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MALCOLM X: “Martin Luther King Jr. is a TRAITOR” (1961)

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In this powerful 1961 interview, Malcolm X tells reporter Eleanor Fischer that “nobody should teach the Black man in America to turn the other cheek unless someone is teaching the WHITE man in America to turn the other cheek.” Especially when Black men are being murdered every day in America by White police officers and are being told to respond with a “Hands Up” philosophy of surrender.
On 10-10-15 we must March on the WHITE HOUSE and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to demand that President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch DECLASSIFY all FBI, CIA and NYPD files on Malcolm X and open a NEW INVESTIGATION into his 21st February 1965 assassination. We must also use 10-10-15 to confront LOUIS FARRAKHAN himself about his own COMPLICITY in Malcolm’s assassination.

You can WRITE to Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the following address:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

Or PHONE the Justice Department on:

Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000
Department Comment Line – 202-353-1555







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  1. Misguided man , understandable yes , yet misguided we are all human now, Martin Luther… tried to be the one too meld us together can we say he succeeded ? we were beginning to be unfied until Trump was elected and black live matters started … agh tbh our ethnicity shouldn't matter anymore agh …seems like we are going backwards now , my community seems to treat all races the same , then I hear of other places in America where there still is a debate and or fight about race , i hope videos of the past show you not to repeat our mistakes as humans , Remember that all ethnic groups despite what you might think you know are human , they feel learn and evolve don't expect everyone to still think the damn same .

  2. Malcolm x … lived in different times everything he said was current to the times, it is now 2017 where we blacks can fuckingbe lawyers, presidents , mayors business owners and much more get the fuck off the radical Malcolm x hype train and realize hostility is not required … let the few racist people that show you otherwise rot, they are shamed in most areas in America that have grown above petty race disputes.

  3. Malcolm X was a smart man but naive and overemotional. MLK understood that most white Americans are not inherently racist and can be appealed to through reason and decency.

  4. This Comment Section is filled with Victims of Ideological Subversion. Study History FFS. The minute you blame your setbacks on another person/race? Is the minute you stop making positive progress in your life.

  5. Blacks you were brought to the west as slaves so it's time, in fact long past you time, to pack your bags and go back and live with your people who sold you to the Jewish slavers.
    Frankly I couldn't give a shit if you'll be happy or not. The thing is that we whites WILL be happy when you arrogant, racist, disrespectful, aggressive and violent people leave our lands and go and live amongst the animals in Africa where you all belong.

  6. 27 “But to you who are listening I say: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. 30 Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    32 “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you expect repayment, what credit is that to you? Even sinners lend to sinners, expecting to be repaid in full. 35 But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. 36 Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. ~Luke 6: 27-36

  7. Imagine how different the world would be today if slavery never happened. How can a human treat another human so bad? I feel bad when I accidentally step on a snail! Thanks a lot you stupid bastards of the past for fucking up our world

  8. The black supremacists in the comments are hilarious. Now that you have the freedoms and opportunities blacks back then could only dream of, you're still bitchin' about the "evil white man". Our community is in shambles because we allowed decadence, degeneracy and immorality to take hold. Instead of worshiping whores and thugs, we should be working to rebuild black culture.

  9. MLK is respected by whites and has a holiday to make us blacks believe that we got our rights by turning the other cheek and by the mercy of the whites. Actually we got our rights because we started to fight back thanks to Malcolm X and the panthers. They got scared but did not want us blacks to realise it so they hype up MLK. By being proud and dignified and not allowing an aorta of disrespect or superior from whites then we can achieve full respect

  10. I disagree, Gandhi and Martin Luther knew they were dealing with some dangerous personalities who wanted to keep the oppression going on. If you back down to them you lose but if you attack them you also lose because you play into their hands. Acting emotionally will give them ammunition to use against black people. But by being noble and not playing into their game you don't let them win and that's why they were so infuriated with Martin. But I agree with Malcom that black Americans need their own companies and factories.

  11. people are misunderstanding malcolm x's views and saying he supported racial segregation. this is not the case because he acknowledged that it was a form of oppression. what malcolm is saying is that as long as white people are in power, as long as they are the ruling class, integration is useless. unlike martin luther king he saw that integration between blacks and whites in the north of the united states had created an underclass of black people who lived in poor neighbourhoods and were suppressed by the ruling class. therefore his black nationalism was the idea that black people must be in control of their own communities in order to prosper. which, when looking at the situation of today, is still likely to the case. if u watch the whole video malcolm speaks of black people owning factories like white people and the way white people employ blacks, black people can do the same.

