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  1. Somalia? devils, when someone that didn't do a thing, innocent, comes to another person, saying i didn't do a thing and then use that to say all demons are good, and now they are changed what a demonic deceiver.
    Never saw a innocent person, in a case thats its not of their business, in a case that the guilty ones were already identified, saying daily i didn't do anything, i wasn't

  2. there, why that innocent good person says that for the rest of his life? Is he repeating something eternally to convince anyone? Why he dont shut up and continue his life, ignoring something that isn't his business?

  3. Incredible this demons, say its not their fault its his fathers fault, but still don't hate his father for the demonic actions and nature of them, don't said to his fathers, give back what you stole you are filthy thieve, never said to his father, shame on you you are a bestial murderer i hate you, i'm ashamed of you, pedophile,raper,assassin, liar, greedy bastard, kidnapper, international terrorist, why any good whitey in all history call this truth to his fathers? and still defend them?demons.

  4. if the majority of you are goody whitey, why you didn't said to your fathers they disgust you? i said to mine white father and family, and you? i only see you mocking the raped tortured robed woman, saying she is a monkey, dumb, negro, can't do anything, animals, negros should all die, forget, forgive, loosers, humillate the present disgracefull condition, that you devil put them. And still you say to the raped woman,

  5. why you hate, you should love me, do this do that, feel this, its all in the past, well wasn't yesterday in the past dumb whitey? Does you criminal justice system punishes all crimes did in the past? Hypocrite, was South Africa in the past? Only explanation of your nature is that you only can be hypocrite demons, you can't find any other word to describe you better.

  6. The so call Negros went back into slavery for a second time for worship Idol Gods & breaking the Laws of The Most High YAH!

    Deuteronomy 28:68 And the LORD shall bring thee into slavery again with (((ships,))) by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for slave-men and slave-women, and no man shall save you.

  7. @403766 Do you realize when MLK was alive most whites and even some blacks hated his guts and said the same thing about him that you are saying about malcolm? If MLK were alive today you probably wouldnt like him.

  8. @cokalinganguy Im not black, and malcom was not a racist, most speeches you here him say, the honourable Elijah Muhammad taught us. He was formerly speaking for Elijah Muhammad. Listen to some of his speeces after he came back from mecca, he " saw the whitest of whites and black people in harmony", he found the real islam. The real meaning of peace.

  9. @cokalinganguy Im not black, but malcom was not a racist, most of what your saying is true, but what you have to realise is the speeches you have heard is when malcom was formerly speaking from Elijah Muhhamad, not himself. The NOI IS NOT ISLAM!! when he returned from his journey from mecca, he found the real islam and unity. Listen to some of his speeches after he returned from mecca you will realise, that he did want intergration.

  10. @Adil1amin
    no he still had a problem with white Americans and rightfully so but it didn't make him a racist. the problem white Americans didn't want to and still don't want to deal with real issues.

  11. @revnasteewaters57 The true form is here, but you never see it, you only see what angry white racist newsreporters want you to see, fantic muslims going mad, with hooks and all this nonsense. He followed the nation of islams religion, which is not islam mate. Im glad your not hating and saying STUPID ASS things like most people do on youtube. " FUCK ISLAM" " NO FUCK ISRAEL" THERE IS NO POINT IN THAT PEOPLE DISCUSS SHIT! this is coming from an 18 year old man

  12. @mondrequs I agree with you. The past isn't just erased and the damage isn't corrected just because America decided to institute a law to prohibit slavery. The degradation and suffering leaves ripples within society, and the raising of consciousness is probably the only solution. That's why X is a hero of mine….he had the courage to stand up and challenge the whole nation.

  13. I agree, that recent slavery is definately part of it. (Please hear me out and tell me what you think. I am being sincere!)

    However, I think the recent departure of African Americans from a society of tribalism, historically speaking, has left a disproportionate percentage of the African Diaspora population unable to cope with and live in a modern society essentially designed from and based off European culture. Im not sayin all black folks (by a long-shot), just more of them than whites.


  15. @mondrequs I am more saying that generally, 'uncivil' people are more likely to come from an 'uncivil' background.

    People from a national background where you needed skill-sets to operate in complex specialized economies will probably find it more likely that they are capable of operating in that framework. However much this effect is based on nature (which I am arguing for) and however much this effect is based on nurture (which you are arguing for) is probably specific to the individual. 🙂

  16. @kowalityjesus who are you? Captain Planet? what in my statement suggested that i am not peacefull? can you read? oh my bad you didnt know you dont own the rights to your name…there is a way to doing things without violence and still achieving a goal..maybee you should get your facts straight b4 you start to judge..

  17. @sunnditty I find it ironic that someone bent on "stopping the system" uses the Symbol of the Potency of 'The System' as their youtube icon (a stack of $100 bills). And while I'm at it, take a hint from Captain Planet and pick some trash up once in a while. Its good karma.

  18. @kowalityjesus its obvious you have missed the point in my statement…but being that you are Captain Planet(a fictionall cartoon character) i wouldnt expect you to understand…maybee you should ask yourself WWJD?im sure he would not act like you at all..

