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  1. Do not forget that he became a sunni muslim and that tells you that islam knows no skin color only what is in the heart. So you are all welcome to join the truth for it is a mercy to mankind and the best life route to follow.

  2. Powerful words spoken by a powerful man in a powerful time. Never fault a blackman for doing better for himself though. Now we need new leaders in a new time. Blackmen have never been more relevant in America and must keep moving forward and staying positive..

  3. It's my perception that under duress.. Abraham Lincoln made life changing decisions that changed the US til this day that we live breathe and still hate our brothers and sisters alike. Sorry u can't see how God uses men and women from every walk of like to do his honor.. remember Mary magdalena was a prostitute. So take some time to kno your farther in heave before u lash out and reveal your hateful anger

  4. I believe MLK and Malcolm X are equally as important and chose there on paths to achieve the same results. Unfortunately, in America, to speak poignantly and passionately about an injustice will equate to ignorance. Nevertheless, we shall overcome.

  5. Okay so what are we doing as a people condemn these persons? Venting on YouTube will do nothing. We can we do as a group to let these persons know that we are against there behavior? Lets quietly come up with so tactics and plans to deal with these traitors.

  6. All y’all need to educate yourselves. This is the same Malcom ex that exposed the Nation of Islam to the white people and government in how corrupt the organization was. He made them look bad and rightly so.

    Now days, to be a House Nigga is for black to be successful, have a white boss, and make good money. To be a House Nigga is to also teach other black people to not let anyone bring you down and to achieve your dreams by working hard. Lastly, to be a House Nigga means to teach our people ( African Americans) to act obedient not disobedient such as getting on the ground when a copy ask you too so that you don’t get shot to death.

    Again, educate yourselves!! Don’t be dumb. Don’t be stupid. Create in yourselves a strong willed mind that no white man or anyone else can destroy.

    Y’all doing exactly what the white supremacy and government want you to do, and that is fight against one another instead of becoming educated.

    God bless you all ✊🏾

  7. They say the kneeGro don't READ lets see….

    Brothas and Sistas WAKE up and stop serving Cesare Borgia(so called Christ you see everywhere)!!! you like MANY OTHERS of your Nation are seduced by doctrines of men!!! (Matthew 15:9)
    PROVERBS 21:16
    The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding
    shall remain in the congregation of the dead.
    PLEASE STOP we are not Black (look in crayon box) not Afro-American (hair style)
    African -American(named after 2 so called whites Scipio Africanus/Amerigo Vespucci) Negro(=black latin=niger) Colored (LOL enuff said!) YOU can't buy a Plane ticket to none of them so called Nationalities Ethnic groups and or Race they gave us!!! WHY ARE we the only nationality that has so many different names associated with us??? WHO ARE WE??.. one word "Confusion" WE ARE LOST WER ARE SLEEP the Walking DEAD! and its situations  like the MUSIQ the TV SHOWS brothas like Stephen A still LOST co signing this ignorance the ones that think they made it but sound dumb as hell when they speak…that keep this cycle of ignorance going!! when the HELL YOU ALL GONE WAKE UP? what did GOD call YOU..but OH you only believe on HIM when you need and want but News flash FOOLS GOD not listening LOOK AT US!!! JOHN 9:31 sums it up "WE KNOW GOD DOES NOT LISTEN TO SINNERS HE LISTENS TO THE ONES WHO DO HIS WILL"(LAWS STATUES COMMANDMENTS Psalm 40:8)
    WE ARE the HOLY ISRAELITES the Bible Speaks of! decedents of the slave trade!

    Our people are the walking DEAD we really think we made
    it but still populate the worst neighborhoods in every city And we still
    glorify it and then get mad when a so called Kneegro gets gunned down we are a
    CURSED people a degenerate society  but GOD choose us to be above every other race on this earth but we to damn ignorant to even care or want what's ours
    (Deuteronomy 7:6  For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.)

    no one FEARS GOD we have no understanding of real LIFE!

    Psalm 111:10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good
    understanding have all they that DO his commandments: his praise endureth for

    We have to get back to GODS laws statues and commandments
    why are we the greatest Nation on the planet but continually stay on the

    we are the most copied people on the planet but are at
    the bottom continually imagine if we obeyed the SABBATH the correct way with no
    buying or selling on Friday sunset to Saturday sunset the economy would be
    crippled in one weekend!!! Imagine if we kept Gods dietary laws the Pork
    industry would DIE! imagine if we didn't destroy our own the prison system
    would crumble imagine if we married our sisters instead of using them for sex
    and leaving the single parent home would be NO MORE we would finally be a
    organized Nation!


    the only POWER you Fools have is your wallets MAKE A REAL CHANGE A REAL STAND!!!
    LISTEN TO GOD FOR ONCE!! (Deut 28:1)
    Obey the SABBATH CORRECTLY!!! Fri Sundown Sat Sundown(Leviticus 23:32) no buying or selling cooking clubbing etc etc etc.(Nehemiah 10:31)…meaning don't go out and spend your check you slaved for all week!!!! SAVE $$$
    IF GODS CHOSEN DID THIS ONE THING WE WOULD CRIPPLE THE ECONOMY IN ONE WEEKEND!!! And end these lying churches who worship on the false Sabbath sunday!!! Just Google Saturday IT SAYS 7th DAY OF WEEK!!!!! Genesis 2:2 And on the seventh day GOD ended his work which he had made and he rested on the seventh day!!!!!!

