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Malcolm X vs Bayard Rustin


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  1. So in essence this Faggot Bayard Rustin is saying that although all other races & creeds has the ability to come together and do for self and improve their own condition, for some reason for the black man to consider this and do this (although we've demonstrated in the past we are fully capable ie. Garvey movement , black wall street etc) for us it's a pipe dream. We need white folk we are incapable of doing for self. It's that exact mentality that Bayard was instrumental in spreading on the minds of black people , that has us in our condition today. I wish someone would've put him on the assassins list years before in the 50's

  2. If blacks want to be separeted from whites and other none blacks. Why don't just move to Africa? And yes I know ''about the back to africa'' movement. But what is stopping individual blacks to symply move out.

  3. You who say that Malcolm Little had homosexual encounters, due to Marable Manning's book, A Life of Reinvention, which is the second and only book in print making this claim; try reading A Lie of Reinvention, where the 1st source of that information flat out says it was unreliable information gathered from Malcolm's nephew and he should not have used it because it can't be substantiated, therefore Marable shouldn't have used it, because it can't be substantiated. But now it's in the public mind, so the damage has been done, although IT IS A BOLD FACE LIE!

  4. Look at all the disgusting racism, homophobia, and misogyny in this comment section. I know youtube is known for this shit but I had higher hopes for a video featuring a debate about social justice theory. Fuck bigots of all kinds.

  5. Malcolm X:  Sauti ya mababu wa Africa alizungumza kupitia kwake … Muntu wa Bantu muntonto Ya Afrika … bongo …. bongo Ya nguvu
                      KUISHI KWA MUDA MREFU A FRICA!!!

  6. Interesting debate.It's a shame Malcolm was assassinated.I'm not a Muslim,but he does say some things that make sense.As far as Mr. Rustin is concerned,he's intelligent as well.Unfortunate for him,his lifestyle has caused me to loose respect for him.He had good points,but he was bound by a deviant behavior,which at that time was considered a crime,which couldn't help to be a good example.One thing I found peculiar.The sin that was a crime almost 50 years ago is now celebrated.Now I see why th LGBT movement is trying to compare themselves to th civil rights movement…….totally different situation.

  7. Why is it when i listen to these men, i hear so much wise words and see such intelligent people. When i look to the news today i feel like i am smarter then most of those who '' Lead'' us and tell us what reality is.

  8. Though many deemed him a rabble rouser, Malcolm X was a great man.  Had he lived, a seat in the senate or congress was his for the asking and he was a huge proponent of voting.  There's no telling what good and great things this man could have done for all people.  Who will be the next Malcolm X?  We desperately need you.

  9. Bayard Rustin was a great man. He kept true to his message till the end. He knew you had to forgive to reach equality. Malcolm X has the same criticism for everyone. MLK, Phillip Randolph, John Lewis. He said they were slaves of the white system, they were ignorant and lazy. Because these great men would not use violence, they forgave the whites for the evil they had done, and they kept true to the gospel. They were not submitting to whites, they were bring the better man. Malcolm X had the same hate in his soul that the whites had for him. If only we kept true to the words of theses great men, we'd be better off. Malcolm wasn't evil, he was blind, and a coward. Thank God for the big six, and all the men who strive to make the world a happier, more accepting place.

  10. This was the era in which Malcolm was slowly realizing that not all his views were clear his following of Elijah hindered his reinvention. If he had only split from the NOI early then maybe he would have had a better impact on the freedom movement . He isolated himself first then tried to reach out again he soon was stuck. It was sad to learn that religion was the one of the main cause for his death but he was a great man with many wrongs that he tried to right.

  11. The ignorance of this thread is sad. Instead of focusing on X's critique of institutionalized racism and fragmented versus Rustin's belief of progressive integration, we hear non-stop comments about Rustin's sexuality…so 6th grade-ish. Don't you think

  12. The words of Malcolm still reign today. We are still fighting the same fight of past generations America just repackages it for us. EVERYTHING brother Malcolm said was true and still is true. We need to separate, rebuild, and build our youth strong!

  13. Louis fairy-con did what he had to do to keep hold on his power over black people.kill  those that could have control over his ministry.malcom x was a much better orator than fairy-con could ever wish to be.but both of them will live eternity in hell by rejecting the saving grace of jesus Christ.john chapter 14 verse 6

  14.   Gays were instrumental in the early civil rights movement. There would be no Martin Luther King without a Bayard Rustin. When it came time for blacks to return the favor with the gay rights movement came along, not only did blacks run for the hills, they threw rocks at us while doing it. Disgusting and shameful and something that will always leave an ugly stain on the black community.

