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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate
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  1. I agree with MLK more than I do with Malcom X on many topics mainly because MLK talks about resolving issues through peace. Malcom X seems to be wanting to resolve it through violence. I understand the need to defend yourself. That's why we have the 2nd amendment.

    What I do agree with Malcom X on, is at 6:33 of the video where he says (And I'm paraphrasing), "That a white man and a black man needs to be able to sit down at a table and the white man should be able to say anything without fear of offending the black man and vice versa."

  2. As a white male that read the biography of Malcolm-X nearly 25 years ago, I can only say there were many things that changed within him when he went to Mecca. His militant approach was definitely lessened to a certain degree – not that it wasn't there, but it was subdued. I completely understand the revolutionary nature within him – it is within many of us. But Mr. Kings approach, given enough time, would surely win out. Love has always, and will always, correct and overcome everything and anything else. Human beings are more intelligent then the system wants us to believe, so in 2017 it continues to feed hysteria to us all while manipulating everyone to fight the other side. There is no "other" side – just you and me and "them". The best thing we can ALL do is not let "them" tell us who WE are. Cheers.

  3. Malcolm X was just a textbook sjw before his time. MLK was very pragmatic and while his actions may have been temporarily costly for the black community, they were effective and much more numerous than anything X managed to pull off. The reason you modern blacks like X so much is because he sounds virtually exactly like a modern democrat who panders towards you but is really selling you out for votes. X clearly wasn't even very proud of the black culture since he became a kebab lol but MLK made significant gains for blacks and probably woulda kept going until total equality. But what did X do other than spout edgy nonsense?


  5. Malcolm was right in regards that at the time justice was deserved however it would not of worked. All that would be achieved by blacks collectively using violence would be the confirmation that blacks were beasts bellow "civilized white folk".

    I'd also like to mention that people shouldn't think these arguments apply in today's world.

  6. MLK is probably the most embarrassing deceitful traitor again black folks I have ever seen. what a fucking joke he was . and the fucker gets his own day ? we should have Malcom X day. . . I'm Latino btw talking in behalf of all my intelligent black brothers and sisters with a real mind .

  7. This debate was interesting since they are both correct in there dispute Martin was wrong to say that we should turn the other cheek cause equality is only achieved if one race can do the same as the other the reason why Malcolm was violent was due to the idea in witch that the race he was defending isn't equal in power but the idea in witch we can all live in peace is a just one in witch Martin was correct but very hard to achieve since there was already to much damage done. Witch still lingers till this day. One can not simply turn the cheek like Martin or Jesus but that's to show you the bible has a very true power of love. This love that can be easily manipulated if one decide to do so. In witch Malcolm try to prevent. They are not wrong in this debate but the security of equality will never be achieved. Due to the scares in witch the battle for it has been fought.

  8. The organized crime racket has all these opinion nature reactions preventing demonstration of all with no legal representation, and with breached history books, and by sick inter-nation policing of us still here, fake sides, and no fact treatment defenses.

  9. things could not have been, all that bad in america, if things were as bad, in america as we were led to believe. the blacks would have left america. ………….. long, long ago. ……….

  10. Malcolm X was just divisive and aggressive. MLK was right. Malcolm X was wrong. He wants to blame existing white people for the sins of people that lived hundreds of years ago. He says 'white people' as if all white people are racist when it's just not true. The vast majority of people are not racist. No white person alive today is responsible for what happened in the past. And so few wealthy white people owned slaves. The vast majority of white people during this period of history also lived in abject poverty.