    Yall that damn dumb deaf and blind come on!!!!! Don't you WANT THE EARTH!!!!(Duet 7:6) Forget 40 acres and a damn mule!!!

    New Challenge some one go on social media and start it I cant stomach social media!!!

    take a stand a one that WILL have an effect because no march no knee no fist has changed nothing!!!! FACTS

    DO NOT celebrate observe participate in ANY MAN MADE so called holidays WHO made them GOD or MAN?
    Mark 7:8! You have let go of the commands of God and hold to man made traditions.
    GOD gave us HOLY days read Leviticus 23..

    Imagine IF WE DID NOT partake in the TRAP that's HELLoween Fakesgiving and Xmas
    THE US economy would shut down NOW that's CHANGE guaranteed!!

    but yea I know I'm wasting my time but most kneegros don't read let alone read all this but if you have you are now MARKED and will get whats coming….. Ezekiel 3:17-19

    want more study 4yourself get with REAL Family google IUIC "your city or state" these the only brothas and sisters on that JAMES 1:22!!!



  8. People are so in the moment… Here let me remind everyone just to name a few… Houston Barkley, Hakeem, Pippen teamed up, Boston KG, Pierce, Ray Allen, Celtics Bird, Mchale, Dennis J, Parish, Lakers, Magic, Kareem, Jamal Wilkes, Bob Macadoo… just to name a few! Now guess what??? The NBA IS BETTER THAN EVER!!! It has survived the same complaints people had when the lakers and Celtics won every other championship, STOP complaining because when and if one of you alls favorite teams acquires a stacked squad, you’ll be justifying why it’s fair! SO STOP! Remember when we needed the dream team to beat the world because they got better than our college kids? Now even with our best, the world is getting better and better!!! The same thing will happen in the NBA. You think Jordan ( my favorite player OAT) would be bitchin if he had 4 Allstars😐 HELL NAW! Draymond Green had the nerve to say teams are trippin tryin to build super teams to beat them, WHEN THEY WENT AFTER KEVIN DURRANT😐😐😐 STFU! What is wrong with people today! They added the 1b best player in the league and he is criticizing teams for tryin to compete against their asses! STOPPP! You think Golden States fans are bitchin about the team they have… HELLL NO! Don’t give me that teams were built back then junk either… GM and owners went after the best players available and still do. Players are helping them do their jobs that’s all. GET OVER IT, and enjoy, it will all balance out sooner or later. LEBRON just happened to be bright enough and man enough to do what made sense, and it still wasn’t easy. JUST STOPPP! Enjoy the league or don’t watch!

  9. I joined the United States Army years ago and Faithfully served this country. Had I known then what I know now I would have told them to kiss my ass and never ever disrespected myself or my ancestors by fighting for a country that has done nothing but kill people that look like me. Rest in peace Brother Malcolm. Shame on you… brother Jackson, brother Sharpton, and although may he rest in peace you too brother King.

  10. we are reaping what we have sown in our spirit life. every spirit is an form of energy/matter,matter can't get outside of space/room.

    the law of repetition and the law for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction causes every living entity in the universe to reap what it has sown.

    we as a black people ruled the planet earth for hundreds of thousands years before any other race.

    history shows Africa is the place where human civilization begin. every spirit is reaping the things it has sown. this truth was hard for me to understand.

    wrong is wrong, slavery isn't right for no lifeform in the universe. everything in the universe repeat the same basic patterns over and over again. even our good and evil deeds come back to us.

    the action of willing is the only entity in the universe that causes all creations to manifest or materialize automatically. what we will to happen to others shall manifest or materialize in our life. each spirit have a willpower/the ability to will for things to happen.

    God/the intelligence that governs the entire universe revealed this truth to me. the action of willing for a creation to exist must always exist before the creation itself everytime. have you ever thought about this 360 fact?

    everything in the universe is an entity/one individual form and have a purpose it serve. the action of willing is an entity and it's purpose is to cause things to manifest or materialize. when we will we are sowing and we must reap what we have sown.

    we need God's universal physics now in order to stop this vicious circle of wrong thinking or misuse of our willpower.

    this is my gift from God the intelligence that governs the entire universe to me people of planet earth.

    YouTube.Elder360 God's 360 physics. By John H Shaw Jr. Enjoy!

