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Malcolm X Speech after the Bombing of His House

Malcolm X Speech after the Bombing of His House


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  1. Malcolm,Martin L King and President Obama inspires me to fight for what you believe in. I think prejudice should be done away with. The real enemy is poverty. This is what we should be fighting against. Their is poverty in all races. I believe that the children can change this world if we leave them alone. Judge a man on his character and not his race. we should love all people. We don't have to love their attitudes.comradd.(com)

  2. Are you paying attention to what is really going on in this world today has nothing to do with race in the naked eye now its socialism an rich or poor attitude now haven't you seen the switch its in the music on t.v. in your house on the news at church school look around if you don't have anything you aren't anything now a days so thats how an you need to watch the one you put up there with real Heros… Read the Word an you will see!!!

  3. Malcolm X was a true servant to his people, to the point that even though he wasn't in the same belief structure as MLK be it religion, or approach toward segregation, he would not allow them to be hurt and would risk himself and his own to protect his brothers.. I believe event though he was mislead by NOI…it was a necessary start to a man that, changed black history and awareness on a level no other before him has, I believe the Asiatic man he saw in his cell that night was an angel…

  4. I am sickened by the fact that whenever someone tries to promote peace and love, they either get censored, violated, imprisoned, killed or a combination of the four. We know who does it and no one does anything about it! That's about to change

  5. Great man. Just when some light appears in this dark world, psychopaths kill it. Just when we start felling that warm(love) from the light, PSYCHOPATHS kill it. Political ponerology by  Andrzej Łobaczewski best describes this phenomenon.

  6. dang you can hear it in his voice he's tired and weary,
    so sad that he was assassinated a short time later.
     he was a hero who spoke to the truth, he actually walked the walk
     unlike many of the other black leaders at that time.

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