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Martin Luther King Speaks To Malcolm X

Many of you youngings out there in YouTubeLand never have seen this or have heard it! For those of you who have i’am not talking to about you.


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  1. Wow. Lol. Guess I shouldn't be surprised if it's coming from a TRUE house Negro on YT. Since when does peace make someone a house Negro?!?! If your going to paraphrase malcolm, why don't you speak on what he said right before he died? He gave Martin respect in the end. If martin was such a house negro why they kill him???? Field slaves were killed 1st not the other way around. We need to move forward not Go backwards. We can't ignore history. We should Learn from history not Dwell on it. 1.

  2. I give Malcolm big time props for what he said before he died. I also stated many times that Malcolm came around to Martin's way of thinking, not the other way around. I was defending King from those who said he only made it into the history books because he was a pet of whitey or, as some have claimed, a government agent. What Malcolm taught when he was under the tutelage of Elijah was the same thing the Klan taught. King, on the other hand, was extraordinary, which is why he's my hero.

  3. Both of these guys played there roles the best of their abilities.
    Malcolm died loved us and died 4 us (black ppl) MLK died for all of us (white, black etc.)
    Malcolm was like a one man army and MLK was like Black Jesus.

  4. i believe he was targeted for assasination because of the possibility of a unification of he and the nation of islam as well as the black panther party a true threat to the racist system in place at that time and hiding today however still active …

  5. If anyone has ever lived with a non-violent movement in the South…he wouldn't say that this movement makes…them [whites] comfortable. I think it arouses a sense of shame within them often, in many instances, I think it does something to touch the conscience and establish a sense of guilt. Now so often people respond to guilt by engaging more in the guilt-evoking act in an attempt to drown the sense of guilt. But this approach certainly doesn't make the white man feel comfortable. – RIP King

  6. You raise an interesting question, namely what sort of equality, if any, a method of resistance whose *only* end was to make the powerful feel guilty and ashamed for their oppressive practices could ever result in. I don't think that the only goal of the part of the CRM headed by King was to make whites feel guilty, though. In any case, you should know you're replying to a direct quotation of MLK's response to the question of whether his non-violent movement makes whites comfortable. 3:00

  7. I don't think your claim about MLK (or Dubois for that matter) being "put in power to counter" Garvey's influence and/or the early NOI is at all historically accurate. If you consider the actual history you'll see that MLK's rise had nothing whatsoever to do with these things. For instance, the NOI first came to national prominence with the beating of Johnson Hinton in 1957, which is when Malcolm X first entered the national scene. By that time, King had already led the bus boycotts in 1955.

  8. Listen, I have no desire to put up with an anonymous youtuber who resorts to name calling to try to establish his points. If you can't be civil I'll just stop replying. If you want to make a historical argument to the effect that MLK and Dubois were somehow "placed in power" to counter other strands of the CRM, then point to some facts in the historical record as evidence. Otherwise relax and do some research. Btw, you are aware that Dubois's main work predated the CRM by 20 years, right?

  9. I'm suspicious of what you mean by "brought in". King was a part of a group of ministers who were sympathetic to early leaders like E.D. Nixon. Nixon organized the boycott and selected King to lead because King hadn't yet become intimidated by white politicians. The boycott certainly wasn't an effort to appease whites. The concessions it won included a Supreme Court ruling that bus segregation was unconstitutional; it couldn't be enforced legally. The social impact went far beyond this.

  10. King's efforts weren't just about getting whites to stop disdaining blacks. It was about winning real equal treatment with whites before the law in the use of all private and public institutions. Perhaps this legal equality is still imperfect if, as you say, whites control the majority of productive capital, but you can't deny that true legal equality is a meaningful and important gain. Without it, the sorts of equality you seem focused on wouldn't even be things to reasonably hope for.

  11. You're going ad hominem. I haven't yet made any claims about what I personally am for or against. In fact, I support many aspects of the CRM, not just aspects associated with King. But look, it's not a compromise to seek complete legal equality. You compromise if you accept negatives. To insist on full legal equality is to accept no legal inferiority whatsoever. As I said, legal equality isn't all there is to equality, but you can't deny its importance.

  12. Those hard-won "so-called" legal rights mean that in today's America you can sue people for discriminatory practices, whereas before, they were the law; you could be sued, or worse, for refusing to comply with them. That's a major difference that you don't seem to really grasp. I don't think that's anything to laugh about. Anyway I have other things to do today. Good afternoon.

  13. I'm NOT defending colonialism and imperialism but nations have always done this so this is a pattern of nations and not of colonialists and imperialists in particular. In fact, that is one of the defining characteristics of a nation state. That is why indian tribes were called tribes although there were also indian nations… who operated under the same subterfuge. What George Washington said was true. Nations do NOT have a conscience, only their own self interest.