  11. You the sad thing is that a lot of these entertainers, athletes put themselves in a predicament earlier on in their careers. Later when they try to change course it becomes damn near impossible.
    They WILL come after you see:
    Bill Cosby, Tiger Woods, Micheal Jackson etc.
    There is so many, it saddens me.
    For most of them don't know until it's too late.
    Ray Lewis had to backtrack, have you taken a look at his troubled degenerate of a son?
    When Ray put on that fuckery of drama and tried to show solidarity with his brothers by kneeling, they went after his son. (Peep the game peeps) STAY STRONG!!!

  12. So because these individuals don’t agree with majority of black population, they’re a house negro? STOP IT.. THAT IS NOT WHAT MALCOLM X WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! Malcolm had no problem talking to people he was against.. he wasn’t a coward like most blacks today…

  13. As great a talent as Brother Minister Malcolm was, let's not forget that he turned on the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Nation in the end and started advocating something that was quite different from what created his celebrity. We love him but let's be real.

  14. Truth is my people will sell me, their soul, their race , their culture the fuck out!!! For Trinkets and Acceptance!!!!! These mutha fuckers especially the ones that defend Michael King aka Martin Luther King and these fuckers shown in this video!! This the shit these niggers would say "Stephen A Smith is not a coon just because he screams on TV " or Michael Vick ain't a coon he fight dogs! Michael King ain't no coon he walked places no black person lives today and fought for us to drink out of the same water fountain as people who let their dog drink from the same fountains! These niggers worship rappers, basketball players, entertainers! Brother Malik also spoke on athletes and entertainers as activist and said they were coons! See, Today my people are so lost and weak we protest from the internet, we watch TV for leaders! Brother Malcolm also warned you about the TV he said" you are letting the devil in your house when bring the TV in your house" but niggers don't read, niggers don't want the truth, niggers want shit given to them! I should say niggers that support anyone in this video! God help us especially the ones on the other side of reality!!

  15. El Hajj really told the truth in this speech. People need to study his life; specifically at the end, when he traveled to the Arabian Peninsula and got a taste of "true" Islam. He saw that Allah doesn't command the believers to hate all white people or all anything human. However Allah does command the believers to hate those disbelievers that cause tyranny and oppression on earth irregardless of tribal or racial affiliation. You see a Black just as well as an Arab or White person can fall in this category. When he saw that there were righteous Whites, Arabs, and Africans united in brotherhood under the true religion Allah has chosen for humanity his life changed, but unfortunately the oppressors and devils on earth (some being in the NOI) couldn't have this message of brotherhood and servitude to Allah. That new message he had would have awaken the masses and potentially united humanity under the banner of Islam, an endeavor every oppressor and devil will wage war against. The message in this speech is so dead on historically. Do you realize that modest estimates reveal that approximately 30% of Africans enslaved and brought to America faith was Islam? Do you realize that the field "negroes" hatred for their oppressors places them with justifiable hatred according to Islam towards their kidnappers? Any rebellions by the enslaved muslims against their kidnappers was justifiable "Jihad". Jihad a term demonized by modern media is nothing more than a struggle on different levels to overcome evil. Sometimes Jihad is in the form of speech (the method El Hajj used), most of the time it's to struggle against the evil of ones own soul, sometimes it's in the form of warfare. This is the true battle on earth; to be used by Allah to attract the hearts of humanity to the true message of Islam, and hopefully El Hajj receives paradise for his small yet profound efforts at the end of his life which were a form of Jihad to speak out against oppression.
    So not to leave you hanging to the message of Islam.
    And the true Prophet of Islam final sermon:

  16. God a find it hilarious all you fucking douche bags bitch and moan and cry about racism every day your lifves while being racist towards your own fucking people then turn around and wonder why nobody gives a shit with your hypocritical bullshit. 😒😒😒😒😒. You stupid uneducated fucks don't even realize you're the fucking problem

  17. Yall can sit around and blame white people for all your problems if u want to. Lets just see how far that has gotten us and will get us in the future. And lets also waste more time tearing down our brothers who would dare scrutinize another brother….for he is surely a Tom. Give me a break with this dumb unproductive shit. The playing field will never be equal. But its not stopping anyone who doesnt walk around being a victim all the gd time.

  18. Y all da luv for sas? I don't get wat u guys don't c he been cooning if u remember wen sas first got on he was nothing like how he is now, now he's loud and animated he's entertaining the way dey want him to which is y he forces his knowledge of vocabulary out so u can hear dat he is intelligent but see that he has on his tap dance shoes at da same time dancing to da beat skip Bayless used to take more of a political stance on civil issues den sas skip attacked it head on part of y he is not on ESPN now Cari is gone because of sas most real dudes don't fuck wit sas Jalen rose, Durant, Cari, skip, etc…..

  19. blk dems are the boot licking cooning house negros esp rich blk democratics all of you jump when white folks say jump. Malcolm was not talking about blk conservatives only

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