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Malcolm X Best Speeches p.1


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  1. @ZOPEY the shit has changed, but not much. the man handling is not as bad, but thet are even better at manipulating the truth. they are better at making the innocent out to be the criminal and vice versa.

  2. @militiamcc malcolm x was just brutally honest. he never ordered any murder to the white man. Malcolm wanted to take the US government to the United Nations and charge it with violating the human rights of black people. He felt that the crimes of racism and injustice should be presented before the world just as the Nuremberg Trials brought the criminals of the second world war to justice… Malcolm wanted to sort it all out.

  3. Malcolm X certainly started to make a lot of sense after he made the Hajj and discovered true Islam. He became enlightened, wiser, and started to realize how Islam can solve the world's most fundamental problems and unite humanity. I am a white convert Muslim and I truly admire Malcolm X's charisma, intelligence, his long fight against injustice, and how he eventually was humble enough to accept the truth of Islam when he found it on the Hajj instead of puffing up with pride and rejecting it.

  4. Ignorant people today believe that racism is over. Knowledgeable people know we have progressed a great deal from the 1960s, that Dr. King's dream has been realized. A black man holds the most powerful office on planet Earth. He was elected by Americans of every race. The dream is realized.

  5. Malcolm X had the right to say every thing he said . He differed from Martin Luther King because he wanted freedom Now ! MLK said " We Shall Over Come". Both are great men and are worthy of their historic merit .

  6. How dare any of you clowns come in here and insult one of the greatest individuals to ever exist. But I do understand… dont have the balls to say these things in person so you have to choose a venue where no one can get their hands around your scrawny little necks… wimps.

  7. Black fools wake up and fight for your right. This guy was able to do this and say all this in the sixties when he has little or no protection knowing that he could die. Imagine what he will do today, carry on the cross.

  8. Rest in Peace, Brother Minister! I thank God that those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear! – Anonymous

    'You dirty spics always disrespect black people'! SO TRUE! LOALA!
    We are always smiling and laughing at you, and talking about you
    in fucking Spanish! HA! HA! HA! LOALA!

  10. lol. We Africans are always killing your people and your people always try and act like us. lol. Now thats funny! Where is your spic history and spic leaders wetback? Oh! I forgot you don't have none and if you did you would be on their channels. Talking about us in spanish just shows how cowardly you spics are. Say it in a language we can understand. BLACK POWER!

  11. Oh another thing to piss you off.
    I have no problemo with the White People! LOL!
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  12. lol. I knew that you loved whites (since all of you dirty spics do) so I am not surprised or angry one bit. You are not my people so I am not concerned with you spics. I will but a bullet in one you spics though. By the way, you are not brown. The color of your skin is just as white as the whites that you love so much. Those of you that have brown skin like black people do are African you dummy. There are millions of Afro latinos. What have you spics ever done to be proud of ? BLACK POWER!


  14. there are plenty of white people who have no culture or family history the man has stolen it from plenty not just black people

    racism is a good thing to distract people from the real issue which is classism
    while we all kick eachother off the little boat there are rich motherfuckers riding on luxury liners

    in the 60s racism was bad in America but i am Canadian so don't try to call me a racist my family has lived in Canada

    if youre telling me that 8:40 is not racist you just a pawn in racism

  15. i am white and i am proud of it i think i am better then most of the niggers and coons out there and i don't care what you say its how i think removing slavery was a mistake

  16. White people want to be black so bad its funny. They dont realize that they are the elephant in the room. Just youtube any hip hop concert and check the fans out. 90% are white. Oh and White people are actually the minorities in America.

  17. The color of your skin does not make you any bigger or better than any other race on this planet. Your whiteness does not make you more wealthy, intelligent, stronger or better than any of the rest of us. Shed the prejudice out look on life because it will get you no where my friend. "We" are human beings and we all need to act like it.

  18. the outsider syndrome still in all countries around the globe. One World paradigm shift still a ways away.
    Malcom X a great speaker in helping us all get there.

  19. I see all these people commenting and I feel bad because I'm a white as f**k boy watching this SIMPLY so I know how Malcolm X spoke so I can play as him during a Socratic Seminar for history today…..

  20. @Wehavebeendecieved. You said, "We ALL face an oppressive state and government and we will never break free unless ALL races come together and fight back. Hate groups are funded. Divide & Conquer." I agree with you in spirit, but since you say you are white, you might have a better voice to talk to the whites whose abuses and hatred are at the center of our current world situation and leave us alone – then we'll have a better chance of "coming together". Stop lecturing us about race and go lecture your own.

  21. I believe in the brotherhood of all men, but I don't believe in wasting brotherhood on anyone who doesn't want to practice it with me. Brotherhood is a two-way street.

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