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Malcolm X Speaks on Ancient Kemet/Egypt

Brother Malcolm said, similar to Marcus Garvey’s quote, when the relics of an African civilization are unearth or discovered, it will be vehemently denied and refuted by racist European educators and scholars despite the enormous amount of evidence that proves otherwise. Brother Malcolm, in this dynamic discussion, breaks down the archeological wonders of Ancient Kemet and also the fact that these African people were master chemists. The relics of these Ancient people prove this. Brother Malcolm has always stressed the importance of Black Americans reconnecting to their African heritage.

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  1. the egyptians enslaved us negros, latinos, and native americans when we was in egypt we are the true biblical hebrew israelites , the egyptians are hamites(africans) of the bible. yall not negros or black them are bywords and proverbs that the whiteman put upon us (deuteronomy 28:37) you are biblical hebrew israelites thats your true nationality and heritage. the book of deuteronomy 28:15-68 talks about our curses and our living conditions and we fit those prophecies. so called negros are the true jews of the bible. jew is short for the tribe of Judah which is you so called negros. shalom.

  2. The funny part is, they tried to do that to us Aztecs. Not realizing that we were the most feared empire in the Americas. Let's just say, a few hundred Spaniards were decapitated, and a few hundred more killed with arrow rain tactics. And their native american allies were sacrificed. Then the Chichimeca wars happened when the Zapotecas expelled the Spanish with an alliance of pre hispanic empires slaughtering 2,000 of their soldiers forcing them into New Mexico where they were slaughtered by the Puebloans which killed 350 more of them, forcing them back down south again for 18 years in which they settled until they returned. Mexico got too hot for them. After the Spanish grew their empire, we got sick of them and fought for our independence in which 8,000 Spanish soldiers died. They failed to destroy our culture, but partly because they loved it so much too. Now over one million of our citizens still speak Nahuatl (Mexica/Aztec language), and can still read, write, and do math in our old language. Many Spanish even adopted some of our technologies i.e crystallized salt embedded cotton armor, chewing gum, liquid medicine such as Passion Flower, chocolate, chips, popcorn, tortillas, the syringe (originally made from hummingbird beak) etc. And now you have lovely old Mexico! The land of revolutionaries, the city of pyramids, and proudly known as the 34th most powerful nation in the world out of 127 militaries.

  3. You can notice some scars on cheek of the statue it s proudly african;;;;arabs should be ashamed of themself and white too should stop covering the true facts and stop brainwashing us by their fake programs from school ,universities and media;;;

  4. the reasons why they hide the truth is because all they r doin today it s taken into ancient egypt ,and they feel humiliate to give credit to the african back race,,

  5. "White Folks" aka Plink Slime inbred pedphiles claim to be every fucking thing on every fucking part of the world no matter what is it, where's it from, these Pink Slime Trumpanzees claim it to be white.

    They Claim the Egyptians were White.
    They Claim the oldest human remains found in Africa were White.
    They even claim an Ancient Chinese remain were White.

    Heck, even today, in fucking America these pink slim fuckers claim to be Native American. You go to South Africa, these white fuckers claim to be the Original South Africans.
    Same with Hawaii, you go there, you see these Pink Clowns claiming to be full blooded Native Hawaiians. LOL
    Even in Canada, you have pink slime fuckers claiming to be First Nation Natives.
    You go to Alaska, guess what? Yep! These Pink Slime idiots are claiming to be the Original Eskimos.
    You go to Israel, you see the same Pink Slime Devils claiming to be the Original Biblical Isralites!

    LMFAO. These Pink Slime fuckers have no culture, no history. NOTHING. SO they have to STEAL IT.

    They invaded Iraq to steal the national treasures and the dead sea scrolls.

    They did the same in Syria, Libya, etc etc. They steal what they can grab and then the DESTROY all other evidence that shows how much SMARTER these Ancient Civilians were compared to the Pink Slime counterpart.