  11. Blacks must dream about race in their sleep. Every technology you enjoy today..the phone, automobile, television, radio, electricity for God's sake came from whites. The country you live in and despise was built by Europeans. Sometimes I think the seemingly majority of blacks that hate whites comes from the fact that nothing truly great has came from their culture or forefathers. Where are all the great ancient African cultures. Egypt is not sub-saharan and can not be claimed. where is all of the great advances in technology or medicine or philosophy or the arts. Even today Africa is brutal, America still has. programs trying to teach them how to farm. Look at the genocides still happening there and the barbarism. Yet somehow I'm supposed to believe that blacks are superior to whites!? American black culture is a very self-loving ideology. It's all about me, me, me. No thought of citizenship, country, loyalty,duty, honor, sacrifice. I grew up very poor in the south and can tell you some of the most racist people I've met have been black. But of course Thiers is justified right? If every culture that hated whites and Western culture (not just blacks) would denounce all white Europeans inventions and advancements they would live in a dark primitive world indeed! If blacks are so strong and independent then why do they want their livelihood to come from the white man government. If I hated someone so much I wouldn't want anything from them, yet the very people a majority of blacks hate are expected to provide all their needs for a lifetime through "reparations" . Wouldn't that make the black yet again subservient to a "master". Or is the money more important than the principal? And as far as slavery goes… have been slaves since the world began. My Italian and Irish ancestors were under brutal slavery for hundreds of years by the Barbary Muslim invaders. It doesn't matter, I could talk till I'm blue in the face and nothing would change. Modern blacks want America handed to them through no effort of their own. Just read the BLMatters manifesto. They want to be put into places of leadership, free middle class housing most whites can't afford, they want to be put into office, councils, boards of government and businesses because somehow their "great" destiny was stolen from them. But I look to their history in their Sub-saharan continent in Africa and wonder "what great destiny did they have. Almost nothing good for the betterment of mankind has came from Africa. Of course this makes me racist, or is it honest? Either way it's taboo.

  12. violence leads to more violence. this is the reason why factions between whites and blacks will never cease… you stole a people from their land and enslaved them for hundreds of years. . . what exactly do you expect to be the result. . . peace?

  13. I am , and have been an admirer of Malcolm X . He is a stand up guy who says what he thinks is right and if anyone doesn't. like it , that's just too damned bad . We need more of that in this country now. A good stiff dose of Brother Malcolm's ghost is just what this this country needs . The sprit of honest and frank discussion has been supressed in this country to an extent that I had not thought possible. This is the result of politically correct ninnys , S.J.W.s , and the left in general being enscorcled and captivated by silly political notions .This in because of the moral and intellectual cowardice of the left.I wonder how he would have felt about Hillary and her hot sauce.? Malcolm's attitude was "give me liberty or I'll take it myself". We need more people like that on the left or right , white or black.

  14. Can we just give the black americans a few States of thier own or a few islands look at Puerto Rico for example or Guam or Hawaii but black only no immigration between white and black since people can't stop being racist …

  15. People in the comments seem to be ignorant of Mahatma Ghandi and his accomplishments in organizing peaceful protests of the British Empire which eventually led to the creation of India and Pakistan. The Hindus and Muslims got their sovereignty by peacefully protesting their "oppressors". These people accomplished their unimaginable goal peacefully.

    The single moment when violent revolution becomes necessary is when peaceful revolution becomes impossible.

    You see, this is why MLK Jr actually got shit done with his rallies because he was able to see that "hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."

    When I was younger, I found myself agreeing with Malcolm more than MLK Jr, but not its vice versa. I finally understand that the world can be what we want it to be, we just have to try.

  16. History showed that Martin Luther was the wiser and greater man. His power came from his moral superiority to the thugs and oppressors and ultimately it was that, that attracted people to his cause. People do not get attracted to violence it only breeds stubbornness and hate followed by more violence.

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  18. 1st whites didn't want to live next to black or was upset when black move 2 long island now they back in Harlem Brooklyn the Bronx a Lil south Jamaica. dum ass black ppl.
    say moving back down south . 100 year or the underground rail we came up north now we going back south white man know how to play with our heads .
    fight these white send they ass back to hell

  19. As much as I respect Malcolm it's hard to deny the quiet and moving charisma Dr. King conveyed without speaking a word. Malcolm was a revolutionary. Martin was the revolution.

