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Malcolm X: Best Interview EVER!


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  1. White people: "Why is everything about race omg, "
    Black people: " Na we like your trigger happy woodpecker asses. Oh and slavery what? Racism what?"
    Bottom line- Malcom X is king

  2. Hold up… how did the white man in America master colonialism before the European nations even knew what it was? This country was colonized by those European nations. Colonized…colonialism…colonized…colonialism. hmmm… I think those two are related somehow but I just can't figure out how. Anyone wanna help me out here?

    So some people seem to believe that slavery was created by white people here in America. As though ancient egyptians didn't have slaves. As though Muslims throughout the Middle East didn't have slavery around as far back as the records go and still have slavery to this day! (I bet ya'll didn't know that because the media hasn't told you about it. Maybe if you deploy to one of these nations you've never heard of, you might find out some things so ugly the world doesn't want to tell you about. Like children being used as sex slaves in every middle eastern nation because that's what Muhammad did and muslims continue to do it to this day!) I guess slavery wasn't practiced by people in Africa prior to the white man showing up there. No way! It wasn't the Africans who captured their own people whom they considered to be primitive and of less worth then sold them off to the white man. Europeans participated in slavery far longer than the US. But no… they were colonials at all. They're just the nations that brought the slaves to the Americas and colonized all these nations.
    Then this country decided it didn't want to be under the rule of such colonial governments like European nations were. So I guess black people should be suing African nations and European nations for trillions of dollars for taking them from their home, sending them to a foreign nation (many died prior to even arriving in the new world, so before they even saw their first white man) then laboring day and night to produce as much as possible to support England vs France vs Spain vs Portugal. That's the whole reason these nations came to the new world. They were competing with one another. And together, the white man and the black man fought off these colonials to establish their own nation. After which they began making their own problems and continuing the incorrect ways of the nations they belonged to previously (like slavery).
    Yeah, y'all are right, slavery never existed until the US created it. No other nation on the planet has ever colonized another land prior to Americans suddenly appearing out of nowhere and terrorizing the Native Americans (I'm one of those Native Americans). No one has ever done anything wrong, the world was at peace until America showed up and screwed it all up for everyone. The world was well on it's way to cures for every disease and solving world hunger until Americans appeared out of thin air just to screw it all up.

  3. 3:06
    "But I learned that after trying to reform and rehabilitate myself, that the American white man was more against me THEN than he was when I was a criminal, when I had criminal tendencies and was trying to carry out or practice his Christianity."

  4. I like watching Malcolm give interviews because no matter if you oppose or agree with what he had to say you cannot argue with the fact that he can back up his arguments with logic and substance. The only thing I had an issue with is taking pleasure in tragedy. You cannot call yourself a child of god if you relish in other people's suffering. I would completely understand if he said he felt no sympathy or even gave a damn about the crash but the fact that he called it a blessing……I don't think that was morally right. Great interview non the less, he even gave respect to that smug journalist at the end lol.

  5. Malcom X is more on active while MLK is more on the passive. Malcom did not agree with non-violence approach that MLK did but they did both do what they have to do. over all, it is always dependent on what you can really do to change the world. and they both did. what i admire about Malcom X though is his straight-talks even if it will hurt or somebody will be burnt by his words, he will still say it because it's the truth.

  6. He had a great approach and great man but because innocent people dying and saying god done it is a bit backwards i suppose back then religion had a huge role in society take that away and people leaders would be better

  7. It must have been frustrating for Malcolm X to know that the separation he was seeking would never happen. The blacks behind him believed in X but each black knew in his heart that the goal of separating was a wholly unrealistic goal. Look at Africa today and witness generations of corruption and incompetence. For hundreds of years they are still a third world nation and wide swath sections of the sub Saharan desert is still underdeveloped. Sad, Malcolm was a highly intelligent person with good ideas but his hatred of the white man caused him to undermine his legacy as a revolutionary hero

  8. Man i dont hope no one dies. No one. Wtf dem white folks had to do with dat huh. We aint even know those white folks. So for all those people who said they ageee with Mr Malcolm X saying wen he says im glad they died u think you s goin to heaven. Get tha fuck outter hear. Im glad im smarter enoigh to know a Real God would have never allowed history to go down like it did. Thank ysll for hearing me out. Good day

  9. Maybe, just maybe we should look at people as individuals rather than white people are this way, black people are that way. My whole life I've been blamed for harming black people by being white. I haven't.

  10. Malcolm X was obviously a brilliant man in many respects, and I admire that. But here he supports and encourages terrorism, and I'm baffled that so many don't see that.

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House of Representatives: Black Lives DON’T Matter

House of Representatives: Black Lives DON’T Matter