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Malcolm X on racism, politics and propaganda – 1964

Malcolm X on racism, American politics, importance of the media in propaganda and the development of racial trends in England and France.

Malcolm X was assassinated 50 years ago this month (February 21st 1965). He would have been almost 90 years old. But he left us when his time was due. A fearless, courageous and sincere man who will never be forgotten by those who stand with the oppressed.

We will remember him today as we did yesterday as our beloved brother.

We remember him and appreciate the sacrifices he made not only for the African Americans but all people across the world. May God grant him mercy and the highest station in paradise. Ameen.


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  1. What a load of shit. Why aren't you crying about the black leaders in Africa who SOLD their people to Jewish corporations which shipped the black slaves to Europe and America? What about the savagery the blacks commit ? The idea that being a color means you're worse off is nonsense. It's education that lacked during those periods in history, lack of access to information.

  2. Not all white men or women were devils, not even in those times. There were whites who killed slave masters in the days before Malcom X so to just lump every Caucasian in the category of devil is a vague misrepresentation of the race and a grave mistake. These days, things are a lot different but even back then to hear him speak so harshly of "whites" as he calls them is painful to hear. Maybe that's the generational gap, I choose not to see the color of skin, but rather, what's in the heart.

  3. Are you serious right now. White people are solely responsible for the way things are now and how they were then. White people fear what they can't understand so when people are scared they have the tendency to get rid of the thing they fear or in this case oppress. You talk about black savages! What about white savages if you dont believe me read the willie lynch letter and then tell me more about how blacks are savages, read about the horrors of slavery and then tell me more about black

  4. savages, tell me why white people have lynched, hung, killed, and put black people as second class citizens, tell me why white people saw black people as only 3/5 human, so please tell me more about the black savages

  5. thats a myth and get out clause for the white and jewish man's savage barbarism

    everyone should watch Dr Henri Clarke's talk on Columbus – the blacks were blackmailed and tricked and ended up letting some of their own go to keep the whites at bay

    the jews were responsible but the blacks weren't – the british and jewish are one entity

    brit means covenant in hebrew and ish means man

    look at the fucking white mans behaviour to this day

    warmongering babykilling demons

  6. you are a psycho i'll give you that much

    the white man should hang his fucking head in shame and the good ones should overpower the bad ones like so many thankfully are doing today

    not all whites are hitler but every white has a bit of hitler in them lol….

  7. I have more respect for a man who lets me know where he stands even if he is wrong! Thanks Malcolm X I Totaly Agree!!!!! I have no respect for Cowards!!!! who walks about fake and false.

  8. You forgot to mention throwing all the bigots, and incest sex having hicks who still have their heads in the past. Looks like you gotta jump in there too ol' chap.

  9. until we realize that race has nothing to do with the level of suppression that is in the US, world. Alot of us want the same thing freedom and that goes across all race lines.

  10. "Ye are all the leaves of one tree and the fruits of just one branch."
    "Nothing short of the unity of the entire human race will suffice to heal the ills which afflict mankind."
    "The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens' Baha'u'llah

  11. Thats a nice thought, but you wouldnt say that if you knew how lazy and destructive they are in the USA. We would be very happy to ship them all over to you, so that they can run your country into the ground and blame everyone but themselves for their own ignorant failures. But then, I suspect turkey would deal with this problem directly, just as they have done for over a thousand years. The USA could learn a great deal from our Turkish neighbors in how to deal with hordes of worthless scum.

  12. I always hear the people talking about the one percent in America but rarely ever about the one percent of the world. I've yet to see a black person in a castle who makes hundreds of trillions of dollars. Instead it is usually white royalty they portray on tv. My point is, if all people united, white and black, against the oppression that is going on people could have more jobs and better pay. Instead people in Africa starve and royalty just waves their hands to the world without a care.

  13. I always hear the people talking about the one percent in America but rarely ever about the one percent of the world. I've yet to see a black person in a castle who makes hundreds of trillions of dollars. Instead it is usually white royalty they portray on tv. My point is, if all people united, white and black, against the oppression that is going on people could have more jobs and better pay. Instead people in Africa starve and royalty just waves their hands to the world without a care.

  14. well lets hope you dont come to me for any medical help since you consider me lazy. Yes, lets get rid of all the black doctors and scientist since we considered lazy. lets get rid of all the black teachers and professors also…. and see what happens to this country.

  15. "You must be on crack"… hey thats my line. LOL! But yeah, niggers all have some stupid weak excuse to blame others for failures they bring upon themselves. A hunting season on them would be a lot of fun and most of the world would join in and pay a lot of money for a nigger hunting license. It would probably pay of the massive obama debt overnight.

