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Malcolm X: You Got What’s Known As White’s Disease!

Malcolm X speaks to the residents of Harlem


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  1. As long as we do not have Independence into our own independent Black Nation on this continent we will always have problems like this. You cannot live in the Master's house and be treated decently. LAND is the basis of all power not civil rights not asking white folks to treat you right. if you have land you control the means of production and distribution of goods to your people and you control natural resources. People all over the world struggling fighting and dying for control of their own land and resources. as long as we live up under the control of White America they will always keep us at the bottom of the totem pole economically and socially and culturally and spiritually. Our leaders are afraid to talk about this are people have absolutely no idea that black nationalism is the key to our problems. let me make myself clear I am not talking about segregation I am talking about separation they are two different things. FREE THE LAND..SHANGO

  2. after almost three hundred years in slavery and 150 years of being abused by institutionalized racism we must begin to talk about independence into her own Black Nation 45 million black people.. it is for the future of our children and families we must begin to grasp this concept of Independence or we will continue the merry-go-round in white racist America. FREE THE LAND

  3. Poor malcolmx died of greens disease his black brothers became jelouse and afraid of the power he was gaining so his own people whacked his ass with a shotgun he was to busy focused on whitey he didn't see blacky

  4. These exact words can be spoken today in 2016 and it still will be the TRUTH. Chains on our necks and feet have been replaced with the chain of the churches. There is and always has been in black communities on every miles of distance a liquor store and a church. Until we change the mentality of our people as a whole and relie on ourselves as much as possible. If not expect another generation to experience the same inequalities and injuries that we experience today as generations before us had endured. Nothing changes in life and this country but the FACES. Stop joining and fighting for something in other countries that is not given to you as a LEGALIZED CITIZEN of these United States. Stop standing and placing your heart over broken promises. Be a Black MAN or WOMAN as a nation within a nation. Have all the power that is bestowed to a nation. Therefore, Defending oneself from terror is a God giving right and not a request from the oppressor.

  5. This Beasy now in the 21st century is creating illnesses like AIDS and EBOLA and many more. He controls 95;/. of African Wealth. What a Beast. All the Sambos in America l pray you Burn in HELL for not protecting your wemen and children. Malcom is MAN. A Kushite God.

  6. They are disguising the worship of evil by saying that a good god needs the bad god to exist in order for the good god's plan to work

    I think that if we really truly care about humanity and our planet we should protest religions/churches that worship gods that require the existence of evil and demand that they be shut down!How about fuck any god that says there must be an existence of an evil god in order for things to work out properly

  7. so call black people, or African Americans will never be able to unite in a beneficial and prosperous way until they truly know who they are, where they're ancestors actually came from, understand why we're in the situation we're in, most of all know our true God and live up to his commandments, laws and statutes .

  8. One of the few and VERY FAR in between. X was a strong individual. This world is in desperate need of MEN like this. Unlike what you see, hear, and encounter in morden society. A got Damn shame. smh in discuss

  9. Malcolm x is a man that transcends time. His legacy lives on forever for his brilliance, fearlessness, love for his people, conscious and subconscious mind, and a true freedom fighter. He not only speaks to the black community on the steps they need to be liberated, but he speaks to humanity as a whole for all his speeches and knowledge of self and triumph. Thank you Malcolm forever and always ~ ✨🌞🌚

  10. it's time for us to build our own nation. what's stopping us from doing so? Separation is survival…. our own schools,own banks and businesses,,our own Industries,,, agriculture and livestock,,void of any poison., We will incorporate Health and wellness in our school systems as we teach our youth the proper way to live life and to be the leadership of the future… until this takes place we are Still in bondage,,,, Get Free. ,Stop asking.. Take it

  11. Thomas Day: "if there's be an object truly ridiculous in nature it is an American signing resolutions of Independence on one hand and on the other brandishing a whip over his affrightened slaves". While Malcolm is right about blacks being oppressed, he does overlook the conquest and subjugation of the Native Americans…those "merciless Indian savages" described by the white supremacist slave owner jefferson in the declaration of 'independence'.

  12. 40 Millions later they're still not free and they're still second class citizens. Never let the white man fool you – watch his deeds – they aren't that glorious.

    Love thy enemy – Turn the other cheek – No I can't do that
    i will ask God to do under him what he has done unto me.

  13. I like Malcolm x but dam man you don't have to preach hate nor do you need to create a enemy for people to follow you if you get some proactive people you don't have to do those things

  14. im white and not racist and i know a bit about the history but not all whites are racist, im not and sort of feel very insulted by this but i also know why he feels the way he does towards the whites but like i said im not racist its not in me but it does hurt me inside to think that he thinks every white man is evil or lies, im sorry for what you have been thru but its not in me to be that way

  15. There a thousands like him today working in the slums of America educating gang bangers and thugs carrying on the work of this great ancestor. This is a glorious day we now find ourselves in. You cannot look to see our collective genius on the TV screen or in the mass media, you have to look beyond. There is a new black man and women on the scene today even with all our supposed problems we rise.
    No Malcolm is not dead, he is reincarnated in us all and with much more potency. You're going to be witness to the greatest awakening the world has ever seen in the next few years. Don't believe me just watch.

  16. Niggers and kikes are actually both symptoms of the race-traitor disease. As for who's the ape, well, it's niggers who look like gorillas. On body odor, blacks are the ones that stink like shit from a mile off. So, once again we (unsurprisingly) find that what the jigaboos had to say was the opposite of how it is. Also, it was pretty funny when this stupid nigger and that other negroid simian, murderin' looter koon, got shot.

  17. Most truths are brutal.  Black folks today should really read up on their Black History.  It will show how things haven't changed.  More than that, it will give Black folks a template on what to expect from racists.  Because racism is a constant of their being.

  18. My Asiatic Nubian Malik El Hajj Shabazz was a power that is needed NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our brothers caught up with these women, when their grandparents are the ones he is speaking on, to keep us in bondage! Yet have Asiatic kids. When their struggle will be real.

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