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Malcolm X Goes BEAST MODE On White Liberal (1963)

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In this enlightening 1963 exchange with a white liberal at UC Berkeley, Malcolm X employs his famous Fox-Wolf Analogy to contrast the phony ‘friendship’ which white liberals display towards Black Americans with the open hostility manifested by some white conservatives. Malcolm’s analysis perfectly applies to the patronising superiority complex often adopted by white liberal supporters of BERNIE SANDERS and HILLARY CLINTON towards their African-American stooges in the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement – a movement widely regarded as a Trojan Horse for the promotion of the LGBT agenda in the Black community in the guise of an effort to combat racially-motivated police brutality.
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(This video is for educational purposes only and displayed under the Fair Use provision of the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107.)


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  1. The wolf will honestly look you in the eyes and tell you it seeks to devour you. The fox will do everything it can to get you to let your guard down and then sink its teeth into you while you're not paying attention. Liberals during 2014, and especially leading up to that year's elections, where in my heads of people like me to the point when it was easy for them to always make sure we were focusing only on the wolves among the GOP who were trying to push me down, and never on the foxes trying to pull us down. It's the ultimate bait and switch; just like with Hillary and Trump.

  2. Malcolm x spot imo a closet racist is way more dangerous than a open racist because you don't know what their true motives are and who they are behind closed doors at least a open racist you know who you dealing with and who is your real enemy I hate both but a closet racism mostly white liberals are the most dangerous I don't want to find out 20 years later you secretly hate blacks that will deeply hurt us blacks.

  3. The elite has to keep the people in a state of fear and they need chaos in order to create the change they want. Hegelian dialectic is their weapon against us. The elite want control.

  4. There are pretty 'debates' with so called leaders and there is a conversation with Malcolm X – the former is the Barbie doll version and the latter is a level 99 God mode boss battle – prepare to die many times because the boss was designed with one purpose :
    To own your fat white arse. Lol.
    Just kidding

  5. Boom. It's the white liberal that enslaves blacks. They have done more damage to blacks than the KKK. Enslaved by welfare, projects and urban warzones. Malcolm paved the way on blacks killing blacks. And then blaming whites as prodded on by liberal whites.

  6. A that time the white elites guys that controld the government if they saw someone too smart for his on good they would kill him or her did not matter white or black they wantede power over all people

  7. Nowadays, liberals still enslave blacks but conservatives know all ppl can achieve anything on their own. Yet, liberals try to demonize conservatives. Liberals have always been the ones who want to control all of us thru lies & manipulation.

    RIP Malcolm X, you were a great man.

  8. Malcolm X was such an incredibly brilliant & great man. He had such keen insight & spoke the truth. That's why he was assassinated, for telling the truth. What a great man we all lost. We all can learn from him.

  9. yes oh yes, black people are the innocent lambs. I think not. 13% of the population committing more than 50% of the crime. They aren't lambs, they are snakes. They will swallow you whole if they benefit from it.

  10. Mr. Malcolm X Malik Al Shabazz had one of the most brilliant minds ever produced in America and he never even finished college! His genious was extinguished from this earth much too early! He still had so much too say, teach ,and the truth seeking people of the world were deprived of a true freedom fighting champion! He argued like a professional Lawyer.He used Logic, Rhetoric and a profound knowledge of history to make his message hit home in any argument!"No Negro leader has fought for Civil Rights!They beg the White Man for Civil rights! Anytime you beg another Man to set you free, You'll never be free! Freedom is something You have to get for yourself! You have to be willing to pay the price for Freedom! The price for Freedom is Death!" "Dawns early Light"! RIP Malcolm, As Salamu Alaikum Wa Rhamatullah! Juzak Allah!Peace!

  11. I'm a Honkey conservative and I want blacks to succeed by their own hard work and not by libtard handouts and welfare. I want black people to aspire to more that rapping and running fast. Libtards just want to tell blacks they're perpetual victims who can't get ahead without the help of white liberals.

  12. Well don't worry because all leaders who focused on human rights and American values have been bought today. All we have are politicians on the world stage. The same politicians who turn up the heat are now the same ones you look to put out the fire. To prove my point…name me one person not in politics that can speak to the majority of Americans in the time of crisis and it carries weight? No one.

  13. Feeding paranoia by saying people being friendly are foxes. I dont see a problem with talking about specific people but as soon as he starts saying white people and black man he is being textbook racist.

  14. the biggest racist are the blk sellouts no other race promotes self destruction like negro artist and they sale and the youth become what seems to be successful, but it only leads to doom. The entertainment industry is the devil's workshop. all of it.

  15. Fuck this ingrate, many white folks marched for civil rights for blacks. Many were beat and arrested and labeled race traders for life. All this smug prick does is laugh at those white folks that wanted to stand with them as brothers and sisters? fuck you, have fun on your own dickhead!

  16. Fuck you Retard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No it comes down to economics…. who rules and who provides for everyone. So
    where is the black polictical machine and the black economic machine? Now in 2017 how do you combat the Muslim political machine? They hate you too.. They buy up low income black communities. and flourish.. you are out of date., hahahahhahaha new WORLD……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolo oops got that wrong…

  17. Malcolm X commenting on the greatest lie told in American politics, that the old guard Liberal Democrats actually care about minorities. It is the modern plantation, the vote plantation. Liberal urban policy has done as much to destroy the black community as any conservative repub policy.

  18. the question is this:  who do you say JESUS is?  Muslims say that Jesus is a good man; but not the Son of God.  Christians know that Jesus is the Son of God.  Make your choice;  your eternal destiny depends on it.  Oh, by the way, racism is the tool of the devil; many will spend eternity in hell because they see the colour of a man's skin as the answer to salvation.

  19. I'm not sure why conservatives are using this video to bash liberals. He called you out too. Blacks need to form their own party or something at this point. Nobody cares that old school Republicans were the ones to free slaves or enact the civil rights legislation. What have they done recently? Nothing! Labelling blacks as lazy and violent. While nicknaming the black female a welfare queen, while their base are the ones getting more welfare than anybody!
    Republicans of today are a completely different party. So save those talking points! I still remember them throwing peanuts at blacks who attended an convention a couple years back. Stop deflecting most of you who have a hard on for this video are just as racist as you claim the liberals to be. Both parties are full of shit. Both set of supporters are full of shit too. Black need to stop blindly voting Democrat though, it has set them back for at least 50 more years!

  20. Lol NFL NBA always in charge kml rap game ….baseball black people just said fuck it don't even own a team sad days on earth !!! They feel the need to always be over us damn !!! Write us a check huh !!! Damn wake up black people

  21. I don't like conservative republicans but I LOATH liberals. Wolves in sheep clothing is exactly the right saying for those frauds. Speaking of those idiots, they can learn a thing or two from watching this video. This is how you debate, (both in behavior and substantial arguments) not shouting pointless garbage like a freaking banshee.

  22. I don't want to be the fox or the lamb. I want nothing to do with any black person, period. I don't want you oppressed. Shit, I want NOTHING to do with you at all. Malcolm X was killed by other black Muslims. Put that in your crack pipes and smoke it. Malcolm fancied himself a historian. Here's some history: indigenous Africans haven't built a city in over 3,000 years. They've never built anything in America, either. They have the lowest IQs on the planet and they prove it in America every single day of the year.

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