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Malcolm X Speaks on Marcus Garvey

This is a tribute to an under-rated freedom fighter and Pan-Africanist in Marcus Mosiah Gavery. Brother Malcolm speaks on his influence and also he speaks about when a strong leader especially an Afro-American is uncompromising in his or her quest for freedom, justice and equality….they are labeled by the US Government as “un-American, racist, terrorist” Enjoy the musical tribute as well.

No infringement of copyright is intended in any way under DMCA, under the terms of fair use for education. NO PROFIT is made by me on any material contained herein. This video is for educational purposes only. Music is copyright owned by Public Enemy “Prophets of Rage” Arrested Development “Tennessee”


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  1. Very informative to say the least. U opened my eyes to a great many things about marcus garvey i see you've been planning to drop some bombs of knowledge while i been away and you've been more than successful i need to keep an eye on you to see what other vids you're concocting lol 🙂 keep up the good work !!!!

  2. "Look for me in the whirlwind or the storm, look for me all around you, for, with God's grace, I shall come and bring with me countless millions of black slaves who have died in America and the West Indies and the millions in Africa to aid you in the fight for Liberty, Freedom and Life."

  3. Beautiful video well produced and super informative about one of my favorite people in the whole world., Mr. Marcus Garvy. Every time i hear about some severe weather happenings going on in the world i can't help but think, that it's Marcus Garvy making it happen. He vowed to never stop fighting for his people, even beyond the grave he said ,

  4. They don't make them like Malcolm and Marcus anymore. As a matter of fact, there are VERY few progressive black men. I am not saying this to be mean, but it is true. Many BM are no longer politically interested in the plight of other Blacks. The focus now is on the B individual.

  5. Great video bro. The funniest thing is that Malcolm and Marcus name starts with a M. LOL. Anyway i consider Marcus metaphorical reincarnation of Ausar. Malcolm X is Heru which is the son of Ausar. I would say metaphorical the son of Marcus. Cuz of the teaching his father practice and so was his mother. Malcolm was well aware of who Garvey was. Malcolm had alot of pride. The only thing i thought he said wrong was that islam is the right religion for us. Thanks for sharing the video

  6. @katydig
    physically there is no woman or man on this earth who have a skin colour taht is black or white
    its to do with the name on the birth certificate which carries a credit rating in the legal banking field …
    each citizen_SHIP is a slave ship holding the res of the trust ( your name your company) created by the mother at berth/birth
    who is holding the application of live berth .?.they are the one'sholding ur mother's wealth (matr+ monii = matrimony) in trust

  7. @kdcruz75
    utube: birth certifcate stock market
    utube : US is a crown corporation
    physically u have a culture ..but u can never be 'black' or white but u can work for a compnay that u designate as 'black' or white admitting that it is of low credit rating in the system…or a higher ( white)

    prisons run on the system of bonded warehouses at the DOCK ..goods make money for the warehouse by it placing a bond with the income it receives for its upkeep..

    utube: occult law of commerce

  8. you dont need to occupy wall street ..
    all u need to ask for is who is the present assignee of the application of live berth …
    they are basically ur bankers..( very likely the crown or the dtc ) ..
    but you have to find out through a notice
    utube : dean clifford
    then place a lien on it by charging the assignee for your mother's labour …u will then control the trust that is the name on your birth certifiacte…

  9. @Thutmosis. You can accomplish your goal when you position Africa as our mother, Auset and we all are her sons/daughter from birth, all can become "heru" (her or u). Set (white supremacy) dismembered our fathers (figuratively) and in actuality, but the the 'Washington Monument" is what

  10. @Thutmosis. It aligns with the metaphysical principle when we accept that the spirit of Ausar is the spirit of Resistance for Africans today, once awaken becomes the avenger of our ancestors. Sankofa "go back and fetch" she told us…Our father our first civilization, knowledge of self impregnated spirit of resistance. We remain balance as humans. – A griot.

  11. that supposed Malcolm X clip is obviously an impersonator. he does a good job of mimicking the voice and speech patterns and throws in the "uncle tom negro leaders" catch phraze; but you can tell from the sound quality and the complete lack of other people making any noise in the room, that it's not Malcolm X giving a speech or talking to a reporter in 1963 or earlier. there's so many real recordings and documentary pieces on Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey, that you don't have to make shit up

  12. Who will pick up the mantle and lead a portion of us back to the motherland.? Is Liberia and Sierra Leonne still open to its lost? From Brazil To the USA to Canada can we get 500.000 in 50 years? Are you happy knowing you desendants will probally be mixed bloods, 15 % african?

  13. Here's a solution that is in harmony with Marcus Garveys dream: South Africa is a big country with lots of room especially in the eastern side. White and blacks dont get along there even to a less degree then they do here. Solution: why not take take the White population of South Africa and and move them here; while at the same time the Blacks here in the US move to South Africa and take their place.

  14. We live in an era of "refined racism" meaning "slavery" from the 1600's has now evolved into the "mental enslavement" of the Black man. The time has been long overdue for the "American Negroes" to unite, end the senseless black on black homicides, and become mentally empowered. The possibility to change the way Black Americans are perceived in America begins with the black youth. Once they begin to learn, and accept the definition of self respect, and self preservation then the notion of moving forward with the movement of a "Black Lives Matter" campaign that would contain a viable source of edible content.

    What you are seeing is one hour of digital art compressed into the time seen. It’s called “Freestyle Art” because the artist has no idea what the finished product will look like when he starts and is doing it all in one take. The audio is the subject’s own words from their own mouth. The artist is Vikter Bang and he has a common sense theory of who you are and is shooting a documentary to outline it.

    It's paradigm shattering, but it is the truth. Take a look at his theory here.

  16. Good piece overall, yet you are an agency! With ultimate devious agenda! Obama is an idiot as you full well know! Iam above him and his devious government! And yes Iam aware they are illegally logging me here! yet Iam Jamaican Jah Rastafari the Supreme Being! moreover Iam directly related to Marcus Garvey also! Yet also Queen Elizabeth II of Britain and HH Moza of Qatar and Queen Rania of Jordan! How so? Think! One Royal line therein! They always know of me growing up in Jamaica! The Government of the USA is merely symbolic to me!

  17. LOL arrogant fool! Malcolm X mother was from a Caribbean Island down the road from Jamaica! Both his parents were students of Marcus Garvey! Farrakhan is of Jamaican heritage! Busta rhymes was born in Jamaica so was Heavy D! and other! Alicia's father is Jamaican! Jamaicans are the fastest people in track and field! A Jamaican man was the first black man to fly solo around the world in an airplane! The highest Oncologist in the USA are Jamaicans! Schools in Jamaica are more strict and difficult than in the USA! your students can never compare in decency and wisdom! we are nothing like black americans! Africans in Africa are superior to those in the USA also! you have a false value system! Marcus Garvey is what is known as a supreme man! read what MLK had to say about him when he visited Jamaica in the1960's! That is right MLK came to Jamaica to honor him!

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