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Malcolm X’s Daughter Exposes Farrakhan (The Extended Clip)

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan admits in a 60 Minutes interview and reported on CBS Evening News that his incendiary rhetoric played a role in the 1965 assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X.

Farrakhan was outraged. He called Malcolm X a traitor and wrote, two months before the killing, that “such a man is worthy of death.”

Three men with ties to the Nation of Islam were convicted in the slaying in the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem on Feb. 21, 1965.


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  1. Farrakhan you are no good , you spew hatery , , till to this day the people of color will never understand that you are for profit , not good , or helping of anyone but you!!! Your day is coming and I hope you confess your lies before your ppl

  2. We should always go back to the basics in such situations: the assassination serves the F BI and the CIA, the declarations of L. Farrakhan offered a golden opportunity for the crime. We should understand revolutionary movement such as the Nation of Islam is among the worst ennemis conservative America.

  3. Black people are the reason why she doesn't have a dad black people are the reason why Martin Luther King is dead. Malcolm X and all of the great leaders are gone. Now we have a bunch of black people that are lazy and complain and expect white people to take care of them and feed them and give them clothes and government phones and shelter and section 8 and food stamps. and black people still turn around and make racist remarks out of their fucking mouth. What else can white people do? Most whites today weren't even born in the KKK generation and most white people aren't even racist anymore. There's no more crosses burning in front yards. Black people feel like they're attacked because of their own insecurities. Their own insecurities are the reason why they put other races Superior over their own. many white people still feel sorry even though they weren't even alive back in those days or they were too young to even remember slavery. and they want to give blacks as much as they possibly can to try to make up for their ancestors horrible acts. Blacks will never accept this new generation of white people especially or any other culture mostly because they want to have hate. many black people don't know how to let things go instead they want to hold a grudge and that's why so many black people get shot every single day. But you don't see the Jewish people ready to go on a race war or Indian people, or Mexican people or Asian people that are ready to go in a race war. And none of these different cultures of people keep bringing up slavery towards white people. If anybody should be mad it should be the Indians. Many people in those days ran them out of the country. And also not to mention Jewish people were in slavery camps and were tortured as well… but Jewish people don't ask for handouts. they work hard and a lot of them stick to their own.
    and they build up their own Revenue and their communities. And they keep the drugs out. but they don't live in the past. and they don't expect people to take care of them because of their ancestors slavery? Black people carry this hate For no real reason… they kill their own people at nothing. And most of the black people now I live in by Street code which is no snitching? Wow… these people are lost in wickedness. Black people don't realize or want to admit that black slave owners in Africa sold their ancestors to white Americans. Blacks don't show any hostility towards Africans which they shouldn't because many of the Africans weren't even alive back then so you can't blame them for their ancestry. Not one black person today has experienced slavery themselves. black people are the most lost people I've ever seen on planet Earth. this generation of black youth they don't want to work. And most black men that are young want to be rappers or hip-hop thugs. Instead of great leaders. most of the young women want to dress half naked. And use foul language. And about 75% of the black population are raising kids on their own without a father. black people don't like to get married and stay married like our grandparents did. But black people will go on Facebook or any social media and act like they stand together when in reality everybody knows blacks have the highest percentage of killing each other and fighting each other but then they want to act Unified. And if they don't get respect then they'll fight and kill whoever they have to. I miss hard-working black people that were well-dressed and respectful. The black people of today should be ashamed because Malcolm X and Doctor Martin Luther King fought so hard to get us where we are. they had a vision for what they wanted and where they wanted their people to be. But instead they died by the hands of their own people. And their own people turned out to be disrespectful. and they really turned out to be a sad lost people in America. And most importantly 98% of black people don't take responsibility and ownership for their own actions instead they'll blame the white person on slavery and that's why the black race is so upside down which is complete bullshit. The black race is upside down because they can't stick together. No black person in this generation has ever been enslaved so please spare everyone with we were slaves bulshit. I wasn't a slave and neither will you. Stop making excuses for yourself and take a hold of your own life and for the love of God please stop listening to ghetto rap music. Because it represents the devil and the devil's gates to hell. To all my positive people no matter what color you are God bless you and have a great day. Peace and love

  4. Wasn't done yet I don't want him to die I want to hear what he's got to say I didn't know about until lately I believe what he saying I can't help what color I was born

  5. The repetition of a lie eventually takes on a life of its own. The moment Min. Farrakhan began to attract the ears of the masses of black and brown people he became target number one. This is undisputed American history whether it was Paul Robeson, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm and Stokely Carmichael. All were victims of character assassination. Does anyone really believe that if the government had any real evidence that Min Farrakhan was involved in the murder of Malcolm X, he would be a free man in America?? Are you that foolish and gullible? Don't let your hatred for a person or organization send you into the depths of mental delusion. From what I have ascertain reading up on this subject and hearing the minister repeatedly said in some instance in great details about the murder of Malcolm, I concluded this accusation is completely fabricated. In terms of Malcolm children of course they have justifiable pain and perhaps even hate for the murder of their father. However, none other than Malcolm X wife herself Betty Shabazz reunited with the minister in a public forum in Harlem Apollo theater in the early 90's and reconciled. The only people who continue to regurgitate this garbage accusation are haters of the minister and the NOI. Lastly, this wicked Mike Wallace of 60 minutes was a mischief maker..well he is now dead, the minister has survived many of his detractors and looking far better than most half his age. The Minister is now in his 80's and has a mental sharpness that is unbelievable. Such is life.

