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Malcolm X: “All Prophets Were Black Men – None Were White” (1963)

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Malcolm X addresses a rally outside Lewis H. Michaux’s “House of Common Sense and Home of Proper Propaganda”, the world famous African National Memorial Bookstore. 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the brutal assassination of Malcolm X and we are calling on President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to publish all federal government files and records, without alteration or redaction, relating to the 1965 crime. Please sign the petition below:

On 10-10-15 we must March on the WHITE HOUSE and the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to demand that President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch DECLASSIFY all FBI, CIA and NYPD files on Malcolm X and open a NEW INVESTIGATION into his 21st February 1965 assassination. We must also use 10-10-15 to confront LOUIS FARRAKHAN himself about his own COMPLICITY in Malcolm’s assassination.

You can WRITE to Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the following address:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

Or PHONE the Justice Department on:

Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000
Department Comment Line – 202-353-1555







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  1. And now today on 125th street you can watch the parade. Which would be nice, but the participants threaten shop owners to close down against their will. Threatening shop owners to close, or something will happen to their store. No other person in history has their fanboys and brats force people against their will to close all the stores on a street for no good reason whatsoever. What, we should be forced to show respect? Fuck no. I have respect for malcom x, but i don't worship the man like most of you do, like he's some god. If you didn't see him that way you wouldn't threaten shop owners to close their stores. The thing is is in the mentality. Most are muslims who believe in taking orders from people they respect and doing what you are told. In my mind, thats mentally ill. No one should do what they are told without deciding first if they want to, if it makes sense. Always question all authority in every case, if you respect them or not. I just think bullying, threatening, scaring, doing property damage to those who don't obey your evil orders, is just wrong. Vile, sick and evil

  2. Malcolm el hajj malik Shabazz spoke so much truth eye regard him as a master teacher like dr malachi z york whose books no one can duplicate and let me not leave out dr khallid who bridged the gap for before he died became a follower of pops doc york so u nay sayers watch your step and your slander for the universe is 720 degrees in motion for the righteous ankhaton amen ra

  3. i have been to the top of the mountain. Was i cant fix the world but after this destined stand for freedom we no longer have common ground. because fighting for freedom hurts and it cost you all but once you have met god he will promise you this. aint no one gonna hurt your family when your gone cause brother i never win this time im winning jesus was the last time i was winning but your family aint beaten me i mean it so. being a blackpanther so hard. but being a panther mans family easy. and you leave so fast thinking god you dont even understand you think you want them for yourself cause damn i tryed so. and its hurts so bad and its so god damn dangerous but i am the standover /hitman for the dockers the panthers and tryads .and thanx for taking me to the mountain and tomorrow i ll work for you again .green movement mr x i swear you best fear me i give my best Daz

  4. Harlem NYC and rights reserved! we are stronger United States of America if we undivided! easy win Republicans by landslides! MALCOLM X DIDN'T DIE FOR US TO WAITING for the Donald! we are stronger United States of America if we undivided! easy win Republicans by landslides! full house and Senate and use the people's spoke!

  5. This man was the prophet. Of that time. History or should I say time. Has shown this. I wasn't born when he was assassinated. Our people didn't protect this prophet because they didn't love him

  6. This man was so clean as far as morals go. Go ask Farrakhan who killed this great man. He knows. Farrakhan has been working for the CIA since the 60's Malcolm really loved his people.

  7. So let me get this straight. A man who divided people on color, was fighting for "black supremacy", divided people also based on religion and probably more criterions is somehow human rights activist? He is calling out the "white devils" for divide and conquer mentality, by doing the same on the other(black) side? I swear the masses of people are just plain idiots. The same "white devils" used this moron to spread the division between people, as now are using feminists, "black lives matter" and other idiotic movements. If you will fight for rights you have to fight for equal rights, regardless of skin color, religion or whatever. Fighting for the rights of certain group of people just serves the "white devils" wish to divide people, and is nothing else but racism. Of course that "white devils" whose work he was doing will kill him off, once things start to escalate to "black vs white". All they need is people to be divided mentally, not to fight each other. They made him the "black hero", because they didn't wanted united people – something Martin Luther was calling for. Can't comprehend how this clown is considered such a great man. He didn't do shit compared to Martin Luther. Hell, people like Morgan Freeman and Denzel did much more for the black community acceptance and rights than this "activist". All that this "activist" did was Islamic propaganda. And when you connect human rights with religion, whatever it is, you should know that you are on a very wrong path. Of course to know that you need to have something called common sense.

  8. What the spanish can do to get the CIA,FBI, and White House files on Malcolm X? The same for Dr Martin Luther King, and the Kennedy Brothers. Even from a faraway country as Spain, we want the truth about the political assasination of the greatest man of the XX century.

  9. my father is egyptian, my mother is norwegian, so i am caught in between, but i must say this was a great man who loved his people, he is a everlasting symbol of opressed peoples everywhere…

  10. Elijah Muhammad teach all white people are evil . but Wallace fard Muhammad was a white man if a white man comes to me and what to teach me all white people are evil .that's means you are the evil one trying to teach me that's common sense. Malcolm had to go to Mecca to see that Elijah Muhammad teaching was wrong .he said the truth came and blind him which it wasn't the truth it was lies to deceive him . the dictionary definition of the word lie is intent to deceive

  11. In the year 2017 who believes when you steal under sharee'ah law all they do is sit down with you and teach harder? There wouldn't be any black people with hands left in Malcolm Xs America

  12. What I find so funny about all you blacks is that you bitch and complain about all he evil the white man does and whine that one day you will ruin the white man's world. Doesn't it strike you as odd that all you ever think about is destruction? Who really are the devils?

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