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Malcolm X: Beware of Liberals & Why That’s More Relevant Than Ever

Malcolm X, speaking about Barry Goldwater, made an incredible point about how a Goldwater Presidency would have woken people up to the injustices inherent in the establishment.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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  1. let's never forget Malcolm X also said that he was one of the 22 million victims of the Republicans and of americanism overall. he wasn't just talking about liberals he hated the entire corrupt system

  2. "Hillary's gonna be president" I remember when I said that, too. With certainty. I figured "Well Donald Trump's not going to be in office but the vile political climate he's left behind is going to be here a while." Yet now he's in office.

  3. Jimmy…..Prez Trump just did more for the historically black colleges in our country during the first month and a half of his presidency than the first black president did in 8 years. I think it is unfair to imply that Prez Trump is a racist. That is what CNN would like people to believe.

  4. You're right, Jimmy. The government did focus on blacks to recuit them — went into their neighborhood — to get them to Vietnam. There were at least 50,000 men/boys killed in this war. Thanks for the clip — Malcom X was an intelligent, far-sighted man that hit right to the core of the truth. More millenials need to listen to him. He was included in the killings of JFK & MLK. Back then it was much easier to murder and get away with it — no DNA, no technological identification off accessories at sight, no servalence tech. , etc. It was a time of dichotomy: great progressive leaders. — and those that would stop them at any cost.

  5. Whilst i get what Jimmy was saying i still don't buy the whole Trump hates muslims and minorities thing.That's been incredibly over done.If anyone else had won and said the travel ban is for security and we need a wall with mexico to control illegal immigration no-one would have batted an eyelid.

  6. Ya'll always wanna listen to the Blacks when it's too late. We try to save you idiots but you won't let us lolWhat's great is Trump is doing it right now. We don't expect shit from Trump. I couldn't be happier.

  7. White "progressives" and "liberals" make Uncle Tom look like Malcolm X.

    If only you idiots understood how pathetic you are worshipping a man who made no bones about hating your guts when you cry like children about the literally non-existent KKK. Now you dumb fucks are perfectly fine with wiping out white Russia because Hillary lost.

  8. Americans have a shameful prison system humans treated like dogs, exploited by the rich. Hilton makes more money on his prisons than it does on it's hotels. Turning prisons into profit making enterprises means many more people will be incarcerated maybe even you!

  9. It's incredible how on-point Jimmy was before the election. Everyone's a Nostradamus after the fact, but this man called it ahead! The Trump victory DID galvanize the left to oppose the horrible anti-American corporatism that would have carried on under a Clinton presidency.

    I don't know anyone who seriously thinks that Hillary Clinton wouldn't have signed the TPP, but Trump killed it. This is a treaty that would have allowed multinational corporations to sue countries for passing environmental protections, and would almost certainly have done far more damage to the environment and to the question of humanity's long-term survival (or even medium-term survival) than Trump's ham-fisted attempts to attack environmental regulation.

    The Trump administration, so far, has been a Goldwater-plated gift to progressives: They've been Mein Kampfy enough to convince everyone remotely left of center to get involved in politics, yet so incompetent that they didn't have the sense to strip the ACA of its individual mandate and call it Trumpcare. At this point, the Republicans cannot survive Trump. They are an unlikely coalition scotch-taped together by a front of misinformation that literally cannot survive a single Google search. The only organization in history that could possibly lose to those sad-sacks are the Democrats.

    I do hope that Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats succeed in pulling the party to the left and re-aligning them with workers, but after they threw Keith Ellison under the bus and then started to make him part of their Borg Collective, I've completely given up on the Democratic Party. The DNC donors have powerful weapons against progressives that they don't deploy in general elections, because those weapons are not effective outside of the power structure of the Democratic Party. We need a Progressive Party in this country to put the fear of God into them! "It will split the vote," they say. You're god damn right it will! We need a party that will split every vote until the Dems are TERRIFIED of running a candidate that isn't sufficiently liberal enough to get the endorsement of the Progressive Party.

