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Malcolm X – You Can’t Hate the Roots Of A Tree

Malcolm X speech You Can’t Hate the Roots Of A Tree


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  1. Actually I can spell and understand every word in the dictionary, because I have chosen to educate myself…All your comments are mere speculation on how YOU feel everyone thinks…Again it's native Amercans not native indians, control doesn't have an E at the end of it, the word is recognize not reconise! And as a human I have to judge you, that's the only way to get to know someone, when you first meet someone you have to judge them to see what kind of person your dealing with. Education!!

  2. First of all, I didn't say I knew every word in the dictionary, I said I can spell and understand every word in the dictionary, all you have to do is actually open the book. So not only can't you spell, obviously you can't read and comprehend either.

  3. Obviously no one on this planet is without flaws, yours just seems to be spelling. Since I've never met you, my only judgement can be me reading your idiotic rants on YouTube. Btw, whether has an "H".

  4. I don't exalt myself because I'm educated…You can be too!! Another thing is YOU judged me also, by telling me I didn't know how to spell every word in the dictionary…Is that not a judgement? Or that YOU think I'm ego ridden for being educated and trying to educate someone else..Is that not a judgement?

  5. God gives me Knowledge, God gives me Wisdom…To say that I'm not a spiritual person is a falacy. The same words in the dictionary are the same words that are in my Bible. I've just chosen to learn them and how to spell them, Jesus was a teacher, he spread the Word of God to some that may not have wanted to hear it…So if Each One Teaches One this world might just be a better place.

  6. I don't like to show to show myself above others, you're the one who has seemed to take this personally…If I'm so weak why bother responding to anything that I have said. I must have touched a nerve pointing out that you have trouble spelling words that even a child should be able to spell.

  7. I can point out faults in myself all day long, nobody is perfect. But you have seemed to have chosen to put your poor education up against mine, you don't know enough about me to impune my spirtual beliefs, for all your spirtual bravado…Your preaching to the choir.

  8. Once again…go back and actually read my comment. I never said I knew every word in the dictionary, I said I can spell and understand every word in the dictionary, all you have to do is open the book and read. No angel could've told you I lied, because I did not tell a lie…Education is Key! The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!!

  9. …Proverbs 1:5 Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance. Proverbs 1:7 The FEAR of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. I read that in the Bible…

  10. If you don't want to be educated, then so be it. But don't try to tarnish those who are. GOD gives me the Knowledge and understanding of His Word, pardon me for trying to spread it to those who don't want education. Even if it is something as simple as spelling. I Apologize and leave you to be content on being ignorant.

  11. Here is my message to all my intelligent Africans: I love you all, we have years of unfinished business here in America, please hold down the fatherland.

  12. Oh, I agree with you. Its just that I hate that African Americans think of themselves as more American than African. We need to learn our TRUE history. Stop talking about DOWN home in the South and start talking about BACK home in Africa. We are the rightful heirs and heiresses to the richest piece of land on the face of the earth. We need to take it back, rebuild it, and stop trying to take part in an American dream that was never meant for us to begin with.

  13. Hello Brothers and Sisters peace be upon you all….Us as black people have not written the white men's history an that history of the white men is more bad then good, so the bottom line with the history of the white men's being negative we as black's can never expected a change in anyway shape or form…We are no longer on the plantation's an limited to what we can so to better our self and for a bright future for our people we must get hard to work and do for our self's.

  14. Brother Malcolm is so gifted and electricfying.

    Malcolm tells it like iit is, because he getting us to be in-tuned with our roots and realities as Africans as a people, socially, justly, economically, soulfully and culturally.

    Malcolm is a great man, he is my man of my times.

  15. As an African so called American, who is very proud of his west african heritage, you are 100% correct. Its typically the yellow skinned so called blacks who like to go to Ethiopia because the people are darker in west afrca. I noticed that myself.

  16. well that true but i can tell you that Africa is full of light-skin people and Dark skin for example the Fulani people in West Africa and Central Africa are light-skin and in east Africa the Ethiopian-Somalian-Eritrea- are all light-skin but you can find light skin people in Central Africa as well the Luba people

  17. why use the word 'damn'? When you see Africa, dont you realise that many of the people there look like you. What would make you come in front of this global audience and make disparaging remarks about Africa. you've been miseducated and socialized to hate your heritage. Sister, take time before you reply.Ask yourself why you displayed fury when speaking about Africa. Are you sure you can tell me your history without mentioning Africa. go on your ancestors of the last 500 years. who are they?

  18. We from Jerusalem, we are israelites,& im just tired of the lies spreading,If we are africans,why would they have part in the translantic slave trade?? Do u think they would sell there own people?I dont think so, so my brother maybe you have been misled..NOT ME.We look nothing like africans, we practice none of there customs? HA what part of Africa are you from? Where do you visit? I WILL WAIT..Africans dont even claim us, I know africans personally who know they are from Ham,& we are from Shem.

