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Malcolm X Comments Seem Prophetic In 2015

Clip from the Thursday, April 30th 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. I just subscribed to this guy. Damn he gets it and Malcolm got it a long time ago. Learn from our past. Malcolm saw it coming, now it's here

  2. why is it when a great leader like Malcolm x turns to a relagion such as Islam and is killed right away and blamed on the NOI. If you love Malcolm x you should also follow his beliefs.

  3. It's not prothetic ,it's nothing has changed since the romans took over.this happens to poor white people in the u.s.a. and the u.k. and other countries as well….its all about the money..

  4. but I take my hat off to you because you have an open mind who see what's going on, all they have to do is just look at at it it's in your face, but they refuse to open up their eyes and minds see things for what's going on.

  5. I get goosebumps every time I listen to one of Malcolm's speeches
    That was witty too "How can you have more cops and more crime, why, it tells you that the cops must be in cahoots with the criminals "

  6. We need a new Malcom X or mabye more than one because is there is only one he will be killed and we have to wait many years to get another one to replace him. People need to wake up!!! stop wasting time with kim kardashian a** stories etc…

  7. no this is prophetic about how Trump exposing the media and it's dishonesty. fuckin liberal ignorant fuck. Malcolm SAid also that the white liberal is designed to secure the chains back on ye black man. u ignorant fuck. Malcolm would vote TRUMP!! bitches

  8. seems like the victims of this country are the descendant ancestors of those that were treated involuntary against their will (latins, blacks, asians, native americans) which most in communities rely on outside resources to enhance, leave or gentrify the communities (gentrification) to prevent most hypodescence populations to accept other races. Part of the policing problems are community controled areas that offer unsafe living conditions, high unemployment & crime infested syndicate local areas to keep police employed. These "cops" know that dirty policing is considered unlawful in these neighborhoods but people are too afraid to protect their own people because they don't want to be considered malicious…So they distill fear.

  9. Honorable Malcolm Malik Shabazz was in fact can be said to be the modern day massiah. Who gave up his life to establish human dignity for all. For he loved his race, America and in fact all Americans. He refused to accept injustice to fellow man at any cost , even sacrifice of his life .


  11. Malcolm was great speaker but on your comments why do certain people want to be treated differently but then want to say where all equal give us opportunity if they did same thing in different community s the difference would be they would cooperate not react like world is ending most people are too sensitive they want respect but dont give it love how he goes on to drug dealers are targeted they should legalize all drugs lol clueless butt kisser

  12. I love Malcolm X but that was much more true in his time than it is today. What is actually more prophetic about the things that he has said is about how most high level liberals and Democrat politicians pretend to be the friends of black people when in reality they are just as, if not more, racist than the blatantly racist southerners of his time. He didn't even mention the soft bigotry of low expectations which is a whole other phenomenon.

  13. Karl Marx was right about MOST of his hypothesis and ideas regarding economics and society. This issue isn't with Karl Marx's ideas, the problem is with a religion like indoctrination regarding capitalism. Most people don't know anything about Marx's ideas or philosophy, yet they would shame these ideas and distance themselves from them in complete ignorance, because of propaganda and fear. The Rich ruling class oligarchy have spent vast amounts of money to make the poor and uneducated fear Marx and Socialism. People are starting to wake up.

  14. you're obviously White but you have to remind people when you speak about white people you don't consider yourself White wait for it wait for it you're a liberal Jew the Jewish and those who have studied the past in Europe now that the Jews of Europe were persecuted by the whites of Christianity where is just as mad at them as the blacks were bad at the whites at the behest of the Jewish bankers loners slave Traders slave owners

  15. Many white people rather yell "race card" and "reverse racism" while wielding "social justice warrior" and "white guilt" as inflammatory slurs/shields. This all occurs under the intoxicating influence of denial, rationalizations and psychological projections.

  16. They were doing the same thing back then. They've been demonizing Black people even before physical emancipation. The tactics don't always change, and sometimes they go back to old practices that were thought to be over. Minister Malcolm did predict 21st century methods of oppression would be more covert the same way he pointed out the closeted racism from white liberal leaders involved in the civil rights movement as a tactic for the 20th century that was used to slow down Black liberation . Glad you actually get it though (the demonizing tactics by the media). Hopefully your white peers will receive the truth from you since they deny it from black people.

  17. Malcolm nailed it. I know blacks living and working in upper class white neighborhoods who are getting stopped by police often. Nevermind the fact that ( this black man in particular ) is making 6 figures a year, has no children, never married, no tattoos, dresses extremely well. He cant jog in his own neighborhood wearing fitness clothing because the cops have been called on him.

  18. Malcolm was a visionary, prophet, highly intelligent, pure, genuine, king. The media/government tried to run his name through the mud but they were unsuccessful. He was everything I wish all my people were. I love him so much. I pray whoever took his life suffers for all eternity.

  19. Malcom X was on to something when he advocated segregation. I think the only way to solve this problem is Black people govern Black people, White People govern White people, Spanish people govern Spanish people ect. That's what I believe nationalism is, a uniting with your own people. America should be an allience, not a mix of all races.

  20. I'm a big fan of Malcom but with all do respect your a pin head. Malcom taught his people to take personal responsibility for their actions. The black community has bought the sleazy white liberal female lie lock stock and barrel.

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