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Malcolm X Speaks on Mis-Education of Afro Americans

Brother Malcolm delivers a dynamic speech at the University of Michigan about the Mis-Education of the Black race and the fact that Afro-Americans need to look at themselves on the world stage and not just in the confines of the Western Hemisphere. Re-connections to Africa is where our roots are at. If you want the entire speech, please visit the website:



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  1. Priceless and timeless speech by one of the most powerful men in Islam, who was for the re-education, retraining and for the rise of Black people.

    May Allah be pleased with the best that we do…

  2. I love Malcolm. I think he was a hero for ALL men. He showed BM how to be fearless and productive in a time when BM had no idea how to acquire power. He reminded WM that B people were people and capable of being the BEST kind of people. However, many of his ideas are now dated and not suited to fix the political ills of our times. I think you wanted me to realize or ''remember'' how great Africa was, but that was never lost on me. I am focused on the here and now. I am focuses on how

  3. 2) Black people (globally) have become so economically dependent on Whites that without the WM's dollar, aid and assistance B people would perish. The WMs technology HAS made life better for us all and without it B people would not be able to make heads or tails of their daily lives. I wonder what Malcolm would say about that.

  4. Yet another wonderful speech by Brotha Malcolm , It's time we apply these truths to our lives, and make that change. We have to start doing business with each other, or we will not survive. We must get past our petty differences and realize our very survival is at stake. As things get harder for the dominant group, they will come crashing down on us, We need a back up plan people. The day is coming where we will be forced to turn to each other.

  5. @BlakeBarbieDoll Also you must remember that the White man's dollar is going down drastically and by next year it is clear that it will be nothing but worthless paper. Because of the whitemans technology, they are in threat of killing themselves off. The next 5 years are going to be very interesting. The black Yeshua will come again.


  6. @GhanianDoll This BlakeBarbieDoll, is she Black, Biracial or White? As all her views seem to be in praise of white supremacists (note the different b/w aryan white supremacists and normal non-racist white people). I have seen BlakeBarbieDoll types on YT, a millions times. They spout their invalid, revisionists views in defense of white supremacist/nazis doctrines. But as soon as you debunk their crap, they leg it.BBD reminds me of OriginalSavageChick on YT. These people are a joke.

  7. @jamash1914 Yea thanks. Remember his father was one of marcus garvey followers. So he probably got alot of his idealogical thoughts from the fact his father was a minister and he remember about marcus too. Marcus, just like malcolm x were self thought people. They were very creative and unique. They know how to get their message out. He was truly a special man. Sorry his life end so early.

  8. To think if they didn't bring my people to america I would probaly be a prince of some country in africa and wouldve been wealthy in gold etc etc. But it looks like I will never kno. FUCK YOU WHITE PEOPLE I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF SOME WHITE PEOPLE DID THIS OR SOME WHITE PEOPLE DID THAT. FUCK YOU FOR YOUR BRAINWASHING FUCK YOU FOR MISLEADING MY PEOPLE. FUCK YOU FOR RAPEING OUR WOMEN.FUCK YOU FOR ROBBING MY CULTURE. FUCK YOU FOR HORRIBLE THING YOUVE DONE.Now for the "good white people"thisdont apply

  9. Excellent piece of work! Thank you very much for Sharing!

    What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. At first was reluctant being on youtube, but getting to do this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. You are one of them. Life; isn't it wonderful!
    Keep up the good work. Hope You Are Having A Splendid Day!

    A New Friend

  10. @MegaZeitgeist I suspect that BlakeBarbiedoll is infact a white woman & not Black. But one thing is clear, she suffered from an inferior complex disease and seriously need to sort out her issues. I have seen her type before, plenty of times on here. If you want to see a REAL BW, who hates her race. Check out Takiyah Yeira YT channel and her views on YT videos. Make sure you don't get too mad at Takiyah Yeira, the poor girl is clearly misguilded.

  11. I hope Obama and all these little negro's in the house listen to this and start thinking, defend, and speak for themselves rather than the man nor THE GREAT AMERICA which is by the way the land of "MISERY".

  12. I agree because our brothers like Che and Fidel shared our struggle against imperialism and colonialism…. fighting in Congo and Angola against aparathied regime and mercinaries backed by Uncle Sam

  13. the people that are disliking this are the white people that troll all the black history videos so they can trick you into denying your great history in the comment section.
    like Malcolm said, "He has the Black community throughout this land always under a microscope just like in a scientist's laboratory, to find out how you're thinking, to keep up to date on how you think..If you seem to be working up a temperature that he's not responsible for, it worries him."

  14. I love Malcolm, I'm muslim arab from Palestine, he is the most wise person I ever heard about!!! I cannot think about how he can talk like that,,,,where did he get his knowlegde from :S MASALLAH! He was born to this! No doubts!

  15. I understand and agree with his point when he points out the distorted history, the exploitation, and the continued disenfranchisement of black people; what I do not understand (perhaps because I'm white) is his solution. I've heard him mention returning to Africa, or creating a black nation, but is that something that most black people want? It seems that most want to work to correct the system, not overthrow it or start a new system.