  19. @sunnditty Interesting point, but I initially addressed you out of a desire to prevent you from being violent, like how Malcolm X is speaking in this video. I also wanted to disarm you by pointing out the hypocrisy in your statement versus your outward ideology. Surely I am also guilty of some hypocrisy, as here I am with 'jesus' in my username, and I'm just not always prone to being christlike 😉

    I assure you though, brother, that I come with peace in mind, and act with love for you.

  20. @kowalityjesus last time read the statement that you first commented on really s-l-o-w-…now can you point out the violence? does stop mean kill? does stop mean hate? does stop mean punch? really bro just cause this statement is on a Malcom X vid doesnt make my statement violence…and for the record show me how i am a hypocrite..because of a picture of money? for the Love of money is the root of all evil..key word-LOVE- money itself is not evil…and money is not potency of there power

  21. @sunnditty Forgive me for not inferring that someone -shouting- (using all caps) a statement advocating anarchy under a video that talks about people cutting fetuses out of pregnant women, is not a violent statement. Also, in that case, maybe you should choose a youtube icon of something you DO love?

  22. @mondrequs well, I really don't think black folks are necessarily dumber, and I agree that the legacy of slavery is quite a damper on the education and self-esteem of African Americans.

    But this does not counter my argument that 'folks whose ancestors haven't lived long in specialized societies' (where "savagery" is slowly bred out) possess genetic dispositions less tailored to life in those types of societies (like the one we live in)! I don't have hate for ya, I just go by William Shockley.

  23. @kowalityjesus we go..the all caps letters is how your name is spelled on your s.s.card…your drivers license..tombstones of the ones who are gone….the caps in my statement was not yelling at all…so you are wrong….second do you know what the sytem is? so like i said point out in my staement what is violent…oh my bad you cant…good try put in nice effort…and my statement does not go with the video at all..its for people with knowledge and morals..not the ignorent.

  24. @mondrequs William Shockley was speaking from experience and empirical evidence, not history. I pray for Africans everywhere, because I know they are special; not the same as Europeans, but not much different.

  25. @Adil1amin LOLZ have you ever noticed that when sombody of another "race" makes a comment that is unexpected such as supporting malcolm x, THEY ALWAYS MENTION THAT THEY'RE NOT BLACK

    HAHAHA….theres no problem with it, i just think its funny how humanity thinks (maybe humanity isnt as different as we all make it seem)

  26. Some of you really need to read his autobiography, which was written after his departure from the Nation of Islam, because some of the comments I read sound very ignorant. Malcolm did not make a total 360º turn after the hajj.

  27. @YESWECAN1963 yep. just like a typical white american, blame everyone but themselves. its never ur fault, its always the blacks, the hispanics, the latinos, indians, arabs, south americans, japanese, .

    now ur on the Islam bashing bandwagon.

    dont u have any shame ?

  28. @YESWECAN1963 theres a fundamental difference between how the Arabs treated their slaves (which mind you were not always BLACK ppl) and how the white ppl treated their BLACK only slaves.

    The arab muslims treated their slaves with honour and gave them full compensation and fair treatment for their services. it was a "jb" to be a servant of the master and take care of his and his families needs in return for payment and fair treatment, even providing for that particular slaves married life!

  29. This Malcolm was an idiot, and a slave of the "empowerment" mentality, which turned blacks against whites. If he had studied the middle ages, he would have realised that millions (some say 100 million) Africans died at the hands of Muslims. They died in the marches from their countries of origin, they died of botched castrations they were submitted to, at their master’s hands, and sometimes the rulers decided to start their slave armies from scratch, and killed thousands of black slaves.

  30. @nafism6969 Your are either completelly stupid or completelly misinformed or both! If you had studied the middle ages, you would realise that millions (some say 100 million) Africans died at the hands of Muslims. They died in the marches from their countries of origin, they died of botched castrations they were submitted to, at their master’s hands, and sometimes the rulers decided to start their slave armies from scratch, and killed thousands of black slaves.

  31. @thegreatfearblog oh really? so around what time was this "middle age"?
    was this BEFORE or AFTER Prophet Muhammad and Islam?
    because if it was before Islam, then boo fucking hoo-I really dont give a shit. Ppl used to perpetrate horrendous crimes before the revelation of Islam.

    and i highly doubt this so called event was after Islam.

    so around what time was this ?

  32. @nafism6969 That question is so insane that I hope it is me who is misunderstanding it. Just in case it is not me, and you actually don't know what the middle ages were, and when Muhammad started his cult, here are the facts: Muhammad died in 632, and the middle ages lasted until 1453. Yes, I was obviously referring to slavery from the period that Islam was powerful enough until the end of the middle ages, even though it continued in full force until the XIX century!

  33. @thegreatfearblog oh look at u. mr educated calls islam a CULT created by Muhammad?
    uno what, u just lost all credibility right there and then. nothing u say now is worth paying attention to.

    go and waste someone elses time, or check ur facts about Islam.
    calling Islam a cult? u dumb fuck.