  14. You are WRONG! I am not defending colonialism and imperialism. I'm making statements of fact. You're making assumptions based upon assumptions and reading in motives and characterizing… all without evidence. This forum is too constricted to discuss this emotional subject but I am NOT defending anything or anyone that hurts others. You obviously don't grasp that. I'm not defending Washington either but you are judging him through modern eyes which never works.

  15. Will you relax already. This is obviously emotional material & I understand and respect that. If someone kills another person and that's all you know FOR SURE, then you can't say if they're a murderer or not. That is just ONE of the things I'm alluding to in this regard. You're talking about absolutes and those are rare and it's your anger that makes you see things that way. You're anger may be justified but being caught up in it and not seeing its effect on yourself is also a blindness.

  16. I'm not determining your reality. What I'm talking about is a distinct possibility not an absolute. You know what. I'm tired of this conversation. If you think you can be objective about yourself AND about your reactions to something that you're emotionally involved with… then good for you! Peace!

  17. Yeah, actually it is my call. I call it being ignorant of reality. Quit blaming the white man, as if we are all in on "it". If you don't think the poor white man has been getting shat on since the beginning, then you haven't been paying attention. Quit being a part of the problem.

  18. Yeah, and the Arabs and the Africans and the Asians have been killing people by the millions in the same time period… Wake up and stop blaming all the suffering in the world on the white man. Quit being a part of the problem.

  19. Yeah, man, it's all a big conspiracy. Even the stuff that is undeniably documented, that was all made up too. I hope you're pulling a prank, otherwise you may be beyond help.

    And when the west leaves they'll continue with their tribal violence in the middle and near east until the end of time just like they've done sense the beginning of it. .

  20. Because Europe was crowded and living conditions sucked for lower class people? That's why they left, me thinks. And the Irish potato famine had a significant impact, too. There as been significant fighting and upheaval in Europe after WW2. You might want to check your history.

    But western businessmen sold the American people out to southeast Asia. Why would they do that if they were worried about non-whites taking over the world?

  21. Who will be doing the invading? The Asian countries are the only ones I can think of that might be able to do so. Certainly not the near or middle east and certainly not the African countries.

    Speaking of all this, aren't the Chinese invading your African "brothers" right now? Why no hate for the Chinese?

  22. Shit, man. They were invited there by the African elites, if they were invited at all. The same African elites that have been throwing the African people under the bus since the beginning. Reckon who they are building that infrastructure for? Reckon who they are building all of those ghost towns for? It ain't the Africans. The Chinaman is looking to rape mother Africa of her resources and move a shit load of Chinese to Africa in the process. If you think the white man is soulless… watch out.

  23. Yes, it's the white man. It's all the white man's fault. lol You do realize that Africans do a wonderful job of committing genocidal terrorism on themselves, right? At lest the Americans have the decency to shoot people with M-16's. Africans hack each other to death (women and children included) with machetes. Yes, the African man is a shining example of humanity.

  24. I never take anybody seriously if they are trying to tell me about the history of humanity when they are coming from an anti-whitey perspective. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the majority of humanity (all races) haven't much respect for themselves or each other for the entirety of human history. You want to put the problems of all the world on the white man, and you're absolutely delusional for doing so. It just ain't so. Has the white man pulled some shit? yep. Has every other race? sure enough.

  25. Are you serious? I guess Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Thutmose III, Ashoka the Great, Cyrus the great, Ch'in Shih Huang, Attila the Hun et al. were all letting people practice self determination… Ridiculous.

    Yes, the west is doing shit in the near and middle east right now that is despicable. But to say that the white has been the only occupiers and aggressors for the last 600 years is absolute nonsense. Please tell me you're a troll. Surely you are.

  26. "Self determination is something that people where practicing before the rest of the world every heard of white European or western." That's why I listed those conquerors. Obviously they weren't.

    Let's see, the past 600 years… the Japanese invasion of China. Pol pot, Chairman Mao, Idi Amin, the Rwandan genocide, the ottoman empire, the war lords and oppressive governments in Africa right now, North Korea… Seems to me that whitey hasn't been the only bad act in town the past 600 years.

  27. Thanks for sharing. I understand Malcolm's perspective, esp. at the time. Unfortunately, our country and world is still not providing equality. I respect both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

  28. Thats right he was a C.I.A agent and sleep with white women and the most high killed his lieing ass, he was not a prophet of the most high but a flase prophet who never quoted a verse from the bible deut 13:5 And that prophet, or dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death, because he hath spoken to turn you away from the most high our power

  29. What on earth made you think that Malcolm,,needed or wanted exaltations? The only thing Malcolm wanted,was to be treated,as a man,along with other black men.who wanted the same thing too!!As for riches,that was not on his agenda!! He was destined ,to be the voice,of the voiceless,and he certainly,gave courage,for us to speak our truths,without hesitation!!!!

