugary tongue.

  28. Who claimed the Prophet had slaves? Name these slaves he had. Many christian writers who had the intention of slandering the Prophet wrote about him and attributed acts to him that he did not commit so a person has to be very careful when reading these accounts. In Quran in Surah 90 it speaks about a Muslim taking the uphill road. The requirement of taking the 'uphill road' is freeing slaves. The Prophet did not like slavery and he didnt encourage it either. Those are untruths written about him

  29. As far as slavery goes, do you think slavery is just? Because I do not, regardless of how long the institution has been on the planet. It is a crime in my opinion and anyone who practices it should be incriminated. So no, I think we should complain about anyone taking slaves, including whites

  30. But that is not true. Any slave the Prophet came across and had the means to free them he did. He didnt barter slaves. He didnt like slavery. He lived at a time when slavery was the order of the day and he gradually tried to make the people stop it. Thats why the Quran says to free slaves. The Prophet was black as well as those arabians at that time. Arabia is the northeast corner of Africa. Blacks have been enslaving each other before the Prophet was alive and Islam puts a stop to slavery.

  31. Brother, seek for knowledge. Dont u realize that today publicity, mainstream is against Islam cuz its the TRUTH. The first black slave called Bilal(they payed to the idol worshipers to not kill him) cuz he became a muslim. Most important. He was the first man who called for pray time in the first mosque in prophet time. And yeah, u had more slaves who converted to Islam in that time then from the normal house people. May Allah give u a sind for the right path. Peace

  32. That Aisha claim is untrue. She was around 15 years of age when her marriage to the Prophet was consummated. In those days once a lady could bear children she was considered a WOMAN and could be married. All hadith is not true. You must know the HISTORY of Islam to be able to verify the false from true. Aisha was born around the time Muhammad received the call. His wife died 10 years after he received the call. The Prophet wasnt engaged to Aisha until AFTER his wife's death. Your claim is false

  33. Thats odd his last child was with his first wife of 25years Khadija .
    The prophet had no other children with the rest of his wives .
    Do you understand what that means reptile ? There was no birth control
    or condoms moron,do you get it ?? He had 13 wives and only had
    children (6) with his first wife …… Now get back in your hole !

  34. All sunnis do not agree and there are sects within the Sunni community that differ on issues. All sunnis do not believe all hadith to be authentic. I know alot of sunni muslims that dont take all hadith on face value. There are some that dont accept hadith at all. I dont know where you got that info from but it definitely was not from a person that knows sunni muslims intimately. It is a known fact in the Islamic world that there are fabricated hadith and one must be cautious in using them

  35. Times were different. It was the culture of that time. Paedophillia insinuates it was rape , and or she was before puberty. They say he married her at 9 but nobody knows about age of consummation because they never had children. Furthermore it is not condoned in this day and age because times WERE DIFFERENT . Jeez you are just trying start fighting for no reason. Just calm down and drink some tea or something.

  36. Malcolm died (or should I say was assassinated) in 1965, at the age of 39, and was not even the head, or leader of the NOI, but rather the national spokesman. Malcolm never had the chance to evolve as Farrakhan has, obviously benefitting from both Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm's deaths. Malcolm was ahead of his time, the people he reached out to were behind the time, even the very same Nation who ousted him, allegedly for making a statement about the president, and chickens coming home to rest.

  37. You have to compare the times. There was more people attending Malcom X temple then Farrakan. If Malcom was alive today just Imagine how many people would be at his speaking events. I respect Farrakhan but he was no Malcom.

  38. the Prophet conquered nothing, Islam only expanded after he died. One of the first Muslims was a slave he freed and adopted as his son- Zaid Ibn Harith, who became his scribe. He also helped other slaves free themselves by buying them from cruel masters. The rules of the day meant he had to work around slavery at first, but he himself did not take slaves or offer them to others. Freeing (your own) slaves is in fact a praiseworthy deed in the Qur'an.

  39. We all know that Europeans enslaved Africans in medieval and Americans had Africans slaves till 1800-1900 … even though Christians claim that Christianity is the most merciful religion.

  40. Read about War in Quran, and you will find that whileas crusaders killed women and children, Muslims were prohibited even harming an unarmed soldier, even though he fought you in the battle!

    Making a man work for you + feeding him is much more humane, than slaughtering them like crusaders OR making them work for you till they die, like Nazis did, isn't it?

    Nowadays the country who loses the war (WW I / WW II) must pay the winner. Back then the countries who lost could pay only by labor…

  41. Going by your reasoning Hitler was more superior than Farrakhan.
    Please don't misunderstand me i do think Farrakhan is a great speaker . . im just saying your reasoning isn't brilliant.

  42. Hitler wasnt speaking to the platform of the upliftment of the black man and blackwoman of America. Malcolm X, Khalid Muhammad, and Minister Farrakhan all did or in Farrakhan's case, continues to do so. Also, they all rose to prominence through the Nation of Islam so they are all comparable given those similarities. So no, my reasoning isnt flawed at all. Perhaps if you were more acquainted with the lives of those men you would have understood this from the beginning

  43. wow..15..that is too young..she did not know love then..a young mind is easily played with..this is why I do not allow religion to enslave my beautiful black spirit

  44. I see your point. Times were very different back then. People didnt live long in those times so they matured alot faster than we do today. People then married in their early teens. Even in the story of 'Romeo and Juliet', the main characters were around 13 years of age when they were seeing each other and planning to marry. Times are much different now though

  45. I dont doubt that it could come from a hadith. The thing about hadith is that there are many false ones in circulation today so one must be very careful in making sure that the hadith you use is authentic. The Prophet said "After I am gone differences will arise among you. Compare whatever is reported to be mine with the book of God; that which agrees therewith you may accept as having from me; that which disagrees you will reject as a fabrication"

  46. You can't blame that on christianity. You blame that on the so called followers who are not following what the bible teaches. If christians followed the new testament like the muslims follow the Quran there would probably be more peace in this world. But they don't.

  47. You need to look everything in its context. You can't compare everything that was done 1400 years ago with what's done nowadays.
    Plus… in the State of New Hampshire, a woman/girl can marry at the age of 13. Should we blame that on religion too?

  48. very true. Christian today are weak. they cant even defend their religion like a muslim, Jehovah witness, morman, etc. Christians are lazy because they feel once they have salvation through the blood of Christ, their work is done.

  49. at 5:30, according to Minister Farrakhan, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught 1st that white Muslims not devil (prior to Malcolm's visit to Mecca) … Whites that reject Islam are devils…

  50. Beware of government propaganda.. and their agents who make disrespectful comments about Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. It's one thing to disagree with views. But to go against any Black movement puts you on the side of the enemies of The Black people

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