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Malcolm X Speaks on Black Economics

The purpose of this video is for Black people and the oppressed living in America to pool our wealth and resources and accomplish great economic gains and eventually controlling our own destiny. The wisdom from brother Malcolm and these statistics from will eliminate alot of ills we face from economic exploitation from outside forces. Please comment, rate, and enjoy!

No infringement of copyright is intended in any way under DMCA, under the terms of fair use for education. NO PROFIT is made by me on any material contained herein. This video is for educational purposes only. Statistics are from Speech from the estate of Malcolm X.


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  1. I get what he's saying from 50 years ago black owned businesses, meaning diners, grocery stores , barber shops, cell phone stores, home supplies the list goes on and on. Start off small and expand to larger ones like a chain of Wal-Mart's.
    Because all the other races seem to be doing it they own all the stores in the black community and not hiring any blacks so the money leaves the niehbor hood and goes to theres. To do this it takes unity.
    Is the black man divided and brainwashed to hate and kill each other from slavery if so this will never work Latinos,whites, and asian have unity so there economy grows in there community its that simple.

  2. Black economics is using the money we spend in order to solve our own problems. was created to create jobs, business and investment opportunities, and fund the best non profits, locally and nationally.  Black wealth is keeping part of the money we spend recycling back into the Black community.

  3. I'm ashamed to say I never really listened to Malcolm's Speechs. He really doesn't talk about Race how I once believed, but Business fundamentals and the power that lies within the economic liberty of a people.

    That's More Powerful than any Speech on Race or Racial tension.

  4. While we are heavy on the knowledge of self part, there isn't as much emphasis on the fact that it required a strong economy to build great civilization…not just spirituality…look at South America and Africa…if prayers translated to wealth the two continents would be the richest.

  5. What the fuck have black people been doing?? Seriously Malcom X was talking about this shit in the 60's, 60 years later and we literally haven't done shit since then. Fucking pathetic. I'm 22 years old and hellbent on leveling the playing field for my people.

  6. What the heck, is he crying because he got his 44 acres and a mule, but sold them to buy some crack? I alway heard the man was educated. I guess reading books while in prison isn't the best education a guy could hope for.

  7. blacks buy anything and everything.$200 kicks, $175 pants, $175 shirt's… easily manipulated..he new what was gonna happen…90% vote Democrat! total mind control on black people…he NEW.

  8. Black leaders exploiting Black people for their own gain as Malcolm X says? Gee, that sounds a lot like Jesse Jackson. But Malcolm X's points are really applicable to any ethnic group, not just Black people.

  9. its funny people talking about democrat or rebuplican. Haven't we learned after 400 some years they're the same evil we are oppressed under either party. politics is bout as real as wwe

  10. There is a reason why the textbook in American schools don't extol Malcolm X , they knew his influence will revolutionize and motivate the black youth that are looking for black role models. MLK's main focus was the right to vote and integration. Obviously integration has not worked for us nor will it work. Once people see that you are not similar to them they treat you different. Racism will always exist. It is time we find ways to fend for ourselves. Appreciate and miss you Malcolm . May your soul rest in peace and your words forever resonate through the minds of any soul that need encouragement

  11. Rosewood, Black Wall-street, Bermuda, etc. How did we have more economic power when we were segregated in these communities? The exact same thing Malcolm said in the video, when you recycle your wealth 15 to 20x within your own community it grows more powerful because the money says inside your block which can be used to grow black neighborhoods and create better schooling because it's OUR money and in amerikkka's system, if you have the most money, regardless of morals, you have the most power. We must get back to this model of work. Great video, what is the name of the instrumental you played for this video? Peace God

  12. I am a white boy but he speaks pure logic the african american community does not need white america to be successful. for me I want us to be equal in all things unfortunatly economics is the first thing to push those boundaries.

  13. As a white person(italian american). My ancestors been here since the 1800s. But not nearly as long as black people have been here. Blacks are still in a terrible condition. But an infinitely worse condition than they were before Malcom X. Todays blacks are on a leash to the democratic marxist liberal elitists. Malcom warned blacks too to not do this. Malcom would be appaulled at the black community today. I hate when so called black leaders and liberals talk about malcom x like they love him, meanwhile his message to blacks is what they hate because it makes blacks free and not dependent on them! NOI is masonic. They have no intentions of helping blacks. Theh just like to cause racial chaos. Try and find one video of farrakhan talking like Malcom talks in this video. All he does is point fingers and trigger violence which gets blacks nowhere.

  14. The black people have been lied to by the Democratic Party they never have and never will help the black people. They have convinced the black people they will help them but as President Johnson said give them something (welfare) and we will have their vote for the next 50 years. They knew (the Democratic Party) that a educated black man is dangerous to the Democratic Party they just use them for their vote. When will they learn this??? Who freed the slaves a republican president. The dems have been convincing the black people that's it's the Republican Party that's racist when the whole time it's the dems. Malcom X was right in telling the black people that truth. That's why he is dead.

