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Malcolm X – A Person’s Deeds

Malcolm X, El Hajj Malik, was a true African and muslim. This inspiring speech shows his distinction between a person with white skin and a racist with baseless ‘white-skin’ supremist beliefs. A lot of such baseless racists beliefs still affect politicians today leading to direct and proxy wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and other parts of the world.


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  1. It would be great if we could go it alone,!!!! No-one on this planet could make it all by themselves!!!! And, i do not need anyone to stand-up for me , i need them,to be, beside me !!!!!!!! When you are not concerned about another human being, you have lost your humanity

  2. Everything spoken then is applicable , for today!!!!! Whenever,,i feel discouraged, I immediately pray, then i go to one of his sites, to confirm, my humanity , I have learned,God want his people to be, mindful of others ,that should be our purpose for living, people, were Malcolm's purpose, and he died for them!!!!!!

  3. Only a fraction of White Americans participated in the KKK and other racist groups. Everyone else was either indifferent about it, or protested side by side along Blacks. Know your math.

  4. Gross misstatements are easy to disprove with facts. If it's basic knowledge, why is it so hard to find evidence to disprove it? Read some books lol. Ok, but I'll try reading one's that I didn't author myself. PEACE

  5. Here's the thing though: those muslims who practice racism towards black muslims are CLEARLY VIOLATING THE QURANIC COMMANDMENT, even Mohammed said in his final speech 'no arab is superior is to a black man, no black man is superior to an Arab' furthermore such racist attitude towards black muslims is moronic as it overlooks the great contribution of muslim leaders like Osman Dan Fodio.

  6. soooo insighful! he was very good at conceptualization and with the courage to speak out regardless of the consequences..African Americans need not to forgot-look at america today nothing has change–

  7. He was such a beautiful man, a beautiful human being. There is no other person in the history of the world whose words and whose ideas and whose passion and intention generate within me such an awesome and inexplicable degree of emotion. He makes me glad to be human and inspires me to be more than just a mass of flesh walking in this world.

  8. "You can't produce a good African between the legs of a European woman" Dr. John Henrik Clarke. You don't clear up racism by breeding with a white person. You stop racism with the truth and the self-confident in your own race.

  9. Brother I feel your pain. The Pagan Arabs did invent slavery but the European Colonialist took it to a completely Global level. The Prophet Mohammed was the first man to set a black slave free – his name was Billal long before William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln. Any Arab who is racist towards a Black, Asian, White or a Chinese or Japanese person is NOT a Muslim!!!

  10. wait wait wait, arab pegans invented slavery ?!
    WOW slavery is older than the language of arabic itself, its older than the arabic peninsula, your head is so far up your ass its popping out of your neck 🙂

  11. My apologies my friend! You are 100% right and I am wrong 🙂 Slavery does indeed predate the pagan Arabs. I checked my facts and I am wrong! Thanks for pointing this out mate. I owe you one! Cheers!

  12. if arabs were the devil they would have cleansed the african race when they ruled most of the Africa for more than 1000 years, yet the most documented genocide cases were done by blacks against blacks (african vs africans) that is a FACT
    You are a blamer, someone who loves to play the victim, you are the devil sir is not arabs, by the way i hate arabs with a passion but you sir i pity. Malcolm X told us about niggers like you, niggers who are brain washed and mentally corrupt.

  13. Speak the right language .. OMG !

    Malcom X is beyond the colour of skin
    or the religion of a person.

    This is a speech which teaches that
    Unless all people are prepared to judge
    other people on a fair basis …
    Then there is no fair ground.

    Either be Human or be scum
    It is your personal choice

    The colour of skin is of no consequence

    Power must be apportioned correctly
    Or power is always oppression.

    My Brothers And Sisters .. I love You

  14. I remember reading his Autobiography and watching the movie Spike Lee produced at a very early age. I first read the book from front to back when I was 12yrs old. Before then I was feeling lost during school while learning so much about Eurocentric history and idealogies. I derived a greater sense of self-worth and a better perspective of reality and my placement in it after learning about him as well as others who sacrificed their lives in exchange for our lesser constraints and independence.

  15. He was definitely a visionary with a clear and focused mind, compelling orator, and convincing debater. But he also said a whole bunch of completely conflicting shit. In the beginning of this video he says he isn't a racist or a segregationist, while I've also heard him preach in other youtube videos that the white man is a devil and that black and white people will never and should never try to live in fully integrated American society.

  16. Come on anti-Whites where are you now?

    As we have pointed out this GeNOcide is for all White countries and only White countries.

    Do you Demand the same GeNOcide for any non-White peoples? If so name them now and Justify their GeNOcide as you do for White children.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  17. Malcolm X…… The greatest Revolutionary this Evil Country has ever Witnessed. All praises to Allah!!. Rest In Peace Brother Malcolm. You live through Us all who meditate dilligently on your legacy.

  18. only thing about these messages is we put our own intrepitations on what is being spoken when they say we must defend ourselves why do we target each other and not what makes us act in these manners…and so on we have to WAKE up and try to fully grasp whats being spoken on not what we want it to be or where we say the adjustments need to be made come together we are a nation divided as of today.

  19. slavery in islam is not like what the demons did to my people in America.  In islam slavery happens only after a war, no invasion. the slaves are well treated, and they will be free when we recognize good in them. 

  20. 1 God, 1 human race…lets leave jesus and muhammed out of it and unite under god…unite under the ten commandments…idolatry really does lead to division!

  21. I love Malcolm's ecumenicist preachments.  He might have offered discrimination between religions, but he didn't.   Proof positive that Malcolm was a believer in congruence between peoples. 

  22. slaves in arab countrys had whait and black slaves not just blacks and slavery staid in just 50 in arabia and they didnt beat there slaves or treat them bad but america had only black slaves for 400 years and the would beat and kill them

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  25. Im an asian muslim and even though this brother has long gone i respect him so much.. He stood up for what he believed in and when he realised his mistakes he was not afraid to admit them and revise his thoughts about them. We really need more people like him in this world. I pray he is blessed the highest of the heavens insyallah. He has done muslims and the entire world- black, asian, white, german, spanish, italian, french, polish, hispanic heck you name it very proud.

  26. what a man ….. what a brave young man .. he was so unique… so fair .. so respectful , so pure , so honest .. so fair , so justice .. all malcolm wanted was justice …the justice must be colour blind .. RESPECT FOR MALCOLM THE MAN OF THE CENTURY

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