  6. Hopefully people aren't still buying into the "white guy this" and "black guy that" nonsense. Obviously they had reason to be upset back then, that was a long time ago and we only move forward TOGETHER. Luckily most people understand that, that's the reason MLK Jr. was more popular, he was speaking more truth and more love then Malcolm X.

  7. LOL as an Egyptian with a bachelor's is Egyptology i can assure you that Egypt was not primarily black. While Nubian in upper Egypt contribute to Ancient Egypt, they in fact are not ethnically related to all dumbass african americans trying to claim some sort of heritage. They were from SUDAN. The egyptians in egypt today ARE without a shadow of doubt, direct descendants of ancient egypt with the exception of a little mixing here and there in certain cities. So to all you afrocentrists claiming heritage to egypt, i will advice you to suck my egyptian dick and find another country's history to claim.

  8. This is just indoctrination. MOVE PAST RACE PEOPLE. King Tut looked nothing like a "black" man, his tomb and statutes are available on Google as well as the genetic tests they did of him. Cleopatra was a white woman from Macedonia. Whatever the Egyptians were does not matter worth a damn. I wouldn't care if they were all red haired and green eyed. I barely care about the 1800's never mind what went on 5,000 years ago. I understand black American culture has been destroyed through slavery and there's a need for something to fill in a sense of pride and cultural self-esteem but extremism will only degrade the black community further. If you don't believe me, look at any people that turn to extremism, collectively or individually, they all destroy themselves. The only way to destroy racism is to destroy the concept and validation of race.

  9. Egyptians are a 2 races forms… IT IS THE VERY EXACT VIEW. And THEN do exist an enough broad content to impress the nuances. How Egyptians do received cows kind of … DANUBE aurox (no any Africans)..?:) Through one "relative nation… Getae…

  10. Egyptians look the same as they have always been idk how white people could actually convince themselves that people with light brown skin and curly hair could possibly be the same race as them

  11. they werent black or "negro" , they were Aqbat , you can go to egypt right now and look up the indigenous pure Aqbat egyptions and how they look like , some of them are lighter in skin tone and others are darker but you cant call them black central africans by any means , that being said there were nobians in ancient egypt from down south in sudan so youd expect alot of mixing , but its not pure black people as mr.X would describe it , sorry to burst your bubble .

  12. I can't say it enough that not all white people are horrible. I only recently came across this information. I seek truth, not what certain groups might want everyone to think or believe. I came across it because I was curious about the origins of religion. I knew Egyptian gods were before christianity so that's where I started. When I saw a video about the first Egyptians being black, I did not feel any negativity about it, but instead I was intrigued and fascinated. I don't understand why any white person would be upset about the idea of it. If the Egyptians were black (and evidence points to yes), I think that's great, tell me more! It only upsets me to hear negative comments about whites in general because I know that I am not like that, nor do I know anyone who is. I know that SOME white people are racist, but there are SOME racist individuals in EVERY ethnic group. I wish racism had never started. We are all human and should be treated as equals.

  13. First… I'm sorry for commenting . I know this video isn't for me. But… this is true.. Black people come from origins of gods and goddesses. kings. queen. This is SO important. Thank you for posting this video. Blessings

  14. There are more serial killers who are white than any other race. There are more child rapists who are white than any other race. There are more genocides lead by whites more than any other race. Who is the perfect race? Not these damn oinks who think they are. Whites are just a mutation from original humans. Whites aren't human at all. That is why they don't have any humanity in them. The non-colored are here to make Earth hell. We have to restore heaven on Earth by all means necessary.

    Educate yourself. Educate your children. Whites make them dumb in their schools. Rise above.

