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Malcolm X Exposes Nation of Islam PACT with the KKK (1965)

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In this 15th February 1965 press conference at the Audubon Ballroom (one day after his home was firebombed by the Nation of Islam and seven days before they assassinated him), Malcolm X exposed an alliance that Elijah Muhammad had entered into with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and the American Nazi Party. Malcolm also described a vicious assault on an associate, Leon 4X Ameer, which was carried out by members of Louis Farrakhan’s Boston Mosque #11. In addition, Malcolm provides details of an effort to assassinate him that was to have been carried out by the Captain of Mosque #11, Clarence 2X Gill.
On 10-10-15 we must March on the WHITE HOUSE and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to demand that President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch DECLASSIFY all FBI, CIA and NYPD files on Malcolm X and open a NEW INVESTIGATION into his 21st February 1965 assassination. We must also use 10-10-15 to confront LOUIS FARRAKHAN himself about his own COMPLICITY in Malcolm’s assassination.

You can WRITE to Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the following address:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

Or PHONE the Justice Department on:

Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000
Department Comment Line – 202-353-1555




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  1. Just to remind black folks Who held in high esteem and respect for Malcom X and his teacher Elijah Muhammad. White nationalist George Lincoln Rockwell Dr William Luther Pierce Dr David Duke. Professor Revilo p. Oliver just to name a few.

  2. The extend that this gov goes to silencing everything , anything and anyone that is a pure threat to them… The words of true soldiers Malcom , PAC, Prodigy … Silenced way too soon.

  3. last year in my english class my teacher said to name GOOD historical figures and at the top of my list i had malcom x and she told me he was an extremist. if only she really bothered to actually understand how brilliant this man was


  5. He was a good dude just was dealing with a fake god (islam) Hebrews where told they would serve others gods wood and stone and it happened Christianity (wood) Islamic (copper stone) deutermony 28:36, also no man will save us from this deutermony 28:68 we have to keep commandments….

  6. I'd like to say a few things:if someone's trying to poison you everyone you travel or bombing your house,you'd behave like you're drugged or paranoid can shake hands with someone trying to kill you using airborne(powder,dust) or remote biological agents (mosquitos,flies,etc).whenever a leader in the gov dossier (file),speaks,the venue is ALREADY rented (reconned),to see the layout.Elijah didn't know "true" orthodox islaam and the ppl then had pure hearts so that fueled his movement,which, if he continued in that path,would've had an independent nation here like we once the devil used them both by aligning Malcolm with pale arabs in mecca (arabia),trying to kill him there too…and also using the NOI to cause more dissension in an already volatile atmosphere. Had a mediator or calmer heads prevailed,Malcolm/Elijah woulda learned that a muslim can have 4 wives (quran)and have concubines (side chicks that live in the home as wives also).sorry for the bluntness but I always break it down to the last compound.then,not only would we have known more about our fam in africa/arabia,but we would have that tribal unity and the economics to go with any of our old ways of life,religion was added to tribal customs,like salt and pepper,and salt and pepper isn't needed for a meal to taste great.lastly,when Elijah got ill,a power struggle ensued.would they go more radical economic or more othodox.the devil split the two sides up.elijah own sons wasn't worthy,btw,so someone out of the NOI shoulda came in and restored it and expanded it…not without some resistance tho. Research as to whether Elijah himself was poisoned,to free up the confusion as to who shoulda lead the NOI.and if he was poisoned,maybe he named a successor bit it didn't jibe well with his sons,et al.ijs

  7. 8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Phil 4-8
    ///////////////////Speaking truth to power will get you killed. Lets concentrate on spreading peace and love. God will  settle  things  eventually. All conspiracies  murders and lies will be brought to light, and if you chose the right team you will have a ring side  seat in the court room.

  8. Malcolm X really messed several generations of people up because he didnt understand how the government was using his anger and disappointment. If muslims negotiate a peace arrangement with the enemy that is not a conspiracy

  9. black people always looking for someone to lead them Malcolm wasn't about leading anyone he was trying to by example show you how you could lead yourself but unfortunately, most us never learn the lesson you can kill the revolutionary but you can't kill the revolution

  10. I love this man. My soul cries for the way he died but my heart knows he lived the way he wanted to, which if far more than I can say for "black leadership" today. I could never be him. No matter how hard I try. He did what so many of us talk about but never live because of fear. Do I think he was fearful because of his actions? Yes… do I think he had the courage to face those fears? Yes…. it's sad because I think it was too much for one man to bare. He shouldn't have had to pay the ultimate price for the sins of our people. He is not a martyr. He deserved more than that. I feel like I know him when he speaks. I want to tell him I know how he feels. I want to tell him it's not worth it. I know he'll tell me it is.

  11. It's sad how in this world that we live in a brave man can stand up and tell the truth to the ppl of the world and for that he is slayed. It just goes to show you how truly corrupt and disgusting this place is and how evident it is that evil has a tight grip on humanity. In one single moment, in one single day the powers that control this world could change it for the better and they choose not too. I simply have to ask the question…why? Trust me it's alot deeper than they don't care.

  12. I find it odd how he believed Elijah Muhammad tried to kill him yet i saw another video of Malcolm x apologizing to Elijah Muhammad stating he was tricked and asking to come back into the Nation of Islam

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