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Malcolm X:Field Negro speech


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  1. Hell Yeah bruh! Malcolm X was the realest negro since Marcus Garvey! After Malcolm was Kahlid Muhammad! Whos next to step up and sacrifice for our people, with action! Not talk like Sharpton,Farrakan, and Obama(house negros). I'm a field negro and I cant wait for the african revolution!

  2. as a white person who grew up seeing and hearing my fellow white people use racial slurs and express racist views at the drop of a hat- i admire someone like malcolm x challenging the status quo. it took alot guts and got him killed, but he stood up – he was influence by what he lived. he was to radical for us whites they said, but m.l. king was okay. not really- they killed him too.

  3. Thank you Malcolm x your someone of inspiration and greatness wish you was in the white house but that's never going to happen I commend you and your bloodline bless your knowledge of truth where others would want you to enslave yourselves.

  4. This may have been true then but not now…..We have a black President now…..Like Jim Brown said "We have no excuses now, we have a black man in the White House"…..We are all slaves now, we all have a master…..It's called making a living…..Many however are still enslaved to the Government…..It's called welfare…..I call it modern day slavery.

  5. 2men w/the same concept have a very different effect on BLKppl in the USA! Malcolm X says CHANGE for the better cuz there 'is better than [this] while Barack Obama says CHANGE lets do better ''WECAN'' do better. hmmm in reality both men are telling listeners: something needs2 be done, right? right yet no1 wantd2hear mx words. in the form of a president black ppl are down 4 !change! but like malcolm said its their ''HOUSE'' an all u house 'niggers' are still not tryn leave or listen!!

  6. The sad reality is, we all have been divided and continue to be fragmented from one another. The division that we are experiencing is in the human family. Black, brown, peach, red, yellow………..our common enemy is anyone who tries to oppress, divide, separate, segregate, splinter the human family. We across the races are more a like one another than we are different. This part of Malcolm's story isn't so well know as his early experiences. Malcolm so that together everyone benifited.

  7. These divisions I mentioned earlier can occur in various settings.Your personal sharing that has lead me to reply as I have is one example. When your fellow Mexican made that statement, you disagreed. This is what we must do in our families, in our places of worship, in our governments, in our schools, whereever this spirit of division shows itself, we must speak against it! Our common goal as humans should be to look out for one another and to band together to assist one antoher as best we can.

  8. Listeners of this current piece. Don't take out of context what Bro. M. is sharing and in what context he is sharing this info. Remember after his trip to Mecca, his mind set changed. Yes he was still proud to be called Muslim, but his ideas for real change involved get others of all races on board, so that collectively we could see that the same foot that was kicking one was kicking all! After his journey, he was less militant and more diplomatic, that's when the "field negro's" turned on him!

  9. Maria, do not lose hope!!!!! When, poor blacks, browns, and the poor whites wake up to the harsh reality, that we are all on the same boat, just using different paddles, I believe in my heart, we will be a force to be reckoned with!!!!Please do not give up, My Sister!!!!!!

  10. What do you really know, about relating? His main priority, should be, implementing, policies,that will enable his constituents,to live a productive,and meaningful existence!!!!It begins with VOTING!! If you didn't Vote, YOU DON"T MATTER!!! You are just existing,as life,passes you by,while others hold you fate,in the palm of their hands!!

  11. Im just a kid, a fresh mind if you like, so hear me out all you old timers because; perhaps, the world as you see it is quite different from what it truly is, perhaps common ideas on how clearly we think; were, initialy wrong when in relation to age. Perhaps you, do not see the alternative routes to achieve what you truly desire and inturn, perhaps you, have adopted the ideaology of society which has slowly seeped into your mind. So old timers perhaps you will clearly read this.

  12. you realize that polular vote has very little to do with outcome. it is the final decision of the electoral college if your elected official votes opposite what your popular vote is it can wing the election. we are not a direct democracy voting is not as important as you exclamations would imply.

  13. We're all house negros, just what the government wants us to be. They got us brain brainwashed, thinking this country is is the best place on earth! They got us feeling comfy with our daily routine. keeping us entertained with ignorent bs on television and stupid social medias like facebook, wich is making us very self centered. freedom?? Hell no !! We're all slaves on the same boat. Black,white, and brown we gotta wake up and become field negros.

  14. Question: All the black males who are pointing guns at other black males and shooting them. Are they house niggas or field niggas?
    Follow up question: Blacks who vote faithfully for white Democrats. Are they house niggas or field niggas?
    Last question: All the blacks who intentionally do poorly in school, so as not to be "white". Are they house niggas or field niggas?

  15. True but it will remain muted untill "brown" people realize that they are indiginous to the Americas and asserts that they have all rights that being indigenous affords (I.E drop the mexico / spanish image & imigration issues. Assert indigenous status and the immigration issue takes care of itself)
    As an African American all I want/need is…
    1.Equal access to the economy
    2.Representation in a nutral government with equal access

  16. "The division that we are experiencing is in the human family. Black, brown, peach, red, yellow………..our common enemy is anyone who tries to oppress, divide, separate, segregate, splinter the human family."
    BOOM …right on the money!
    Although as a game designer I have to say, our common enemy isn't a person more so then a broken flawed structure that has positions or elements that encourage the rise of players/people that oppress, divide, separate, segregate, splinter the human family

  17. I will answer that there are barely any field Negroes these days, voting, military, money rap, drug rap = house negroes. I dont know if u are white or not, but we blacks have been put in place and become too comfortable. BUT all it takes is 1 or 2 strong voices and influences to change all that and it starts with the youth.

    Black people have been brainwashed by white owned corparations by way of black kids who grow into adults. IT WILL BACKFIRE and be damaging to everyone.

  18. The point I am making with the questions I posed is that the house negro/field negro analogy is a poor analogy to be trying to apply to blacks today. In the case of the 17th-19th century slave, each had to try to make the best of things through a common entity, their "owner". In today's society there is no true analog to the slave master. Most blacks today are serving about 3 or 4 different "masters" without realizing it.

  19. house negros have become the majority within our communities we have no ideal strong independent thinkers within our communities and that has transformed into a cancerous tumor…eventually…it'll kill us.

  20. Interesting I went through ten pages of reading comments and not one racist comment. I wonder why? I guess it is the context of the speech. Malcolm was an intelligent man and there is nothing you can say to deride his speech.

  21. if Brother Malcolm was still alive today, he could give this same speech and it would be almost as relevant if not more so than back then…but in the context of ALL AMERICANS in relation to Zionism

  22. As a collective we can ponder the relativity of each individuals perspective on the age old cancer of racism. The key term is "perspective". I believe if one is inclined to hang on to those secular and stereotypical "straight jackets" assigned them then in that madness is where they will always reside. Make no mistake racism is alive and well but I believe to do better one must do just that…DO BETTER!!!!

  23. Cognitive dissidence vs. Cognitive dissonance…go do some homework…get back at me on the topic…and somebody please let's have an intelligent exchange on the topic…the basic blah blah blah is killing me!!!!

  24. This is real and I try to teach this to my younger friends and family members I guess it is real in the field but it seems like everybody trying to get into the house I been trying to tear it down and burn it

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