  15. Why can't white people and arabs just accept the fact.?
    that Aincent Kemet belongs to The Ethiopians and The kingdom's of kush!
    and im not even african im australian but i will stand for the truth.. and the truth is so clear to me.. awaken you uneducated fools to the actual truth of whats going on in this world.. its very sad…
    the world is literally being controlled by narcissistic evil people!
    if we dont hold on and value other peoples history
    .. what are we going to tell our childrens children.. or are they just going to turn into narcissistic little assholes who are self entitled.. oh wait thats already happening in this generation.. well where fucked.. theres no going back now.. unless you just keep pretending and stay a sleep.. snore your fucken heads off you stupid human beings little fuckers wont learn anything will yas?

    always stand on the side of truth.. even if you stand alone!

  16. Let's keep it real. By Levitical Law any blotch of white in the skin was considered unclean and leprosy. Any person showing loss of melanin was separated.from the tribe, there clothing and bedding burned and their walls cleansed. This incuded the occurrence of blonde hair which is also a syptom of what our ancient forefathers called leprosy. These Greek and Roman descendants trying to write themselves into our Laws have no understanding of African spirituality. Our ancestors believed whites were evil spirits and would have killed them on sight. They are killing albinos and eating their limbs right now in Africa because of superstition. Whites have been using fairy tales and silly non historically based cartoon images to replace the True history. My goodness the people left paintings of themselves all over their tombs. Whites are so racist even when starring at real artifacts they cant process "BLACK" greatness.

  17. I have nothing riding on this subject either way. In other words, I don't care who Egypt was created by. The drawings show both black and brown figures-not any whites. Many great and wonderful things were created in Egypt. I respect and admire them as I do those great things from other parts of the world! I do not believe that aliens from another planet came here and made all those wonders from the past! I'm white and I just wish that soon we can judge people from the content of a person's character and not the color of one's skin. A great man once said that in his, 'I have a dream speech'. Rest in peace MLK Jr.

  18. Worship The Creator Not The Creation23 hours ago
    DNA Testing on Mummies Reveals Surprise Ancestry for Ancient Egyptians
    By Alanna Martinez • 06/09/17 4:36pm
    An archaeological worker looks at the face of the linen-wrapped mummy of King Tutankhamun as he is removed from his stone sarcophagus in his underground tomb in the famed Valley of the Kings in Luxor, 04 November 2007. BEN CURTIS/AFP/Getty Images
    It’s taken over twenty years of trying, but finally scientists have been able to sequence the DNA of an ancient Egyptian mummy—and the results are surprising. Stephen Schiffels, head of the Max Planck Institute’s Population Genetics Group, and his team have published the unprecedented findings in the May 30 Nature Communications Journal, reports Live Science. It turns out, ancient Egyptians had more in common genetically to people from today’s Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Iraq.
    “Researchers were generally skeptical about DNA preservation in Egyptian mummies,” Schiffels told Live Science. “Due to the hot climate, the high humidity levels in tombs and some of the chemicals used during mummification, which are all factors that make it hard for DNA to survive for such a long time.”
    The first attempt at sequencing DNA from a mummy was in 1985, according to Live Science. However, the results were discarded when it was discovered that the samples had been contaminated with “modern DNA.” Then, in 2010, scientists tried to test DNA from samples taken from mummies with familial ties to King Tutankhamun, but the published results were met with criticism as the techniques used at the time weren’t able to distinguish between ancient and newer DNA samples.This time around, Schiffels, geneticist Johannes Krause, and their team, used next-generation sequencing, which is able to isolate older and newer sample sets. The group utilized samples from 151 mummies from settlement near Cairo called Abusir el-Meleq, all buried between 1380 B.C. and 425 A.D.
    The team compared the samples from the mummies with DNA (both ancient and modern) from people living between Egypt and Ethiopia. The results: DNA sequences over the span of 1,300 years didn’t change much, despite the fact that Egypt’s population was influence by both Roman and Greek invasions, according to findings. However, when the same set was compared to the DNA of modern Egyptians, a stark difference was the absence of sub-Saharan ancestry, which is prevalent in today’s population.
    The shift in genealogy over millennia could be due to “increased mobility down the Nile and increased long-distance commerce between sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt,” Schiffels said. The scientists at the Max Planck Institute plan to do further testing from mummies found across the country.
    SEE ALSO: 17 Mummies Discovered in Ancient Egyptian Necropolis

  19. So if all these ancient Egyptian were black as in African negro, where is the history of them disappearing out of Egypt? Jewish people were replaced out of Israel twice. That is in the history books. Being dark skinned doesn't mean being African negro.