  19. The Transatlantic Slave period existed for some 400 years. if we take say 4 regions: Senegal; Ghana; Nigeria and Angola where activity was rampant, ask your teachers to show evidence of Africans selling Africans. which kings; men of stature; which era; what were the prices; what names are in the log books; which towns or villages; what authority did our customs give to sell each other; when did our customs accept enslaving each other; why the need for land facing cannons on African forts?

  20. Culture and customs are intertwined. My definition of culture is ideas, beliefs and behaviour sanctioned by the collective spirit. Ordinarily, culture is resilient and rejects that which is detrimental to it. However, slavery enforced a foreign set of values, ideas and behaviour to various degrees. the ability to hold onto the original culture would be difficult thus levels of acculturation from inter-African differences as well as new world additions would affect all in the new world.

  21. Regarding the statements on Jerusalem/ Israelite/ Ham/ Shem, before we can embark on this discussion, you need to reveal what sources you will be using. I will only use ideas gathered from Dr Ben; John Henrik Clarke and Maulana Karenga. I believe these men are well known and respected. I now await you.

  22. i would like you to be specific on this speech. perhaps find it and offers us a link. I heard a speech today where Malcolm uses an analogy of Jesus Christ saying 'he didn't come for the gentile but the lost sheep of the house of Israel'. If that is the speech you are referring to, it appears to me to be at least 1963 and therefore 2 years before his death. secondly, the speech is a metaphor and cannot be taken and used in any other meaningful, historical or accurate way

  23. I've learned alot of essential things about life from Malcolm,specially being black,it sickens me to see how people are today,it almost feels like Malcolm and others like him lost their lives for nothing,fuck y'all

  24. 1)Our people are told a white washed version of what happened in slavery. in order to create division between us..Europeans created division and fighting between African tribes to get Africans sell each other into slavery.Also the European christian missionaries tricked some of the African chiefs into selling their prisoners of War and criminals to the Europeans. And some Africans sold other Africans to get guns to defend from Europeans who were trying to enslave them.And Europeans did do

  25. 2)some of the kidnappings also.Alot of African chiefs fought against the slave trade and Africans would constantly try to rescue their relatives who were kidnapped.The black Hebrew Israelites originated from Africa.Africans migrated to different parts of the world in ancient times.And from what i`ve seen,Africans don`t look any different from black Americans.

  26. Malcolm X, bravo bravo. He said it all plain and simple, no frills, no hiding behind difficult words so that the DUMBEST black or white could understand. Like Jesus and famous prophets who spoke only the TRUTH…they were each one taken off the physical earth by DEMONS. By the way the backward language/profanities used by some posters here just says it all ………the world is in the state it is because there are those people who are DUMBER than DUMB.

  27. if malcolm had lived longer than 39 we'd have a much better country and a better world
    RIP Malcolm
    may the africans in america never forget or discard their african identity in name or in thought!

  28. Peace just a suggestion. You should change the title to " In order to Love Yourself you must Love your Roots". Or something like that. It is a positive message. Some people will only read the Title and not watch it. How you present things makes them palatable or unpalatable to audiences.

  29. You can't hate the root's of the tree…. Spoken in 1965. So true, so true. It's a message that we should take to heart even today in 2016,'cause we are in definite need of it.

  30. Malcolm X is telling the truth . Its sad that this is still true today. I am so tired of self hating black people who hate themselves and hate their own race. Im so tired of my own people destroying each other , selling each other out , and killing each other yet they uplift other races. I am so tired of white women telling me I want to be white just because they met some black people who hate being black and want to be white.

  31. Oh and I swear to God if I hear another black person born in America say they arent African just because they werent born in Africa I would beat the shit out of them !

  32. Malcolm x recognised the true essence of Islam….he understood that True Islam raised the conciousness of black people towards worshiping the one True God and not ascribing worship to anything else…that for a people to be unitfied they first must the unity of God…meaning God is one….not three parts…or a idol or a human being…

  33. I Probably shouldn't comment But I think it's still A Problem being African when U R A Haitian American born But I always looked at myself like I was originally from Da A world N regardless how U act Certain people just don't wanna deal with Da entire truth Respect Jan 2017

  34. I use to really respect Brother Malcom, after hearing this speech and hearing him speak on an Arab religion and basics try and force it on Americans, sounds like something straight out of a white man mouth. Sellout

  35. as Egyptian BLACK AMERICAN believe they aren't Africa they always say they're isrealites Hebrew smh can you speak that language?….all history in the bible are all about Africa look it up, my country Egypt and Ethiopian where my mother come from, you all are fucking AFRICA THE LAND OF GOD….

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