  16. P.S. I did not dislike this, and agree with about 85% of his message (even though I'm white). I disagree on some points, but that is going to be the case with anyone I hear from. I think having separate schools/institutions helps racism (easier to hate a stereotype/idea than a human being you've come to know), and I'm an atheist, so I'm not into the Muslim aspect of the message, but most of it is pointing out injustices, which is totally accurate. Worth watching.

  17. One must have an open mind to learn, and I have been watching Malcolm X videos to learn. To be fair, after watching more videos of him speak, I learned that he eventually changed his mind about several of the issues which I had disagreed with him on (segregation, etc.). Although we still have a long way to go as far as correcting institutional injustice, he contributed to the progress that we have made, and that alone lends weight to his legacy.

  18. P.S. I dislike segregation because I have two mixed cousins who grew up in the 70's; they told me that black and white people still largely kept to themselves, and that they were often not accepted by either group. I also saw my ignorant racist grandpa slowly come around to acceptance by being exposed to more black people. Seems to me that getting to know the other side is the best way to break down these barriers. Not to disregard institutional problems, however, which still exist.

  19. An African lion in the zoo of New York is still an African lion. Calling him a American lion is nonsense. The construct of nationalism doesnt change the essence of things

  20. The biggest mistake made: was the internet. 

    Spreading knowledge rapidly,with no bias or censorship.. well not as much. 

    These videos are great,but what hurts? Is that majority of black ppl will overlook this & dismiss it as if it's not worthy. Why? Because here in America,Schools & TV raised us to believe the white society has to validate & approve of anything first relating to our history.. very sad. 

    Never in my life thus far,have I seen so many black ppl thrilled by ignorance.. never have I seen so many black ppl openly waddling in filth & calling it living. 

    But,Slowly we are cycling back to love of knowledge & self.. and I love that! 

    I lurk behind the scenes reading & studying upon different histories & cultures… but more so on my own,and trying to find a middle ground within my own demons that consumed me throughout learning european history.. I love history,love knowledge of any kind..

    matter of fact,I study more on my enemies more so than anything else.. in order to defeat the system,you have to learn the system & find every detail that fits.. 

    Malcom X was very safe while he was talking about white ppl being devils,until he started talking about peace among all races.. the truth of Gods doing,not the bitterness.. but the love.. sadly.. but me? I believe in segregation with schools.. it's best to learn your history & become self aware.. the to embrace another races history,and only their history.. nothing else.. that's poison,the breeding of inferiority & superiority… 

    If you want to raise your kids to be proud,leave TV alone.. but sadly,Homeschooling isnt a real credible option because it'll create a complex of superiority among the race they are trying to keep oppressed.. and who's they? The systematic bullshit whites put in place before & after slavery here in America.. 

    me personally feels things have gone too far,and cant be changed with the same tactics of Malcoms time or Garvey's.. or even the panthers.. these days,it'll take blood & real sacrifice.. like lives,for things to change.. it'll take black ppl to stop spreading money among those who dont have our ppl in mind.. and I mean,opportunity.. those who deny us equal respect & consideration.. last but least,we will have to clean house ourselves,like turn our backs on the ignorant ones.. male & female.. theres no saving some,and to survive? Gotta cut off the finger to save the rest before the infection spreads and kills everything we've fought for.. 

    this is not racism,this is perspective & honesty.. if you're white & see this as racist,then I feel no sympathy for your foolishness.. this is about equality,and respect.

  21. Good education, housing and jobs are imperatives for the Negroes, and I shall support them in their fight to win these objectives, but I shall tell the Negroes that while these are necessary, they cannot solve the main Negro problem.

    Malcolm X

  22. Sitting at the table doesn't make you a diner. You must be eating some of what's on that plate. Being here in America doesn't make you an American. Being born here in America doesn't make you an American.

    Malcolm X

  23. When we see that our problem is so complicated and so all-encompassing in its intent and content, then we realize that it is no longer a Negro problem, confined only to the American Negro; that it is no longer an American problem, confined only to America, but it is a problem for humanity.

    Malcolm X

  24. In the Spirit and Wisdom an Strength of Malcolm  

    googje U tube:  Huey Newton Birthday Rally February 17, 1968 (Bobby Seale,
     H.Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael)    1 hr  48 min

    Where Do We Go From Here ?

    2Pac  the Christ

  25. Uncle Red is speaking the truth. All Black people need to listen to him before they even consider casting a vote for anyone. Preach on, Uncle Red!!! Preach on! Thanks Brother Jay.

  26. Exactly.  Some Blacks were taught by whites that Africans ran around spear chucking and acting like wild humans, when in fact civilization start in Africa.  They'll never admit that though, because they don't want everyone to know they were taught how to be civilize by the very people they despise.   BLACKS!

  27. pay close attention, he says more than africa. afro is a term that was related directly to native or aboriginal "black" progeny. the "black" race is a european construct. But not every "black" man is of the same seed

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