  34. @therealkaos …yeah know I tired of white racist say well…you should go back to here or their. White racist don't have the right to the keys to the country, you don't. The country was invaded by people who carried with them disease, then took advantage of some Natives who welcome thier arrive while the majority knew not to trust any invading faction, then took over by overpopulating and overstaying their welcome. so fuc yu.

  35. @lyrikz209 …I must say Africains who owned slaves it was because of debts owed to by the subsurbiante to pay off debts, their is a differance,and beside there is a humanity factor that will play Africian to Africain, which certainly differ to what happen in America.

  36. it doesnt matter what religion you are,if ur truly in touch with your faith you will ce that a person is a person. there is no man that can say he is better than the next,,,for we all have our flaws. I personally have not taken the time to read into malcolm x but from what ive heard it sounds like he promoted hatred. Now how can such a person be a religious man when one of the main fundamentals of any religion is to love thy neighbour? (be he black or white, Christian or musilom)

  37. @MyTk89 Yes, he promoted hatred for the majority of of his time as a minister, but after his trip to Mecca he changed. From then on he promoted self-love throughout the Black community and that the Black community could peacefully work with others until it had learned to have peace within itself. What has been shown is the hate that Malcolm promoted, but people never see how he changed. I am an African American Christian man and I am not defending the Nation of Islam, just stating the facts.

  38. He dropped the ball on this one… The White man didn't jump off of the boat and start chasing people. Slaves were sold wholesale from tribe to tribe to Europeans for goods just like they've been doing for a thousand years in North Africa. Africans are just as guilty about the slave trade as Europeans are. That's the real shocking part you will never read in your history books. And if they were "civilized" societies then…dont you think they would have put up an organized fight?

  39. I know, I wont force you to face the fact that Africans sold their own people because we all know how gracious they are to each other even today where the Tutsi and Hutu killed each other because one was lighter than the other or how there are 1100 rapes per day in the Congo. oh and @jahaudmk only 645,000 slaves came here 1 + 1 = 2… look up world populations and do some critical thinking dumbass

  40. @jjmdirector Africans didn't sell their people into slavery,they sold other blacks who weren't their people into slavery,im so tired of dumbasses putting all blacks in the same catergory,thats like calling a white american russian,or german,or bosian,all of these mutafuckas are racist and have pale skin,and act alike,the only difference,is white Americans don't have funny noses like the rest of these white folks.White americans,don't consider these other white races their people.

  41. @jjmdirector Listen! Do a complete history search before you start saying half ass facts about a topic like this. Great Britain, Portugal, along with Spain went to war with tribes in Africa, in order to have tribes enslave other tribes. When these tribes seen, in amazement, the power and force of the weaponry these foreign invaders possessed, they had no choice but to die or follow the command of these invaders. I have a spear. This man have a miniature shotgun. Do the math.

  42. @djundadawg no! a lot of the tribes in africa especially the powerful one's fought with guns against the europeans for example the herero already had modern advanced technologies long before germans started coming who then went on to commit the genocide! and the Ashanti fought very well with some units with guns against british invasion in 6 wars which stretched from 1823-1901!

  43. @guitaHer099 Yo homie, fuck that bitch who your arguing wit, he ain't nuthin but a punk. Its funny that he's talkin shit on the internet behind a computer, but if all of the black men were meeting together in person, I bet you he wouldn't be talking shit. If he's grown enough to talk shit behind a computer, then he's grown enough to be a warrior and back it up.

  44. @guttaboi88 Isn t that shocking enough?? what about the muslim-arab slave traders?? that brought some 17million africans into slavery for a 1000years?? so africans are not racists?? do you see any solidarity in Africa?? do you see any rich africans helping poor and starving african fellow humans? no because white western organizations do that..Farrakhan isn t to be seen among cholera victims or starving in Africa..he is to be seen in african palaces receiving gifts from the rulers.

  45. Remember that while slavery was occurring in the Americas, Africans were enslaving Europeans. don't believe me? read "white gold" by Giles Milton ( ISBN-10: 0374289352
    ISBN-13: 978-0374289355 ) for a full profile of history they dont teach in school.

  46. Motherfucker YOU ought to be killed talking like that! Only COON on here is YOU and if I had a gun I would blast your dumbass for disrespect! You better be glad I can't track your punk ass down with your IP and MAC address bitch!

  47. You might be able to track me down if you weren't a stupid fucking nigger. Oh, but you'll be dead soon at the hands of one of your bretheren pavement baboons.

  48. White people are individuals who dont want to be known for violence and things of such nature. As of people of color do not want to be known as criminals and bandits etc. (No offense intended by saying whites)

  49. Please Read the secret relationship between the blaks and jews,Malcolm X was a good man,I believe it is counter productive to fall for the divde and conquer strategies employed by the synogouge of Satan that places blame on many poverty stricken whites many of whom never owned slaves and where enslaved themselves,and hold our common enemy accountable

  50. People always talking about live thy neibor, but if you read closely there are two different God's in the Bible the first God say eye for a eye, life for a life. The second God says forgive your neighbor 77×77 and he goes on to say turn the other cheek. Now any smart man who know books will tell you some one wrote that cuz God can't contradict oneself who ever had the book understood that they would have to change the belief of a people in order to rule them point made.

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