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Malcolm X and Ali Warning About Liberals and Multiculturalism

“In this crooked game of power politics here in America, the Negro..namely the race problem, integration, civil rights issues..are all nothing but tools used by the Whites who call themselves liberals against another group of whites who call themselves conservatives.”


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  1. Damn. That interview with Ali was poignant. Like a snapshot of the tipping point right before common sense was overpowered by idealistic lunacy. Ali’s racial pragmatism clashing with the host’s well meaning but ultimately misguided yearning for a colour-blind world. It’s sad that our societies seem to have only become more confused since then. The multiculturalist delusion that utopia is arrived at by dissolving all borders, cultures and people into a single globalised, homogenous blob disconnected from their own history is far more horrifying to me than the idea that a mother and father would naturally want their children and grandchildren to look like them.

  2. Maalcolm x was right. Neither one of these parties are for us. Muhammad Ali was wrong. He was saying we shouldn't be multicultural. I for the most part like Ali, but we shouldn't mix up the two. Malcolm X was famous for being a thinker. Ali was famous for the most part for being a boxer.

  3. many would say based on he just said ,Ali was a racist, if a white man said this he would be called just that…..a racist, but the black man gets a get out of jail card…. because of slavery?… slavery has been on this planet since the beginning and their are more slaves in this world than ever in human history…..educate yourself before talking about history, don't base you're facts around emotions…..

  4. Read Malcolm Xs autobiography, he changed his views on multiculturalism and integration after his Hajj ro Mecca, and was killed for it by his own people because he changed his mind.
    This is what happens when people take quotes and snapshots to be the whole story.

  5. Antifa and black lives matter would tear Muhammad Ali limb from limb in today's day and age Muhammad Ali is a racist through and through and his statue in St Louis needs to come down

  6. Well he got it wrong. The problem isn't Liberals. Liberals have stayed true. Conservatives have pretended to be Liberals to further their Conservative agenda. Hillary Clinton is a prime example of this. She started out as a Goldwater girl opposed to the Civil Rights Act. All of a sudden she's running as a Democrat pretending to be a Liberal but her vote record shows she's not a Liberal at all but instead is a closeted Conservative.

  7. I walk around with my mixed race babies and my White Latina wife with pride and there's not a single jackass brave enough to challenge me on it. To put it simply. Times have changed and so have some people.

  8. Muhammad Ali And Malcolm X were brilliant men. And so were Plato and Socrates but if they were exposed to the wealth of knowledge we have today they would see that they were wrong about some things but also right at the same time about other things. Most so called African Americans are mixed people especially light skin negros like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. Unless you look like an African then you are probably mixed yourself regardless of how you feel about it. So to hate mixing would literally be to hate yourself. Love who you love it's that simple no matter what.

  9. Powerful — I'm Hispanic, Mohammad Ali sounds like my parents but I disagree with that. I could marry a Black with no problem because I grew up in the Black community and Hispanic culture is very similar to AA culture because our history of slavery, political revolutions, and our struggle for identity and civil rights. On top of that, a lot Hispanics have Spanish Black people in their family/community (least I do). I don't agree with segregation but you need to be culturally compatible.

  10. Soro's BLM does NOT want you to watch this. Malcolm's message is more important that Ali's, although it is considered these days racism for whites to want to stay white. There are many beautiful biracial people but I get Ali's point.

  11. Wow,,that was a statement by Ali,,this is the reason he was the greatest,,,nothing wrong with us, the way we look,,,be smart and keep your identity alive. ,there's a reason god make us all different. ,let's keep,it that way,,,,said no to miscegenation

  12. This is some nonsense propaganda of spouting nation of islam BS ideology. When malcolm and ali embraced sunni (orthodox to some) islam they did not hold any supremicist or segragatory ideals anymore.

  13. Wow. So many interesting points, put in a way that's better than anything I've heard before. Ali got it right. Modern-day multiculturalism destroys the uniqueness of our different cultures.

  14. This is why Muhammad Ali was one of a kind and there will never be another like him, the man was never afraid to let you know if you are a race traitor, he understood very well the insanity of liberalism. You heard the man wanting to be with your own race doesn't make you a hater or a racist it just means you want to be with your own just like he doesn't want any part of a woman from Africa as she couldn't treat him as an American Black woman could.