  20. The Nation of Islam teaches that white people are devils. Their members might want to ponder this statement by Muhammad:

    … The apostle said, "Whoever wants to see Satan let him take a look at Nabtal b. al-Harith!" He was a sturdy black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks. He used to come and talk to the apostle and listen to him and then carry what he had said to the hypocrites. It was he who said: "Muhammad is all ears: if anyone tells him anything he believes it." God sent down concerning him: "And of them are those who annoy the prophet and say he is all ears, Say: Good ears for you. He believes in God and trusts the believers and is a mercy for those of you who believe; and those who annoy the apostle of God for them there is a painful punishment." (Sura 9:61) (Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasulallah, translated as, The Life of Muhammad by A. Guillaume, page 243)

  21. When debating about ancient Egypt it’s important to understand how early Egyptology evolved, When the French came and colonized Egypt, it was in the height of transatlantic slavery, the late 1700s, the napoleon exhibition to Egypt, the sphinx, the pyramids, all of these things are newly rediscovered. And immediately the French realize that they have a problem here, they had an economy based on the pseudoscientific idea of racism, based on that some races, (the white race) are superior to other races, particularly, the black race. And the discovery of an ancient African civilization thousands of years before there was anything of comparable stature in france, or England, created some problems. Now some scholars immediately reacted by saying racism is nonsense, but foreign policy realized this wasn’t convenient if their economy depended on racialized slavery. And let's put this in contexts, the Sphinx have no noses on them, and they have very stereotypical negro faces, so we have to understand the level of hatred that was being dealt with when early Egyptology evolved and we start seeing all these statues that are otherwise perfect but viewed in the context of the time and the offence that the idea that Negros could have created such a magnificent ancient civilization would have caused, it’s clear where some of this malicious behavior came from, thankfully not all of them were missing

  22. Egypt was black in the wet dreams of African American/Coloured/Negroes/Native Americans or whatever they call themselves.   Egypt became "White" when analysis of 151 mummies originating in a period spread of 1,800 years showed that they had the same DNA as West Asians, proving that the Egyptologists were correct.

  23. The ancient Egyptians were black, like all the other East African nations Sudan, Eritrea & Somalia. They depict themselves with dark skin & black features, in their own drawings & statues etc. For centuries White supremacists have desperately tried to white wash them for 2 main reasons. The ancient Egyptians were extremely advanced & this goes against their misguided belief that blacks were inferior & uncivilized. So they've tried to say they were anything but black. Secondly they couldn't allow the world to know they're black because everyone knows Christianity came from Egypt. This would mean that Jesus, Mary, Moses, 12 tribes of Israel etc, were black too. Which they were. I'm shocked that anyone even fell for this bullshit pale, blue eyed Jesus, when none of the people in the bible were European or even lived in Europe. If you go to Coptic Museum in Cairo Egypt, they have the oldest depictions of Jesus, Mary & all his disciples in the world. I've been there & yes they were all people of colour. The Vatican during their Christian crusades murdered millions of people, the biggest massacre in human history. They destroyed all the original depictions of Jesus, later enforcing the worship of the current "white versions" . If Egypt & Ethiopia weren't surrounded by Muslim nations, who in the 14th century were already a formidable force. A huge empire spanning 3 continents. The Vatican would've ensured there was no evidence of Jesus, other than the one they created there as well. It's ironic to know that Islam saved the first Christian churches & their followers. But they did. Even now, after centuries of Islamic rule, ancient churches & Christian artifacts been preserved for future generations.

