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Malcolm X RIPS White America (1962)

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Malcolm X draws a distinction between the evil of individual White Americans and the COLLECTIVE evils of White America as a whole.

Malcolm, whose 90th birthday we celebrate on May 19th, was the FOUNDER of the Nation of Islam’s multi-million-selling ‘Muhammad Speaks’ newspaper – the most successful and PROFITABLE Black newspaper in U.S. history and the template and forerunner of Louis Farrakhan’s ‘Final Call’. The ‘Muhammad Speaks’ was the principal source of revenue and PROFIT for Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam and laid the foundation for what became the NOI’s $50 MILLION business empire. Malcolm was also the minister of the single most powerful and PROFITABLE mosque in NOI history – Harlem’s Temple #7 – which had revenues of nearly $200,000 per year (in the 1960’s!) and the largest registered membership of any mosque in the NOI. In addition, ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ is one of the biggest-selling books in publishing history, having sold well over 20 MILLION copies worldwide to date.

These facts alone establish Malcolm X as one of the greatest INDUSTRIALISTS in African-American history and could very well have made him America’s first Black BILLIONAIRE had he lived to this day. He is thus a man who is fully deserving of a NATIONAL HOLIDAY in his honour so that no-one will EVER forget the legend that was, is and will forever be Malcolm X.

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  1. WAIT HOW are you selling Malcom X products then promoting Donald Trump? This company can't be black owned and is certainly exploiting Black PEOPLE. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE referenced in the notes!

  2. Anyone who practices the teachings of Jesus; its practicing the MUSLIM religion? Huh wait theres a huge differences between prophet Muhammad and Jesus, just compare there last words before there deaths.

    Prophet Muhammad "kill all nonbelievers."

    Jesus "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do."

  3. All white people will go extinct because we accept other ethnicities' Japan doesn't accept other races and look how successful it is.. White people will go extinct if mix breeding and mass immigration continues 🙂 look at Africa, look at the Middle East, look at India, that's what will happen to white countries soon enough.

  4. Just an FYI for all you people commenting, Malcolm X despised the Democratic party and white liberals in particular so if you are a white liberal or vote for the Democratic party I would think twice before calling Malcolm a great man because today he would be called a coon by liberals in this country.

  5. If I were a white and a person whose forefathers had been my forefather's slaves speaks about me and my kind in this manner, out of intimidation I would kill him. What happened to this man by the way ??

  6. he spoke the truth he scared white people and even some blacks j Edgar Hoover said do something with Malcolm x they wanted him silenced he was waking up the masses imagine had he survived another 10 or 20 years blacks would be farther ahead than where we are now when he died his message died and everyone that came along after him are either dead or in jail for the rest of their lives that says alot

  7. Take off ,this stupid NBC sign.
    Malcolm X was very wise & real.He would be great president 4 USA but stupid, jealous ,ignorant idiots shot him.
    Rest in Peace Malcolm X.

  8. Hate you enemy which is the caucasians still but the negro not Black people but you coons still love your enemy who hate you. Rest in power brother Malcolm.

  9. "Malcolm X RIPS White America". Interesting title. While Malcolm X gives spot-on analysis about the white mentality of that day, I found this statement of his profound and the real gem of these interview clips:

    "Our people should unite among ourselves and try and solve our own problems, instead of trying to force ourselves upon whites and blame them for our plight.”

    To this day, this sentiment is the answer for African-Americans — and any people for that matter — to bring themselves up with the hand of God. Any answers or solutions or 'help' from the outside or waiting for the traces of systemic racism to disappear are leaving your destiny in the hands of others. This can never be the solution for anyone. It has to come from within.

    The civil rights legislation that came from the civil rights movement has really done all that the law can do at this point. Are there still injustices? Yep. And there pretty much always will be. But they have been minimized dramatically since those times. When they happen, they are by someone actually violating the law.

    The only way to change things from here on out is by spiritual means. Malcolm and Martin — the giants of that age — were, first and foremost, spiritual and moral men. They lived by principles. They had connection with God. They led moral lives. They weren't afraid of death and certainly weren't worried about their popularity.

    Until a person embraces the spiritual and moral aspects of their being, nothing will change. The Holy Quran has an inviolate law: "Allah (God) will not change a peoples' condition until they change that which is in their hearts."

    Malcolm X changed what was in his heart and pulled himself, by God's Grace, out of the gutter. He continued to change what was in his heart and only continued to grow in his stature and the universality of his message. He was martyred, but he really won. We can't let the heartbreak of his death let us miss that.

  10. man we sure need you in this generation right now…instead of putting dogs on you they but a choke hold on you to kill you…instead of hosing you dwn with water they sprey you dwn with bullets…SMH…how many years must we keep going through all the bullshit…

  11. i miss you Mr Malcolm X, we are in so dire need of great men like you

    we are being brainwashed and left brain dead while bankers, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, and white supremacists are destroying the world

    we are being slaughtered like sheep

  12. so why aren't the muslim countries welcoming in millions of africans? why do the africans pay smugglers to take them to europe with a very high risk of dying at sea? true africans disagree with all of your racist assholes in the comment section who bash white people

  13. He's confusing white people with juice, it's easily done as they look alike in some cases. It's strange how whites that had hardly anything to do with slavery are made to feel guilty when the one's truly responsible would never dream of apologising, in fact anyone that even thinks about criticising them in certain countries can be jailed. Hows that for power?

  14. Read the comments here and look at the hate and racism. The only enemy is the limits you put on your own potential. Get the hate out of your heart and learn to live in peace with your neighbor, whether they be White, Spanish, Arab, Chinese, etc. That's what America is all about….the great melting pot, and we are closer than any country on earth to achieving that. So if you don't feel you can contribute to our society, then don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  15. Why does NBC NEWS think it's OK to place it's logo across his face?? Subconscious disrespect. In every other. video their logo is in the bottom corner. Why across his face??

  16. I do not hate white ppl I want them to get spiritual guidance from non white ppl because their religions have failed them miserably that is why they turned to Christianity in the first place. On some level they were aware of that.

  17. I do not hate white ppl I want them to get spiritual guidance from non white ppl because their religions have failed them miserably that is why they turned to Christianity in the first place. On some level they were aware of that.

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