  30. A scoundrel killed Martin Luther King!!He was put to death, by racism,and hatred,also a false,premise, of white supremacy!!Most bigots, misquote the Bible,to placate,their conscious,while, committing,the most horrendous acts,against humanity,toward a people, simply because of their color!! The Supremacy myth, has certainly been debunked,by former presidents,!!! President Obama proved,that there is a new sheriff in town,He is for all people,not, like Reagan,Ford,and Nixon,!!

  31. That's true,but that was more. Meaning,Malcolm actually did discussed on equality & how it should have been put in exercised.And yes,he was the voice for those who weren't educated/braved enough to speak against the system for their human rights,such as privileges,restitution and reparation.Those were the values he was actually wanted Congressmen to passed for Africans.Malcolm has also talked on self-independence,as an ethnic,additionally,self respect and morals of values by respecting others.

  32. "We would all be dead" there are still plenty civil rights leaders around. Creating change despite governmental influences. I think both men inspired, but the noticeable change came from King's movement.

  33. Correction Malcolm thought defending himself against an aggressor was necessary. The same way you might if someone punched you. Martin in the context of a protest refused to strike back in the same aggressive manor, but both movements needed each other.

  34. Me personaly, I think our problem is ignorance. MLK is an amazing person, but I don't fully agree with his method. Turning the other cheek, forgiving, etc. I can't forgive anyone who sicks dogs and hang people for thier race and beliefs. If they we're christians like they say they are, they would know that jesus is jewish. Ignorance was pay down over and over. So my way of fighting ignorance is teaching them lessons. America isn't free yet. Thanks Malcolm x.

  35. There would not have been a successful "Civil Rights" movement if it were not for The NOI and Malcolm X…more specifically Malcolm …in the sense that he was able to internationally connect with the developing countries of the world and shame America on the world stage…pronouncement of "Human Rights" helped change the game.

  36. MLK's son Dexter and wife Coretta as well as Rosa Parks, Gandhi/Cesar Chavez/Einstein and many other greats also support animal rights and are vegan. (meatvideo dotcom – MUST SEE Factory Farms) for animals, environment, health, even to reduce hunger!!!

  37. the noticeable change was integrating in oppressive work force,schools, and politics, is that the change you mean? i just wish x and king was both alive, they was like black democrats and republicans, both tried to help blacks, but had two different philosophy, overall though, x philosophy was great than kings, more potent.. i always loved the idea of building your own civilization,economy,schools, and establishments.instead of begging the oppressor to let them in his/her schools etc

  38. Malcolm x preached about black unity, self reliance, being independent of hand offs from welfare,building your own communities oppose to begging the white man to do it 4 u, instead of begging to drink at the same water faucet as the racist, build your own, a better one so to speak. Same with school,economy,city,jobs,colleges, etc.. Why try to pass laws in racist white establishments instead of building your own? King was good for the south, but x was good long term. That makes him better

  39. King got arrested,fought bigots,risk his safety, no doubt, but for what? His philosophy started to speed up when Malcolm x came into the picture, because whites were scared of him, the raw truth, so they sided with King. Elijah was taught too, so that is irrelevant, x was arrested a few times too, however, he was still greater than King. He said some mean things to whites, but overall he had a wonderful message. Blacks had an economy with x,black own establishments and jobs, with king, it failed

  40. That is excellent for you, wow, imagine if X philosophy kicked in, most blacks would be doing what you're doing, King, was a good man, he was great for the south, I CAN'T stress that enough, Elijah was wonderful too, but Malcolm x was the greatest I have ever seen, he was so ethical and pure, he was so honest, that it cost him his life for being more real than Elijah. Pre mecca and post mecca X was equally great, but post Mecca, Cia were stalking him, and tried to buy him with money, love him

  41. You're right, we think so low of ourselves, we think starting our own business is like winning a lottery, but it should of be so normal to us, that it's like brushing our teeth. We have the nerve to complain about inequality in jobs, yet those are their jobs, they built it, now us, that is exactly what X was saying, don't exceed their expectation, create your own expectations, don't be measured by the whites yardstick, create your own, then you can decide your own rules

  42. "malcom x teaches to do bad with the white"

    No, not at all. Malcolm had a problem with the white superiority complex and the white power structure, but had no problem with individual white people. Hell, he had friends who were white. It's a shame how Malcolm's true teachings and rhetoric have been sullied, so very few people know what Malcolm actually stood for these day.

  43. Very disrespectful. The maker of this youtube video is wrong for mixing in those racially debattable pieces. I would like to know why u would waste time creating this? Do u hate black ppl? Or, do u enjoy bullying or humiliating us? Sadly, this is the only way you'll get our attention. The world focuses on us for a reason. Hate us or not, we just continue to set trends. Trends that the world continues to follow. We are pop culture. Who does it better? #BOOM

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