  12. u motherfuckers ought to be ashamed of yourself talking down on mlk. The man had a tolerance limit and opted to take a peaceful approach plain and simple whether right or wrong it was up to him as civil rights trailblazer. You all looking at this shit in hindsight. He never persuaded your ancestors into allowing themselves to be sold into slavery, to be separated from family, to take lashes in the back or to get raped in the ass.

  13. I also don't like how dumb moefoes put MLK on a pedestal like he was the CRM. His speech wasn't even that deep in my opinion and disturbing. I appreciate his contributions and putting his life on the line for human rights. He was not perfect and evolved his philosophies to be more aligned with reality. It's dagerous and stupid to rely on one person as a leader anyway. The CRM was a broader network of civil right's groups, leaders, average folks, students, countries, and black women who were everywhere on the front line and in between. People typically reduce it to only MLK, use their ignorance and his symbolism, to deflect from the fact that these same problems still exist. Maybe even worse because the CRM didn't change shit fundamentally.

  14. Here's a comment I posted on another video with the comment section just as fucked up as this one

    Seeing as "people" are going off the deep end on a man who had the courage to walk through shit I'm positive 99.9% of you who just "type it" wouldn't(MLK) you need to realize King views started changing later on and so did X.They both started changing towards the end,Dr King said he felt he led us into a burning ship(integration).People who talk crazy like you "people" are the exact reason why you should take these keyboard warrior "pro blacks" serious seeing as they damn near share the same views as white supremacist(just look at all of the anti black names and stereotypes they call their own and even Martin Luther fucking King.)Both were great men to our community,even though MLK earlier views were legitimately poison to us it still means alot that he TRIED to do what he felt we needed and even acknowledged his route may not have been the wisest decision.Far as the whole "see who white people uplift"shit goes,if you even had a lick of sense you'd know they've been picking and choosing partly relevant shit from people FOR DECADES.Earlier this year Lil Wayne went full ignorant and said he doesn't care about blm and on that video's comment section you saw loose haired people of all races finally having his side after all of the years of shitting on him.To keep it real seeing how Malcolm was changing his views I'm pretty sure he would have gave them some quotes to use later on the SAME way MLK did had he lived longer.

  15. If black people have such a problem with white people why do you live in our countries? Blacks control the largest a richest continent on earth and it is nearly 3 time the size of the USA. Why do blacks keep coming to Canada? Why do Black Americans stay where they are? Why not just live in Africa? I want a Black Africa and a White west, so both races can live with dignity, separate and happy.

  16. "Cruelest slave masters ever" The Muslims cut off the dicks and balls of their black slaves so they couldn't reproduce. Huge amounts bled out and died from being castrated.

  17. I'm a mexican American , I've always respected this man's views as oppose to MLK.
    Malcolm X would be a great leader now in 2017 …..he was way ahead of his times.
    So true when he says we need permission for stuff …..
    The murdered a great one.

  18. I believe Malcolm X would be disgusted with black people today. After listening to some of his views a lot of it is conservatism. Strong families make strong people not big fat government. Gun rights and low taxes more individual freedom I think Malcolm X would be all for that. Last thing you want is a big fat government

  19. i've never done a youtube comment, but I just had to comment and say his point on equal job opportunities and white factory owners was just perfect and still true in this day and age. Incredible man

  20. IDC wtf anyone says mlk and Malcom wanted the same thing but went about it completely different!! Leave religion with religion science with science and history with history wrong is wrong and right is right period!! SMH I kno so many black Muslims that use Muslims as a away to be racist smfh this world is Fucking crazy!! I'm sooo sick about the race shit let's be real is anyone ever going to talk about the black slaves that worked their self to freedom( idw hear that we was never free shit I'm speaking real) and was worst more harsh hateful and had more black slaves then white slave owners or are we going to talk about how black ppl slaved white ppl first!! Untill people know their history and know wtf they are talking about they ass shouldn't speak on what they don't know!! Learn your fucking history!! Know your shit!! You know why white ppl always get what they want because they fight they stand together and they don't give up SMH it's like everyone seeing what's going on talk about how they hate it and don't do shit about it SMH you we us we're the ones that have to make a change is it easy hell no but we can do it if we work together.. smfh u know how many times I go to the hospital or the er and out a group of drs it's about one or maybe two BLACK drs but their head is up their ass and they think they better Than Everybody else that shit sickens my fucking stomach!! I love MY race and my nationality I'm Panamanian and Indian nobody cant tell me I'm not black!! I dont care how light my skin is how curly and wavy my hair is I'm black and proud and no matter where I go or what i do with my life i will never forget and not acknowledge where I came from an who iam!! Why is it so hard for ppl to get past skin color!! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL LORD​ FATHER HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS BECAUSE OUR FLESH DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING!! WHITE BLACK GREEN YELLOW BEIGE BLUE WE ARE ALL HUMAN WITH FEELING EMOTIONS AND GOALS!! I'm so sick of this bullshit!!