  15. We as blacks are too dependent on the liberal left and their crumb distribution systems. Seriously, the Democrats have us on a leash and they would kill any prominent "leader" who tries to free us from their grip. But we must press on and build for ourselves, not out of hate but self-determination. Dr. Claud Anderson breaks it down in his revolutionary book: Powernomics

  16. The fact that this video only has just over 92k views while some rap videos that promote misogyny, violence, drug dealing and other types of fuckery being viewed by millions says alot about the state of black communities living in the diaspora in the world today.

  17. I'm not here to cause any controversy or to troll anyone, I'm commenting because I would like to get everyone's opinion on something. I have to two questions:

    1. If Malcolm X were alive today, how would he be viewed by the African American community?

    2. If Malcolm X was neither Liberal or Conservative, would he be considered Independent?

    For the second question, my opinion would be the latter. I think the man walked his own path to the very end, which eventually cost him his own life.

    Although I don't agree with everything Malcolm X said, he did bring up some very good points about Democrats and Republicans. I am fourth generation Japanese American, and my grandparents had to be re-located to concentration camps during World War II.

    While Japanese American families lived in the camps, a lot of the men enlisted and served this country. These second generation Japanese American soldiers would be sent on suicide missions to liberate or rescue Allied forces in Nazi occupied Europe. The 442 would become one of the most decorated units in military history. They fought and gave their lives for a white man's army, while their families lived in concentration camps. By the time they came home they still faced the same discrimination and resentment.

    The 442nd Infantry shares the same parallel as the Tuskeegee Airmen, both faced discrimination during and after WWII. I know all about the treatment they had undergone and all the experiments tested on them. It'a messed up and angers me to this day. These are things that a lot of history books don't elaborate on.

    Look forward to reading other's opinions on this.

  18. I have studied the civil rights movement and our history in this country. I believe in all forms of attacking the problems that we as Black Americans face in this country. MLK's nonviolent movement was awesome and definitely needed. This part that Malcolm is talking about though? We missed the boat on this one. Today we have so much more buying power and I think that it's time that we began to pool our resources together to really start building up our own communities instead of being scared of the people that look just like us in our own neighborhoods. This message is SO relevant today and I hope we wake up at some point and show strength that we have always had throughout history. We don't need ONE leader. We need to ALL BE LEADERS!

  19. i go into the hood and all I see is gas stations, corner stores, nail shops, now the vape shops, cell phone stores, beauty supply stores. All owned by no one black. only thing we open up are churches and liquor stores and hair salons/ barber shops. Some of these black barber shop owners should own some beauty supply stores get their own merchandise for cheap and supply the community in which he lives instead of the Asian man taking our money and not spending any of it in our neighborhood.

  20. I just gave myself an idea. Barber shop with a beauty supply store right in the same neighborhood. Things gotta change black men and woman. It has too. Our race is going nowhere fast.

  21. great video to put the plight of the so-called blacks into perspective, however i believe the only thing lacking is the understanding of self and repentance to our God! The plight of the so-called blacks is described in Deuteronomy 28th chapter of kjv bible.

  22. Malcolm X Spoke On Black Economics; Elijah Muhammad Manifested Black Economics, Black Business, Black How to Eat to Live & So Much Moor!!!!! I'm not a Muslim But I'll Never Overstand How Elijah Muhammad gets NO LOVE from the Black Community it's called Media Training & "STUPIDITY" Much Respect to Malcolm X also👏👏👏💪💪💪✊✊✊✊✊✊

  23. Way ahead of his time. The powers that be knew it. So they saw to it that he exited the scene. They don't like anyone who is on to them. In 1968, a few years later, MLK let them know he was on to them. He mentioned the Homestead act as an example. A few weeks later he was dead. As Neely Fuller says the only solution to white supremacy is a system of justice.

  24. There are good reasons why messages like this don't get popularized among the black communities. Similar to MLK, messages like this are truly revolutionary and the government strives off division. This is coming from a white guy – turn off Lil Wayne and turn this on!

  25. I agree with him. Black people should entrepreneur themselves and start their own businesses, it's the only way for anybody to get ahead in this country and stand on your own two feet and be independent within yourself and yes I'm white

  26. I remember a lot of black businesses when I was growing up (Taxi companies, neighborhood grocery stores, auto garages, clothing stores).  The only business that now remain are barber shops.  Malcolm X's views are still relevant today.

  27. Incredible that Black Americans alone can empower Africa, Haiti and Ghana.  While donating books and sending every black child to college in just ONE YEAR!!!  Me? I'm willing to wear my old Jordans, give up drinking, take public transportation, use my old telephone, cook meals at home, limit myself to ONE pro Ball game and go to the library FOR ONE YEAR.  I don't smoke so that's not even a factor.

  28. I love Malcom x for speaking truth which still exist this day …these white Devils are doing the same shit back then and doing it now and we don't have leaders like this now ,,they are modern day pimps…I hate he risk his life for blacks who don't deserve it …too many coons and house niggas these days

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