  10. america lives under the lie of freedom n democracy most time during good times of central bank ponzi schemes, wen bad times hit thats when real america show its ugly face, suddenly even thoughts or expressing them are a crime, police kills n beats ppl on the street justice just Works against the ppl, government n corporations show how bias n corrupt system is, n gov starts creating wars to feed militar complex n spend mney, while tealing max they can out other poor countrys, we clearly saw this in 30s crisis, 7os after gold window was closed, during Reagan era in first 3 years gov forced small bussyness to close giving big corps free card to take over america n then expand on the planet freedoms were taken one by one, usa is now pretty much like ussr, they can take you with some bull shit charge torture you, kep you jail under the terrorism act for years without you seeing a lawyer, until they have destroyed your life then they let you go, usa gov goes directly after ppl who tell their dirt secrets to the public thats why assange lives in London inside small room in equatorian embassy, or why thy arrested hndreds ppl without trials who are locked today, thats real america, then usa goes n tells other countrys to be more open more democratic, yet usa dosent let chinese buy assets with us dollars because its a danger to economy…. its hipocrisy through n through

  11. His former fellow brothers in the Nation of Islam killed the man. And the Nation of Islam were notorious separatists and were rather right wing in comparison to say the Black Panthers. They were socially conservative.

  12. you contradict yourself unbelievably I can understand why you don't recognize it yourself you know just as well as I do the Civil Rights Act was passed only because Republicans supported it Democrats did not you're either unbelievably stupid or just unwilling to see the truth.

  13. How incorrect that prediction at 7:00 was xD

    Seriously though. its funny watching people incorrectly speculate on stuff that ends up being laughably wrong.
    Thankfully people are waking up to the fact that voting is simply a mechanism for controlling the population by allowing the state to reinvent itself and frame itself as the anti establishment when its actually the opposite.

  14. Amazing that Liberals have been so called helping blacks and
    innagrants since Malcolm X days. So far there has been no improvement according to Liberals I would ask Liberals what have you been doing all those years?? Malcolm X was right about Liberals being biggest racist

  15. The Progressive Left and Democrats offered minorities more government dependencies through social programs and government handouts creating generational welfare dependent families with no incentives to get out of that system and killing the American Dream by not offering a better economy and jobs that will improve their lives independent of government sponsorship. On the polar end…these same families are forced to confront the possibility that government dependency has a shelf life and they will have to confront the reality that their future is in their hands and must take responsibility for their own progrss…that's a good thing. Malcolm X recognized this and lectured about it as a way to get the disenfranchised to educate themselves on how the Dixiecrats created a 'different' kind of slavery; a prison without bars by convincing the people that if they vote Democrat…they will be provided for. The reality is that the Democrats created an American Institutional Apartheid where minorities live in slums with subpar and underfunded schools and better prisons …these disenfranchised people voted for Dixiecrats and many are still are voting for them. I lived in these slums in the South Bronx and like Malcolm X, I educated myself and freed my mind of institutional leftist indoctrination meant to make us useful idiots for their racist and communist causes. Black and Brown people have become the useful idiots and voting base of the Dixiecratic Globalist Party….we will end up with a boot on our faces forever if we do not free our minds of Democratic hogwash.

  16. Hillary said she was proud to be a Goldwater girl while her mentor was in the KKK. Hillary also collected 20k from the KKK but Trump is the racist one? I think you need to not only research who some of Trump's best friends are but who he had live in his house during their trauma.

  17. Imagine the fast and furious operation under a republican president. It would be a major shit show to be hold off. With a democrat president it was swept under the rug.

  18. Yep, scratch a liberal and you will find a reactionary, Hillary Clinton is a perfect example, called a liberal but really a warmongering, neoliberal , greedy, nasty, Russophobic,right wing piece of dogshite!!

