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Malcolm X in Selma, Alabama


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  1. This is great. And this is the actual language and argument of Malcolm X that could and should have been used in the film "Selma." That would have raised the knowledge and consciousness of its audience. Instead, the scriptwriter put vapid pap in Malcolm X's mouth. On the other hand, what Malcolm says of the house vs field "Negro" is ahistorical nonsense, and also divisive. Many of the rebellions in the slavocracy were conceived and led by what he would call "house Negroes."

  2. I have not watched Selma but I have read comments if they didn't use this particular speech in the movie thats sad. However, they didnt want to make the masses upset. Real is real no need to sugar code anything. I don't need to see the movie because I am doing my own personal research with the actual people who were really involved. I don't need to watch a sugar coded movie. I like both Malcolm X and Martin Luther king because I overstand both of them and their point of views.

  3. I will stand by til this day and say Bro Malcolm X El Haj El Malik El Shabazz Omawale was the finest and most well rounded leader we had. Who shot bullets intellectually and forcefully challenged the racist society which created the condition. A true Giant who was really making some moves after his break from the Nation of Islam. He made the struggle global connecting with African Heads of State.

  4. Alot of truth. It just doesn't translate to 2016. If you think that it does, what does that make you? And before you come at me from every way possible, tell me, where you're from and what you've seen. Has the white man fucked you up? I'm talking about the everyday white man. The man you see everyday who lives in your neighborhood…do you really see hate and oppression? I live in Philly and as hard as people are, there is an understanding. I think it is because alot of US have grown up the same way. WE have the same misconceptions of what loyalty is within a community. We are loyal to a fault. It's not a race thing. It's a class thing. I wish we could all get on the same page because if it ever happened the world would hear us.

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