  20. If Malcolm could have have seen decades into the future; the Internet connecting People; the Internet connecting Us.  Perhaps…perhaps he could have adjusted his views.  Cause when it comes dwn to it….humans are humans!!!!

  21. Violence doesn't work. If you study the history, you will find out that every time human being advanced is because of trade and communication, not wars. What I can't stand about Malcolm X is that he's argument by core promotes tribalism and separation, and if we look at the result, Malcolm X's ideology failed, and MLK succeeded. Why? While it is true that authorities are afraid of protest, they are more inclined to suppress violence. Malcolm X was an extremist and LBJ couldn't stand him, not to mention most of the white population. MLK succeeded because he understands the idea of bargaining and giving up sth to trade for sth good for the black community as a whole (i.e.,​ voting right). I mean Malcolm X is just naive in thinking that Blacks can take care of themselves and ignore the whites, also known as the majority in the country. Look at other nations like India and Brazil, they are all multicultural, and do you think it is realistic for those race not to mingle at all? Also besides blacks, there are other races in U.S., should they self-govern also? And btw Jews were regarded as pretty successful group in U.S., and I didn't think they achieved that by separating themselves from Whites. I mean, I get it, it is a different period Malcolm X lived in, but it amazes me how people in nowadays still worship him as some kind of savior.

  22. Violence shall only be paid by more violence, and honestly, Blacks cannot do more violence to the whites than the other way around since in the 50s and 60, Whites controlled the government. So Malcolm X's method doesn't work at.

  23. Very glad that Martin Luther was more influential than Malcolm X.
    We need to be coming together, not just whites and blacks but people of all races. We need to start moving forward side by side and not against one another, how can we move forward and progress humanity if we move against one another. Conflict between 2 forces end with one dominating the other, never will the both move forward so long as they oppose one another. The past is the past, it should stay in the past, and while it must never be forgotten, it must be forgiven in order to move on. Those who do not forgive past mistakes of ancestors will never move forward, they will never become better than that which was the past, instead of learning from the past they chose to be the past and all of its mistakes.

  24. Truly a great man, honest, principled, humble and direct, his fight for equality and non-violence make him a moral leader that encouraged and still inspires people. His arguments are sound both in theory and practice, and his ability to put them forward in clear concise ways has meant his words live on and are still used to promote equality and justice. A real American hero.

  25. Both men, Malcom and MLK, laid the groundwork, but black Americans still have a long way to go before they are really free. The system the way that it is laid out and works right now, with so many young black men going to jail, that is not right. If there was truly respect for black people, the things they did to build this country, and some honest fear about reprisals for horrors done to them? Then maybe we would see more equality. What happened to the Black Panthers? We need them back.

  26. The difference between Malcom and martin is that martin lived his life and acted as if he would live for ever. He lived and carried himself as if one day his dream speech would come to be. In a big way it has. Malcom would be eating his words if he was alive today. Love and peace has done more to combat racism and oppression in this country then hate and vengence ever will. With love and peace full resistence we have had slow but steady progress. Bitterness hate vengeance only breeds more bitterness hate and vengeance.

  27. No wonder why MLK was taught in public schools especially and he is used as a tool by white liberals

    He is used to make men passive instead of revolutionaries to get their point across especially when dealing with an aggressive establishment that is anti-human


    You cannot be passive in this age. I would love to see how the world would be with Malcolm x approach

    I bet by now there would be revolutions all over especially here in the USA


  29. The christians of the civil rights movement got laws passed.Muslims didnt.Then muslims themselves like lou farrakhan killed Malcolm X.Blacks like malcolm x were just as much a thorn in Dr King ass as the bigoted white man.Malcolm X attitude totally changed from this perspective in this footage.Whoever did this forgot that important point.

  30. I understand both men's view points. I would have to side more with MLK. violent protests ( riots) are self defending and the results have more negative effects in the long run.

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