  24. Black people are the original Egyptians go over there and look at them statues and them drawings they got all the features of black people and these crackas hate it these crackas till this day are stealing from us y'all need to get out that love affair y'all got for crackas and wake tf up black people stop believing everything these crackas tell you they word not bond they lying to us there are enemies they want to keep us down and insecure they don't want to know who we really are but y'all got such low self esteem y'all can't believe us being nothing but fucking slaves these crackas have programmed and conditioned y'all good whatever masta say the truth in y'all world I don't want no nigga with that type of mindset around me

  25. Marcus Garvey was right. When Black Americans read, in English, about the Olmecs, they said they are Native Americans. When they saw a couple of Grecian vases showing two Black figures they said they were Greeks, when they saw photos of Alhambra they said they were Moors (even though the ten best known Moorish and Arab historians wrote most disparaging, even racist remarks about Blacks)

  26. The Egyptians were as black as they were white: they weren't. They were of North African/Middle Eastern stock, decending from the Hittites, from the Akkadians, Babylonians, Sumerians, ect… As far as their superficial appearance, they were golden-brown… not dark like the Nubians to the south, nor fair like Libyans to the west, or Greeks to the north. They viewed themselves as racially and culturally better than any of the "foreigners" and people they met (their Pharoh was a literal living God to them, and until conquests from foreign powers, viewed him as paragon of their entire civilization), and most likely enslaved people of fair and dark complexion equally. They depict the different "breeds" (think like dogs, only one human race, but different color) of humans quite often, with the Egypiants (Kemet in their tongue) as superior. Was there ever a Nubian (black) Pharoh? Possibly. Was there ever a European (white) Pharoh? Hiskander (Alexander the Great), Caesar, and Ptolemly come to mind. But, only through military conquest did the Egyptians allow such "inferior" breeds rule them. At the end of the day, the Kemet thought they are, and always were, superior.

    There were Nubian Kingdoms, so as to why it is so important for people of African decent today to claim Egypt as one of their "ancestral" kingdoms, versus actually researching the REAL Nubian and African kingdoms in the past is sad… that's like me as a pale American claiming that Rome was a white empire that I lay claim to… it was Mediterranean… and now they're gone. Personally, a) I would never claim to be of European decent, or praise being European, since I wasn't born in Europe, and b) my ancestors left for a reason, and I am a mongrel with: African, Native American, and European blood, but I just happen to be an American who happens to be pale with blue eyes. I am my own mix-breed man… learn and research the past for knowledge, but do the things now regardless of ancestry to make a better future. All dogs are wolves, we just made different breeds… different "fur" colors and physiology. They can all interbreed, and if left without humans would return to wolves. This is no different with humans… none of us are "pure" anything, except human.

  27. YO DOSE NIGGAZ BE ON STATUES N SHIETT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEM WHITE PEOPLE BE STEELING OUR HISTORY N SHIIETT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EGIPT IS IN AFRICA DEM WHITE DEVILS BE STEALIN OUR HISTORY !!! OH AND DIS IS DA BEST VIDEO A NIGGUH CAN ENJOY WITH SUM WARTERMELLUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  29. Don't argue with these delusional, insecure people my black kings and queens.They have spent DECADES lying, stealing, and planning. As this beautiful and intelligent soul Malcolm said they have tried to disconnect us from our wonderful history and keep it for themselves. Deuteronomy 28 says something similar. Of course they have articles and "research"(spearheaded by them), of course they have TRIED to make their lies look like truth…. But no lie can live forever(MLK) Truth is truth and the PROOF is in the PICTURES and STATUES. DON'T entertain these brainwashed fools. They have been misguided for so long that they would reject black Jesus standing right before their very eyes. . . Just as these statues and paintings were before them at many points.

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