  15. Bayard Rustin =Reason, seeing the bigger picture  Malcolm=Angry, unable to see the bigger picture, like those folks screaming in the side walks of NYC about hebrew israelites or nuwapians etc

  16. Malcolm X was soo pro black he went to Saudi Arabia when not two years before they had institutionalized slavery but Malcolm never challenged then on it, he never challenged the Arab slave trade and equally stripped Africans and parts of Africa itself of who and what it was but he stayed a good little Muslim.  But he likes talking shyt about the whites though…..keep calling Rustin names but the hypocrisy of Malcolm is there for the world to see

  17. This is for Mel Jama and Kobee….

    To accuse Malcolm X, EL Hajj Malik EL Shabazz, of being "Bisexual" is slander and outright gutter information.  You 2 IDIOT's have NO CLUE of what Brother Malcolm stood for on HUMAN RIGHTS…NOT CIVIL RIGHTS, you must be CONSIDERED A HUMAN BEING before getting "Civil Liberties."

    Kobee, Just because you saw an article saying Malcolm was bisexual DOES NOT MEAN it to be SO….Dude WAKE UP!!!!!  If you saw an article saying Malcolm was really a WHITE MAN would you jump on that band wagon?

    Mel Jama, do you know Malcolm traveled all the nations on the African Continent?  Do you also know he aligned all the ARAB nations to join him in accusing the UNITED STATES of violating the HUMAN RIGHTS CHARTER?  Do you also know Brother Malcolm organized the ASIAN nation and aligned them also?  Do you also know Brother Malcolm aligned the LATIN nations to join in?

    No you do not know these things.  

    The NOI was THOROUGHLY infiltrated by the FEDs.  The FBI tried to BRIBE Malcolm which is DOCUMENTED.  They had people in TOP positions on the payroll including Elijah.  The FEDs were feeding FALSE information to Elijah to stir up that which led to the assassination of our Brother in Arms, EL Hajj Malik EL Shabazz.

    Please watch a video by Gil Noble, host of "Like it Is" called the Covert War Against Malcolm X.


  18. The American Negro as referenced by some of the comments on this thread is the most ignorant, the most uneducated, as it is with it's white counterpart! They have been so indoctrinated by christianity and homosexuality that they will forever be lost, unless they are able to leave this dead and misbegotten country! Bayard Rustin was indicative of the BRAIN-WASHING the american negro has under-gone and this is 2015 and INTEGRATION is the culprit for the Non-Pprogress of Black America!

  19. I LOVE how the so-called progressive folks on racial rights, and perhaps even class-based equality, can suddenly spew THE MOST HATE when even just considering actual gay people. usually these people KNOW NO gay people. Just look at how disrespectfully people speak about Bro Rustin- who actually forwarded rights for us all. But, because he was gay, he can be treated with the utmost disrespect. And then people start preaching abut their Bible, as if that same book had not been used to claim that the "natural" order was for Ham's descendants to be dark and to serve!

  20. Bayard was a tool used against Black people. …heck Gandhi was a racist himself. ..but yet Bayard instructed Dr Martin Luther King Jr (May he rest in power) to use that racist's methodology. …

  21. From MLK to James Baldwin to Bayard rustin & all three & many others of them sold black people out because they are part of the Boule nothing more shameful than a black man who stifle the black liberation struggle.

  22. All you brainwashed Black Christian / Muslim homophobes are disgusting hypocritical idiots. You want equality while refusing to recognize the rights of another group of people.

    I guess victims of bigotry can still be bigots. Even though gay men and women are at FRONT of Black Lives Matter forcing this country to deal with its racist policies.

    But apparently the fact that men might be kissing men makes your penis feel weird.

  23. Let's understand Bayard Rustin and Malcolm X as different because of their politics, not sexuality — reform vs. revolution. Like nationalism, xenophobia, and sexism — homophobia is a wedge in the service of the capitalists and the colonizers who divide the people and conquer. For perspective on the black-gay relationship, we can look to Huey P. Newton, Chairman, Founder, Martyr of the Black Panther Party:

    I do not remember our ever constituting any value that said that a revolutionary must say offensive things towards homosexuals, or that a revolutionary should make sure that women do not speak out about their own particular kind of oppression. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite: we say that we recognize the women’s right to be free. We have not said much about the homosexual at all, but we must relate to the homosexual movement because it is a real thing. And I know through reading, and through my life experience and observations that homosexuals are not given freedom and liberty by anyone in the society. They might be the most oppressed people in the society.