  21. Amazing how this man was able to be militant and humble when the time required it… " own your own , and stop bleeding for crumbs" … The truth couldn't sound louder than his words .

  22. I'm white and from another country. I looked and listened to both MLK and MX. Both had their positives. I'm a Christian but I do applaud Malcolm X… very bright person who has thought deeply to what he says. I wish more people in the world had the passion and thought. I love he said way back 50 years a white person should say what he thinks, and so should the black man say when he thinks without everyone being a baby and crying over offenses. Well done Malcolm X

  23. more nonblack people should listen to his speeches. society would be so much more different if his speeches got as much attention as MLK. this man was absolutely spot on and one of the greatest leaders in the US

  24. I love MLK but he just wanted middle class blacks to be Able to buy from a target, walmart, buy McDonald's freely, sit at a table with white kids in school, drink from the same water fountain as white people, be able to buy from the white man, sit next to the white man on his bus that he owns and supports

    It makes no sense

    Malcolm x was 100% completely right and his truth still holds true today and relevant in 2017.

    MLK unfortunately realized his mistakes and was too late and they killed him, he begun to see eye to eye with Malcolm's way of thinking right before he was executed. In fact his shift in thinking is what caused his assassination. Rip MLK

    As for Malcolm x he was in TRUTH from the beginning got right to the point.

    I honestly do not know what to say. I just wish the ancestors listened to Malcolm x. Not listening got us nowhere. All it got us was to be able to be educated by the white mans schools, pray to White Jesus, buy food from the white mans owned stores , live in a white neighborhood.

    Without owning our own resources and having a land, national identity, cultural embrace of Africa

    FUCk my people are stupid af!

  25. A man relevant yesterday, today, tomarrow we tend to forget who and what he is because we betray ourselves chasing the dreams of the white race, comfort, riches for our self and will sell out our own people to get it. If you don't strive to uplift the race we will always be stagnent in our development other races come to the U.S. And as a whole pass by the black race further pushing us down and it's our own fought. We don't support our people.

  26. I find odd that black people today are being lead by false teachings by there own people just going along with what other blacks say or make up and label it as knowledge when it's not if you were Jews or Israelites then why are claiming all kinds of cultures that don't even relate to it but just coming up with random things and false imagery also today black people are so full of themselves that they think there gods and starting to claim to be a god. Your just slowly fulling the revelations and hip hop "culture" is a tool of evil now not of good why is it that black artists don't mind making money off the blood of there own people I mean really think about it and how wicked and immature they are compared to Malcolm X that's pretty sad and you got half of you acting like your some knowledgeable kings when in reality most of you probably didn't have royalty in the family but rather look to Egypt because of its possessions because that's the mindset the white man has put upon you.

  27. ……………Martin coon of Kings was a sell out that fucked up our space.we could off had our own basketball league better than nba or our own jobs our own record labels our own restaurants our own banks and so look at what he created.fucking madness.fuck that sambo house nigger.

  28. Malcom X made some sense up to a point, here`s where MLK made more sense…..MLK took it to the world stage and showed the brutality of white supremacist and racist in America.

    Being a human being is a God given attribute and MLK showed it by his actions in the civil rights movement, whoever believe hate is stronger than love is a FOOL; there`s a time for everything under the sun and MLK also knew it would take "ECONOMIC STABILITY" in the black community in order for it to be successful.

    Lol, why do you think folks stop riding the bus and stopped purchasing goods? Moronic to think that MLK would want or think sitting by a white person would somehow make his "cheese burger" taste better? He understood that the quality and grade of meat that was purchased should be the same, nothing more.

    Negro`s need to "PUMP THEM BRAKES" before calling out MLK and show that man who gave his life for his God and his people some respect and if you can`t then kick rocks!!!

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