  19. At first I thought maybe you were telling the truth but then you started lying about President Donald J Trump and I new to question everything you have said as all lies. President Trump has been a hero nearly all his life. He supported Jennifer Hudson's family after she died. He sued palm beach after he bought Mar A Lago a segregated golf club to allow anyone of color or creed to be allowed to golf on the premises. He put a Mexican American boy through college when his mother became terminally ill. He flew a Jewish boy to a medical facility when no airlines could accommodate him  He gave a bus driver 10,000 because he saved a woman from jumping off a bridge. He gave the job of constructing Trump tower to a woman making her the first woman in History to construct a sky scraper. This is just a small amount of the great things he has done for other people of all kinds and when I see someone lying about this great man I know he is a filthy liar.  I bet nothing you say is ever the truth. Its a disease that can be cured at a insane asylum.

  20. This is why I prefer Trump. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt, like maybe he would get shit done, who knows right? Anyway he's pretty terrible, but at least everybody's scrutinizing everything he does, which keeps him in check and beautifully, demonstrates the hypocrisy of the modern left.

    I'm a leftist but I like Trump, not for what he is, but for what he isn't. Beggars can't be choosers.

  21. Never vote Democrat. They're the ones who created the KKK. They're the ones who instituted the Jim Crow laws. They're the ones who brought in KKK member Senator Robert Byrd. Senator Byrd was the one who filibustered the 1964 civil rights act. Hillary Clinton is the one who referred to Senator Byrd as a mentor. There was never a switch between the Republicans and the Democrats. The Democrats were racist then and they're just as racist now. Instead of using the KKK as their terrorist organization, they now use equally racist groups such as BLM, ANTIFA and BAMN as their terrorist organizations to help strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. What's sad about this whole thing, is the liberals are falling for their shit, hook, line and sinker. That's why they're called Libtards.

  22. 7:14 ….its now six months into the Trump era! and boy do we see whats been larking in the shadows …And i get what Malcolm is saying …it really dont matter what side it comes from it just matters how well the person can put on a front ….and they have slipped up twice more so with trump….Obama wasn't really the "house negro " they though he was he was actually able to play some of the same games that they do because he already knew those tricks and said "okay lets play tit for tat" they weren't expecting Obama to be as smart as he was….but then they turn around and get trump who is the biggest idiot you've every seen…but he is exactly what they are so he fits in but he cant hide his hate for minorities and whats worse is he hates Obama with a passion! …and his verbal Diarrhea is letting all the cats out the bag now so the hole country is like what the fuck is happening because even the white is some cases have been duped into thinking …." OH racism is dead! " black folks been said that is lie and now its more like i told you so . But to the point MLK was try to make is that Racism is good for no one. A white woman died in charlottsvile trying protest the Neo- nazis that shows you they dont care who they kill and this ideology is not only harmful to black people but to white people who realize that this idea is just plan stupid and it only hurts innocent people

  23. I wonder what happened to Hillary winning?????.she wasnt "the petfect candidate" but she was suppose to be "the chosen one"..they got too self assured and didnt really think she could loose…or that more people finally woke up..

  24. "Liberals doing Right Wing Republican Stuff".. Of Really?.. You mean, "Liberals Doing Left Wing Democratic Stuff". Dude, cut this bullshit narrative, "Republican stuff". YOUR MENTAL GYMNASTICS IS FULL OF SHIT. The classic liberal takes no agency for their behavior. Liberals have always been pieces of lying shits, cut this bullshit narrative you have going. Talking as if liberals are children following their Republican Parents. You ain't fooling anyone Homeboy. What a disgusting double speak bullshit argument you have. I'd have more respect for you if you'd take agency and stop passing shit off as if the Republicans invented bad behavior and the Liberals are just following their masters. Because that's a load of Whore$hit.

  25. Malcolm X also said the only difference between the white conservative and the white liberal is the white liberal is more deceitful so no change there. Jimmy Dore gets it for a bit and then suddenly returns to lib tard mode.

  26. You can't have quality leaders with a predatory system. No matter who you vote for, the system is still a toxic monstrosity. Break the system before it breaks us. Fixating on leaders allows us to ignore this evil sociopathic factory farm.

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