  15. They are literal terrorist. I can think of a couple people that are suspects to have entered me into this but they won't admit it. They are cowards and murderers. And its just a matter of time before I'm murdered because I refuse to submit myself to their tyranny and ibrefuse to let them steal my ranch from me. And the people who have helped them terrorize me are all guilty of murder. I never had any interest in this world of liars hypocrites and thieves. You all ducked up and decided to attack the wrong innocent guy. Because you are going to be remembered for ever as the most evil pieces of shot that ever lived and there is nothing you can do to change your past . but you can correct your errors for the future. But you do not just get to walk away. You've all stolen to much. And you are going to style up with me or you are going to kill yourself. That's the options you have created for yourselves. Me I'm already on a countdown to death. You infected me with a virus from which there is no recovery. You are already guilty of murder. Why the generals haven't blown out your brains already is another crime in and of itself. If they don't blow your brains out then they will blow their own out. Fucl you. I hate you. You know who you are. You murdered me for no reason other then you are an idiot. And if you kill yourself it is on you. I can't stop you from punishing yourselves for all the crimes you commit. In fact it would likely be justified. It would help society to.. Because you so called intelligence officers are anti-American losing thieving murderers. And the sooner you kill yourselves the happier you will make God. Because he hates you worse then you can imagine. Its because you do everything backwards . you shit on your creator and you raped your mothers hopes for you. You are pathetic. And that's simply the truth. Deal with it

  16. Ali was a little delusional at this point not to much he meant well but got involved with a corrupt black racist group similar to the KKK called the Black Muslims
    Ali realized skowlybafter Malcolm assassination that Elijah was a crook thief and Ali slowly moved out of that organization by 1976 his views changed and he was open to everyone he even admits in a more recent interview with a old English reporter he made mistakes cause we all do
    Malcolm was right about white liberals they are full of shit if theyncare so much move into the black and Latino ghettos then hypocrits

  17. I don't have any more patience for racist stupidity coming from blacks than I do from whites. And time has certainly proven Ali wrong. We now see proud interracial couples and their children everywhere.

  18. Malcom X decribes our current political situation in all it's shameful splendor, the liberal white folk use blacks to further their political agendas like the election of 2008 where most black people voted for B.Obama, it's disgusting how the left twist a people with false promises in order to acheive political gain.

  19. I don't want to kill my race. I just really don't think anyone gets a pass or special points of attraction based on race.

    And the host was right, that is a philosophy of despair. He felt that way because he was tired of how society would/did treat interracial couples.

  20. Everyone applying this logic today is probably the reason it happened in the first place. During this time hate crimes and discrimination were still very prevalent. If you and everyone that would be predisposed to associate with you, were living in a state of general oppression your opinion may in fact be a bit more closed off.

    I don't know if you had the chance to go to a diverse school as a kid but in kindergarten I didn't see myself as different because of the color of my skin but rather the outcome of two different skin tones mixing. Just like I would have mixed blue and yellow to get green. Other kids didn't see me as different either. All of the preconceived notions of segregation are based on what society (including our family) has told us to believe.

    I'm not saying that I didn't literally see a difference in skin color, I'm saying that despite that, no further conclusions were made. It wasn't until second grade when we started to study the civil rights movement and my teacher decided to make it as awkward as possible. I'm just rambling at this point but I guess if nothing else, their views may be a bit antiquated. There is only one human race. Don't overthink it

  21. I agree with what Malcolm said but not what Ali said… I love Brother Ali but he is all the way wrong but that was a young Ali and a different time and I still understand a little bit of what he saying about being with your own but I think it's more cultural

  22. After that speech Malcolm X was supspened from the Nation of Islam for 90 days. He left and formed the Muslim mosque inc. The thing with Islam is that it sees no race. Race is artificial. He was assassinated by a Nation of Islam member. Go figure

  23. Ali is mixed with white AND made fun of Frazier – his Afro nose and called him "The Gorilla"… This is one area he lacks ANY moral authoritiy in. ALL God's chillun are beautiful. Like many blacks in that day, he made fun of Frazier as being "too black"…