  16. Barack obama u dumb bitch get cha facts str8. U just running yo mouth and havent done any research on what u saying. Africans did have slaves but it was nothing compared to the cracka version. No comparison whatsoever. Africans didnt dehumanize and treat their slaves as chattel, castrate, lynch, rape men & women. More like servants. And africa has the majority of the worlds resources so why the fuck would africans sell slaves to every other race & country in the world (LIES) when africa is the

  17. Richest piece of real estate on the planet. Africans didnt need no crackas money. But the cracka need them resources because the crackas land dont produce shit thats why they always been in africa colonizing and exploiting them for the resources. Dirty bitches!!!! Yea its easy to blame blacks for everything….FUCK U BITCH & THAT GOES FOR EVERY WHITE RACIST BEAST ON HERE, ALL YALL CAN DIE!!!

  18. Whoever wrote under the name Barack Obama 4 weeks ago is one uninformed and ignorant individual. It's not surprising, though the myth of white supremacy has handicapped the average Caucasian just as much as it has been designed to hold us back

  19. Liars the white man as spent his history ploting on the blacks and browns of this planet our condition in far from random I can't stand whites if they could hang u know they would black power!!!!!

  20. The "Southern Racialists" he was talking about were Democrats. The Democrats have always been the racists since they fought the Republicans to preserve slavery and later founded the Ku Klux Klan. What a great bit of political trickery to fool the black people into thinking the Republicans are their enemy.

  21. The democrats always say the democrats and Republicans switched parties. That is such a crock of shit. For one there is no historical context for that claim, but they will always point you to the dixiecrats. Which, if you actually do enough research of, you will find out only a few went to the Republican party, while the entirety of the rest went back home to the democrat party.

     I mean, for example, LBJ opposed every single piece of civil rights legislation in his 20 years as a politician up until 1964 in which he bought the black vote with the civil rights act of 1964 that was spear headed by republicans but filibustered by democrats. He was against civil rights his entire life, yet he never "switched" parties…

     And did you know that JFK was no different? JFK voted against the civil rights act of 1957 that was signed into law by Republican president Dwight Eisenhower. But somehow JFK if held up as a civil rights leader??? Wtf?

    Then, the democrats always say that Nixon used the "southern strategy". But this is false. I mean does anyone even know what the "southern strategy" was? It was using racism to appeal to southern democrats to get them to come to the Republican party apparently. And how did they appeal to them? Apparently they used, and get this, SECRET CODE WORDS THAT RESINATED WITH RACISTS… Wtf does that even mean?

    Funny how the democrats CONVENIENTLY leave out the fact that Nixon was the one who completely desegregated schools in the south. Yeah, you appeal to racism by desegregating schools and supporting every civil rights act throughout the entirety of your life like Nixon did, makes a lot of sense.

  22. freedom is a lie. freedom only exist in a group of people with wisdom. American are totally not worthy and apparently they have no freedom while they are talking about it

  23. All politicians are racist not one governor or senator could care about your or your families well being no matter what color your skin they would love to see you in chains or dead. The only thing that concerns them if you stay ignorant and follow their agenda and stay memorized by their propaganda

  24. What Mr Malcolm C Junior is saying is so true. And it has been happening ever since the Neanderthal man got his foot through the door; and set up his one Laws for themselves. The black man is the only race that has be scattered so much since times past and now they are afraid to unite and come together asha race and a people. How can they crush and take back their power if they come together as a community and set a leader and our own laws.
    Once we continue to live among the white man/Neanderthal/Caucasian-they will always try to dominate us.

  25. To stop the Democrat/Republican war… Both were racist and slavery hasn't been abolished because Lincoln loved the negros. But for pure cynical economical reasons. You people have to educate yourself. We moved from owning slaves to renting them. It just made better economical sense. Why would segregation have lasted 'till the 60s ??? Republican didn't free the slave they just opened the slave market. Read the Capital from Marx.. it is well explained in there. Read.

  26. White skin privileged is still in enforced ànd advocated by nato member government are still in force especially England Britain it's a never ending nightmare for minorities here and abroad

  27. Malcolm should probably have been grateful the French barred him from entry into their country. There's strong evidence that the CIA planned to kill him there and leave it to the French to soak up the mess.

  28. this is really really really really sad that they would kill this man he would be still alive today.. makes me want to get into some gangster shit with these crackers but i chill cause i have children to take care of …message to whitey Dont fuck wit mine

  29. All power is sycological first than its physical. A man has to first make you belive he is greater than you and once you accept his logic, then it's easy for him to enforce his laws on you. Laws was put in place to keep fear in the minds of the people.

  30. I'm confused was Malcolm X racist to white people because that's almost all I read online I'm white and I couldn't imagine being racist to anybody please someone correct me if I'm wrong but I read that Malcolm was a black supremacist and a racist toward whites I'd like somebody's input on this was he really a racist and believed that blacks are more superior then whites?

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