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Malcolm X – In RARE form (tv interview)

This short interview, which apparently was a collaboration between british television and french television, puts the BRILLIANCE of Baba Omowale (Malcolm X – El Hajj Malik El Shabbaz) on FULL display! Watch and enjoy as his quick mind dissects amerikkkan hypocrisy with rapid-fire precision!


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  1. Wow incredible. It appears that we are getting more videos of Malcolm loaded on Youtube which can assist us in putting together new videos on Malcolm depicting his views. He shows what it really means to be a Balckman. He's our shining example.

  2. In fact a class could be created teaching his views in the context of today. It could be called, "Malcolm X Speaks" just like the book. Out of that, discussions could occur linking his views to today as we forge a plan for the future.

  3. i remember being taught in school that malcolm x was angry and impractical while martin luther king represented pure courage. the truth is that Malcolm X was a warrior for freedom and Dr. King was also a revolutionary leftist. Both of their legacies have been tarnished by American indoctrination.

  4. I wish I could have met this man, this model of pride, intelligence, and a hard work ethic. He died because he wasn't afraid of any man, a true maverick, not a watered down copy. He died because he lived for what was right, and even more than his belief in the Nation of Islam was his belief in human rights! A real hero

  5. If the plane crash was an act of god WHERE THE FUCK WAS HE IN THE HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF SLAVERY… Oh wow I'm god ill let them suffer for hundreds of years then I'll kill some innocent people hundreds of years later to make up for it…. fuckin wake up if you buy that shit

  6. Malcolm learned better and spoke of it;  and look what happened to him.  

     sorry,  stop listening to Demorats;   this nation was in many hands before whites came here.  and arabs  invaded africa first and sold us around the world; plus force feed the africans their religion.   read history 

  7. Malcolm met God face to face and God did something to Malcolm why he was sleep in that prison cell there is no way in hell reading a few book could have enlightened Malcolm no way and Malcolm said himself master Fard Muhammad was in his prison cell just sitting there no a vision but a man whom he would come to know say master Fard Muhammad , it's something about master Fard Muhammad its something about him he's the one he's the one who planted this knowledge in Malcolm head ! He gave Malcolm the ability to speak and Elijah the wisdom to understand !

  8. He said he prayed for more "blessings" to occur! LOL
    Given vicious, insidious, and deplorable nature of racism I can't blame him for those comments and support the destruction of racists in any fashion.

  9. The killing of  Balck Afro North American continue, but the Cousin of George Bush Jr,, the actual president of the U.S. will never realise what the Black Afro North American went through in the U.S. history, because he isn´t a true Black Afro North American.

  10. 5:10 When you talk about America's global crimes against humanity: "But, muh, muh narrative…"
    A few years ago, America would've given ISIS a bible, some white "ceremonial robes," and invited them to a church "barbecue." The majority of Americans are hypocrites.

  11. Malcolm X is incredible every time i watch this man i cant help to admire him for his eloquence as well as intellect. I wish i could have met this incredible revolutionary as well as che guevera. Rest in power your legacy and message will live forever,

  12. Malcolm was young & engaged in a lot of hyperbole, but he had that intelligence & thoughtfulness of mind at a higher level than virtually anyone in public life.
    It would have been great to see him as the President of the US.

  13. What an absolute blessing that you existed at all Malcolm. You and Subcommandante Marcos are my childhood heroes. Together you opened my eyes to how the world really is. But more importantly, you shared with us your vision of how it could be.

  14. We didn't create the slum or the ghetto; we put blacks there, separate from us like Malcolm X wanted them to be. The black animals then proceeded to destroy these regions and turn them into slums and ghettos, as is the tendency of the colored animals, much as like how before Detroit was black it was second in size and wealth only to New York in American and thus, because of the time, worldwide cities, yet just afterwards it was nothing but a larger version of Compton or a smaller version of Somalia. Blacks created the slums and ghettos.

  15. This man was a genius! The white supremacist devils murdered him. Which is their solution to everything. Murder, rape, pillage and devilishment. Since Malcolm's murder everything has gotten worse. The sick and demonic white supremacist will on destroy the world if not stopped.

  16. The things that happened in Brother Malik Shabazz aka Malcom X is no different than what's going on today in American society. Because the president today has black skin color doesn't mean that he's for justice.

  17. This Malcolm clean shaven was the out-poken Minister that told the truth as taught by his Teacher TMHEM.. See what type of greatness that was sitting in prison before the Messenger lifted him and cleaned him up? Today's "thugs" should take note. When he is wearing the Beard is when he lost his understanding of who his leader and mission really was.

  18. you got to understand they have the knowledge like we have today like digital and he only lived a short while. I don't get how he knew the conditions of the blk ppl. yesterday and today it seems.

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