  24. The Brotherhood’s goal is to turn the world into an Islamist empire. The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928, is a revolutionary fundamentalist movement to restore the caliphate and strict shariah (Islamist) law in Muslim lands and, ultimately, the world. Today, it has chapters in 80 countries.
    “It is in the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” —Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna

  25. I can understand Ali's point of view here. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with your own people. I think he is wrong when he said couples of different ethnicities can't be happy. I know multiple married couples who are black and white. They love each other and they love God too. But, to each his own. I 100% agree with Malcom. He hit this so on the end it's unbelievable he said it so long ago. This is where we are today. Liberals acting like they care to get a voting block. If you look around it's white liberals telling young white conservatives they are racist white males who need to die. It is white liberals instilling this ideology and using race division as a token to create more power for themselves. Then when black men like Ben Carson or Charles Barkley go against the liberal narrative they are shunned by brain washed black liberals. It's sad.

  26. God! Thank you! For beautiful people like Ali and Malcolm X truly inspirational to Black Americans.
    All blacks ever wanted was to live freely and be successful among their own people working toward
    A better America for their children, even Dr. Martin Luther King came to the conclusion that intergration
    Was a tactic to divide and conquer the black man. You hear racist and racist sympathizers say they just
    Want to be with their own people, that's bullshit, they used whatever means necessary to conquer control
    Poses the black man who like the native Americans Indian are trusting and welcoming people, not knowing
    When they encountered the Europeans, what clever, demonic, parasitic, child fucking, blood suckers they are. Until it was too late!!
    But blacks and all the other people of color know now, with over 400 years of documented history to prove it. Now that
    We know what we are truly working with, fore warned is fore armed. That European and their descendants projected
    All their "ills" on people of color. they shown themselves to be of a dark destructive force, hell bent on power and control.
    When you get a better understanding of what you're dealing with. Then you can deal with it accordingly. Just like Vietnam
    Ran the Americans out. Americans has a powerful military but Vietnam people were together, knew their land, stayed on it and
    Got Americans out. The way they did it was brilliant! Take a page from their book. Afghanistan did the same to the Russians.

  27. I always had problem with what I was told growing up I know why now I trace my father's family to find out native and also Irish negro in my blood I stand with all so call black people and we are true isreal due 28

  28. Basically, Ali has fell for the racist bait and mind control because essentially it is because of racist that he makes the case that equality is not worth the trouble despite us being equal. And the deciding factor is avoiding racism by practicing racism in the form of "racial identity and pride" based on a superficial construct that doesn't determine morality or character anymore than claiming all white cars are good and vice versa. This is where us black folks take it too far and become polite racist under the guise of "black and proud". Well pride shouldn't be in a color because of that is so you must be proud of every "black" person no matter what. And culture is not race-based at all, so that is just an excuse because a people still align with race with people who have way less in common than them of different cultures. Race was invented to practice racism. Otherwise it would not be a topic. It is a clever ploy and once you are sucked into it, your mind is twisted. Racism serves a purpose and it will continue to live in the hearts of men. If God wanted people to be racist He would have made it impossible to have healthy babies. We don't see that. But here you see how Ali has gone for the propaganda and is actually feeding into the hands of white supremacist. He is sincere, but being sincerely deceived is exactly what white supremacist are too. The initial inventors knew it was fake, but they needed to justify themselves and excuse them selves before God and man, so they twisted scripture and blamed God for their wickedness. And it is still going on today by making "Jew" a race. It was never a race. Amazing deception.

  29. Racist and only true of the upper-elites, all the rest of us, of all colors including white, are their slaves. Our only freedom is in the Good Book and a relationship with our Lord and Savior and Father above.

  30. Without hatred or apologies. I want for all humans to be free to seek fortune and an opportunity for happiness. I have no lack of understanding for tribal loyalties. Ali has plenty of wisdom for one who speaks simply. Woe to those who betray their own.

  31. I understand and appreciate what Ali is saying, but to imply there is something wrong with you if you want to marry someone from a different ethnic group or culture is not right. To marry outside your group because you are ashamed of your own people is not right, but you can marry outside your group and still be proud of who you are. There is only one race, the human race.

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