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Malcolm X’s Famous Speech After Returning From Mecca

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Malcolm X & The True Islam

Malcolm X – Islam Is The Solution To Your Problems

Malcolm X’s Famous Speech After Returning From Mecca
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Malcolm X – A Letter From Mecca

Malcolm X speaks on his ideologies after his return from his pilgrimage to Mecca and his presentation to the U.N.

May Allah have mercy on his soul. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz.
May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965

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  1. Did Malcolm X along with the rest of the NOI not realize that Islam is not a African religion? It is an Arab religion originating in the Arabian peninsula (Mecca and Medina) and was brought to Africa by the Arabs and spread drastically during the days of the old Caliphates when they conquered much of Northern Africa..? Neither Christianity nor Islam is a true "African" religion so I don't understand why they always call it so or take on names like el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz as their "African names" when those are Arab names… All these things they claim are "African" were also forced on their continent and ancestors just as Christianity was, the only difference is Islam was forced at an earlier date during the, as I previously mentioned, days of the Caliphates.

  2. what we must overstand is we are living on a prison planet and justice has to expand past the United States…its a universe issue…but the real question is how did this come to be? and what can we do as prisoners to free ourselves??

  3. The Haj seemed to have made Malcolm X less "angry"…..still concerned with the plight of his people…..but I dont see quite the same anger….He apparently changed his views towards whites after his Haj…..

  4. I'm not religious so spare me, this is basic history : In the Islamic doctrine God (Allah) willed the Prophet Mohammad (of Mecca) to be His LAST Prophet and Messenger. Now here's Elija Muhammad claiming HE was a Messenger. Elija spread his own version of Islam so he was bound to have dissent, especially among the educated

  5. I find it impossible to believe the Middle Eastern people did not look down on him for the color of his skin! The arabs are just as racist or more so and extremely prejudiced against non whites.

  6. Malcolm X said Islam can wipe the cancer of racist, American said Islam is officially a terrorist along with freedom speak bla bla…, haha my god, this is sad…Which one is right ? Malcolm X or Bush??

  7. It KILLS me that the belief is that EVERYTHING Malcolm X said pre-Mecca is somehow considered invalid after he returened from Mecca, that's BULLSHIT. Listen to his speeches concerning police brutality, voting, politics, race relations, and the media, it is 1000% ACCURATE and VERY RELEVANT today.

  8. 48 year old white male that's me… and I agree with everything I just heard… I know it was yesterday but what the f*** is wrong with you folks on both sides that don't see the message? are you thinking for yourself or are you sheep following an eloquent speaker that makes you feel nice.? I personally love this message wake up

  9. For me, Malcolm X had always been the real deal. The white man didn't only enslave Africans in the US, they also enslaved and brutalized Africans in Africa, and rubbed the continent of it's natural resources. Africans were compelled and murdered in the millions to work in the continent's rubber plantations and mines without pay. These products were then shipped to the west free of charge. The plethora of heinous and gruesome crimes that have been perpetrated against the black race over the centuries is really mind-boggling.

  10. Black people today situated in America are too dumb to pay homage and respect to there fallen leaders to such an extent that men of such prestige like Malcolm X have been written out of there text books and history classes. Why if you respected the man half as much as you say you do you would of had a public holiday for him, you would of had him honored and firmly etched into history but instead you let the white man dictate who what and where things go and who gets a pass into his history when he deems fit and yet you call america home. You've been fooled again.

  11. The purpose of the Police ,In their original inception, Was to control psychological disarray within a society. The effects of mass hysteria and dillusional indoctronation has a way of accomplishing veilled systemic power especially when it is appeased by popular media.

  12. Fucking nigger lol…..Nigger got killed by niggers same shit that's happening today you can say us white men are prejudice and racist Cuz most of Us are but you can NEVER deny the number 1 cause of death for niggers is other niggers White Power

  13. i have such respect for this brilliant man however poles, italians, irish immgrants were treated awfylly, in that time frame , and without a doubt malcolm has to see that truth,

  14. People tend to associate Malcolm X with his time in the N.O.I and the speeches he gave during that time.

    People need to do more research on his life post-Hajj, when he left the N.O.I, denounced their racist teachings that went against Islam and converted to Islam.

    He shouldn't be remembered for the mistakes he made during his time in the N.O.I.

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