    And what made them homosexual? Perhaps it’s a phenomenon that I don’t understand entirely. Some people say that it is the decadence of capitalism. I don’t know if that is the case; I rather doubt it. But whatever the case is, we know that homosexuality is a fact that exists, and we must understand it in its purest form: that is, a person should have the freedom to use his body in whatever way he wants.

    That is not endorsing things in homosexuality that we wouldn’t view as revolutionary. But there is nothing to say that a homosexual cannot also be a revolutionary. And maybe I’m now injecting some of my prejudice by saying that “even a homosexual can be a revolutionary.” Quite the contrary, maybe a homosexual could be the most revolutionary.

    We should be willing to discuss the insecurities that many people have about homosexuality. When I say “insecurities,” I mean the fear that they are some kind of threat to our manhood. I can understand this fear. Because of the long conditioning process which builds insecurity in the American male, homosexuality might produce certain hang-ups in us. I have hang-ups myself about male homosexuality. But on the other hand, I have no hang-up about female homosexuality. And that is a phenomenon in itself. I think it is probably because male homosexuality is a threat to me and female homosexuality is not.

    We should be careful about using those terms that might turn our friends off. The terms “faggot” and “punk” should be deleted from our vocabulary, and especially we should not attach names normally designed for homosexuals to men who are enemies of the people, such as [Richard] Nixon or [John] Mitchell. Homosexuals are not enemies of the people.

    We should try to form a working coalition with the gay liberation and women’s liberation groups. We must always handle social forces in the most appropriate manner.

  24. Listening to Malcolm x pisses me off

    Minus the god bullshit he was on this shit was ALREADY COVERED

    Everything about black businesses and feeding ones self


    Malcolm x vs bayard Rustin (married to a white woman) integrationists

    Shitty how the debate was edited – I wanted to hear the uppity negro arguments but anyway


    And only damn near 60 years later are we really having a conversation online with just my generation.

    AND WHAT really pisses me off is the fact that this was covered by these old negros but they ignored the shit


    and they have the nerve to say it's not about money and structure but instead that the youths bad behavior is tied to

    "They don't have knowledge of self"

    "Or because they don't have some relationship with some Semitic God"

    Niggas will find any excuse not to build what is required to mold and foster the very behavior they desire. We are worse than republicans.



  26. Malcolm was a cool heavy brother…wish things was different for the better on the outcome of the rift of his departure from Elijah Muhammad. …He was and is much needed

  27. Bayard Rustin no contest…People please read Rustin's articles, papers, speeches, books, etc. He was not just talking for someone else (Elijah M.), but for the American working class (Black, White, Puerto Ricans/Hispanics, etc.)… Don't get caught up in eloquent speakers (comedy) but rather deep intellectual thinkers who are rooted in hard working class activism like Rustin.

  28. It's a shame Malcolm and Bayard Rustin didn't have another debate after Malcolm left the Nation of Islam and said, "I totally reject Elijah Muhammad's racist philosophy, which he has labeled 'Islam' only to fool and misuse gullible people."

    The Malcolm who left NOI said, "I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the systems of exploitation. I believe that there will be that kind of clash, but I don’t think that it will be based upon the color of the skin."

  29. By knowing the curses and the history Is Not America Babylon in the Bible and if so Who are the Children of Israel today Because this is not our land the lord did not deliver any Egyptians when egypt fell so why would he deliver any whites or biblical nation of edomites when it falls ??

  30. By knowing the curses and the history Is Not America Babylon in the Bible and if so Who are the Children of Israel today Because this is not our land the lord did not deliver any Egyptians when egypt fell so why would he deliver any whites or biblical nation of edomites when it falls ??

  31. both bayard and malcolm made important contributions to black history. sad to see so much toxicity in the comments towards rustin's sexuality. malcolm also had an affair with a white businessman at a younger age, though it was for money.

  32. can I ask all Christian black ppl something . in 1400 in African was there a holy bible
    . do black Christian now white Christian bet us cut our hand off to escape Christian & native Indian. where all the native Indian at white Christian America kill em .
    took they land brought us black to built it . we get nothing out of it

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