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Louis Farrakhan – Why dr Martin luther king was really assassinated

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Louis Farrakhan On why Martin Luther was Assassinated


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  1. All you ppl are soo stupid. you better read the book of Jeremiah man. king was a fake, a sell out, and didn't have no dream.

    if you only knew what king was used for you all would be disgraced with yourselves. do you really know why the march in 1963 was even planned?
    do you know all the top 4 men who had their hands in the 1963 March and why Obama said change (and what that slogan really meant CHANGE)!!!! you guy's are all followers able to be told what to do, remove those shackles from your mind and understand what's really going on in this world man….

    these are the top four men who had an hand in this soo called dream/Change. MLK, JFK, OBAMA (giving rustin the award and legalizing gay marriages) and the Head Hauncho out of all of this, the man behind the scenes pulling all the strings Mr. phantom himself #1 Bayard Rustin. he called the shots on this. he wanted segregation to end, he fought for this his whoooole life. wanna know what else he fought for that stands today mostly? Gay rights, that's right Bayard Rustin was for the Gay Rights Civil rights movement and that was it, that's entirely what he wanted, to not have to worry about his sexual background being a problem in society. this is what he lived his entire life for and what really got it was the speech of Dr. King.
    but, wanna know what really got Dr. king killed? words that he said in the "I have a dream speech" he tried to wake up the children of Israel, the Israelite's by saying "we're gonna get to the promise land" promise land? what promise land" ISRAEL!!!! so, the whites had him killed. wanna know who else pulled the trigger on Dr. King? yup The Most High Yahweh. why? two reasons actually. reason number 1. Yahweh didn't want us to mix, it was never meant for the children of Israel to mix with another nation. we don't take their daughters, upon our sons nor do we give our daughters unto their son's. 2. he Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, he doesn't like that Gay and lesbian sin in israel so king promised Gays and lesbians into the Holy Land ISRAEL. that was a no no!!! so Yahweh had him killed to cause he lied to the ppl. if anything America stands for there's an hidden Agenda remember that. i.e. the American Flag star spangled banner (look up the third verse) you guy's are standing for something that was never really truly given to your ancestors being enslaved. (LEARN LIFE, THERE'S LEVELS TO THIS ISH). America is against the bible, there's a scripture for everything. and Farrakan is an lost soul, he wants to claim Israel but he cant. the damage has already been done.

    I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed Jerimiah 23:25.

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