  6. Anyone can put on a suit and tie and say im a Muslim. Malcolm's bodyguard (Gene Roberts) was a undercover police officer. Did Malcolm know this? Hell no. Did Gene Roberts try to protect Malcolm when the fight broke out. Of course not. Wake up you Uncle Tom Negroes. Who killed Martin King and Medgar Evers?

  7. Most of you don't know what you're talking about. If you honestly believe Minister Farrakhan had anything to do with Malcolm X's murder you are either (a) unaware of the range of facts and perspectives out there or (b) biased morons who aren't worth the time. For those who are of the (a) category and are sincerely interested in the WHOLE STORY and have the intelligence and maturity to suspend your judgment until you've thoroughly investigated the matter then visit a Muhammad Mosque in your city. Try to arrange a meeting with the local Minister or study group coordinator and question him on the issue. At least you'll have a broader perspective when all is said and done. There are also myriad lectures by Minister Farrakhan himself that you could listen to if you choose. Peace!

  8. Religion is the very definition of establishment, status quo & corruption. There's nothing revolutionary about religion. Of course the gov't was involved to the degree that they were involved in the creation of the NOI itself! Malcolm dared think for himself, & no religion wants that. And no government wants unity between minorities & the white working class because it threatens their power structure.

  9. FUCK Louis Farrakhan, there's nothing he can do now to heal the wounds! Talking about he wished Malcolm was still alive—YOU FUCKING BLACK DEVIL! He complained about the white, when he helped to set back people back, he did more damage than the white, and the FBI! Farrakhan was complicit in the murder of Malcolm X, you heard him! It's just like he pulled the trigger with that vitriolic hate speech! Now he's trying to clear his name, and get some closure! He tried to repay his debt to the community with his Million Man March—-BULLSHIT! The Nation Of Islam is phony, because they're still operating given all these know facts! Wake up black people, wake up! If you're still follow the NOI after all the known facts you choose to be an ignorant misled fool! Malcolm X was murdered and his family had to witness that horrible fucked up shit! Tell me what kind of man does this thing in the presence of a man's family? FUCK LOUIS FARRAKHAN AND THE NATION OF ISLAM AND THE HORSES THEY ALL RODE IN ON! They helped destroy Black History and forever changed the movement and black folks lives, because Malcolm X was making a difference!

  10. Any highly decent mind and spirit would think what type,mental and spiritual degrees could this individual be and personify that could be and reside in the presence of a murdered man's offspring knowing full well he became the enemy with reasonable doubt,accomplice of deep hatred,seething anger and vengeance! With a so called holy book as if he was innocent,righteous,justifiable and moral! In the face of a murdered man's offspring that definately lost two parents under predetermined choices and events not caused by or through reasoning of some Supreme Being! Society has been briefed and yes,I am The god!

  11. My people(black people),
    when has this government,society,those in power,and the cracasian,EVER done anything to primarily benefit the BLACK PEOPLE?
    Neely Fuller said,
    "If you don't understand white supremacy/racism,
    and how it works,every thing that you do understand,will only confuse you."
    Everything that every cracasian does,is to further white supremacy and white domination.
    Mike Wallace was about as interested in helping settle the different opinions about Malcolm's death,as an Egyptian Cobra is in helping a mongoose.

  12. They hated the fact that he become a REAL Muslim smh. I believe Farrakhan didn't pull the trigger but I believe he played a role on plotting against Malcolm X and idc what nobody say. Now get mad at me if ya want too.

  13. If I'm sitting with the man whom I KNOW instigated the plot that killed my Daddy, imma start swinging at some point – before his goons kick my ass.

  14. I love Farrakhan for what he's doing today in the lives and brain of black people. But hey, if you believe anything this man is saying in this video, then you will believe that I have $100 billion and I have built 100 schools in Georgia and around !. Hahahahahah. That's how dumb you are !.

  15. May Allah bless him and reward him jenah Fresouse. Love and respect from your Afghan Muslim sister. May Allah guide us all to the right path and the nonbelievers to his religion Islam🙏

  16. It was his time by Allah to go. Now we should learn and move on with Brother's MX path. Only worship our creator Allah and prophet Mohammad was the last prophet of God. His way was the true way was Islam.

  17. There is just so much to this. The Shabazz children and the family as a whole suffered so much pain. I could feel Attalah's suffering. Watching her dad get killed liked that and all the drama years later. It's such a doggone shame.

  18. Farracohn fi dead. Judgement Malcolned X sighted the truth that cannot be found in the nation of islHAM. Ras Tafari is the only true king. cnt fool me with ur lies mr. farracohn. malcolm x was robbed of his life by mr. farracohn and his goonez pussies. R.I.P Malcolm sit at the mercy seat with Selassie I.

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