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Louis Farrakhan -Warned Lebron James About Racism & Jewish Control In Sports

Please watch: “Dr Umar Johnson – Bill Maher VS Ice Cube The Politics of White Privilege”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks on Lebron James and Jewish control in Sports and Entertainment. This lecture is entitled, ‘Who Are The Real Children of Israel: July 2011


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  1. I need to be in your presence bad! I'm so sick of sleeping in this White America. the killing of our young black men and women has me livid!!!! Its a damn shame that our wealthy black folks are so selfish…..

  2. Short story…The wolf and the trapper…there was a wolf in the artic searching for food and the trapper was searching for the wolf so the trapper took a blade turned it upright and placed the handle in the frozen iced terrain with the blade pertruding out of the ice the trapper covered it with blood. The hungry wolf in search of food smelled the blood along its path and proceeded towards the blood covered blade when the wolf approached, it began to lick the petruded blood covered object and in doing so cut its tounge on the blade, the wolf continued to lick the blade thinking that it was getting a good meal not realizing in its hungry despair it was drinking its own blood and in conclusion bleeding itself to its own bloody deaf. (The hunt is on and you are the prey) Each one teach one. i love truth and those who seek the truth i love my true brothers and sisters in heart and soul may peace be unto you along with this message.

  3. why use that picture of lebron? there are millions of prideful photos. was that really necessary to get views. I watched because of title. Farrakhan made great points as usual.

  4. I don't understand when I see blacks American talking about racism, when I saw interracial married going crazy with the blacks American communities, they married them while they killing them ,how stupid is that
    blacks people need to wake up,
    it's doesn't matter how many white you married or give all your money too, racism will never end
    unless we divided the nations,
    we not supposed to be together.

  5. That skin head dude is all over our post..He didn't treat you like he's tying to treat others on this post. They don't like it when you know your true history and to this day they still don't like you reading. I was reading on the train today and this white boy was straight trying to see what I was reading…Even now even that skin head all up in our post and discussion .. Damn!! He won't even go and find him some business. While he's praising Hitler's symbols, Hitler knew himself that blacks are Gods chosen people… He said it out of his own mouth.

  6. you need to do some serious reading. Start with capitalism and basic economics. Wake up we have been praying and putting God first since before the slave trade. Are we first ?

  7. And the Jews never had to shoot anyone to become successful. Amen. The CEO's of Hip Hop and rap made billions selling crack infested darkness to the youth and never gave back anything in return. Seems like the answer is to become Jewish.

  8. Good for you Mr. Minister… Neo Communist is responsible for continuing of rape and robbing not only Blacks but all non Jewish races of the world ,not only the Western Hemisphere . All out in place since the beginning of this Country who were the Mason's that decided to come over an raid and colonized this Land ( America's) The Illuminati ( Jew Central Bankers) The War always been about Mason and Central Banking( Jews) the same Jews that laid down the Infrastructure of this country( Railroads, Coal, Oil mines, Banks,Institutions( First Colleges), Wall Street , Etc. How could I forget, backing the US dollar with Fractional banking .They control the Government by controlling its infrastructure with Money… Indeed, the sports is ran like the Roman Games . These owners are the slave masters of the world games… Everything in Hollywood movies depicts past or future events in our world created or shaped by the Jew Communist , because they own Hollywood . They own all the Major news outlets( CNN, Fox, BBC , etc) NewYork times, Washington Post, Boston Herald) they influences our state of mind through every outlet controlled by there Mass Media outlets… They control all Music outlets. Deciding what poison is acceptable for the delicate Minds of the world.. Drive By music instead of conscious music. NWA INSTEAD OF CHUCK D, How you think Ice Cube , Dre and Ice T still eating with the Jews in Hollywood ? NWA help the Jews keep us blind…. Conscious rap would've dominated the youth. NWA forced rap into an new identity( Gangster Music). Those didn't know, you better learn if u wanted a future in this business of the Jews presenting Black people in the worse way.while u they get Rich and you get Shame , I mean Fame…. Again, their money is the source of control( persuasion ).. wake up people .. I don't even watch the Jew NBA or the rest of that shit…. I'm from Boston( Dorchester) Black or White , Bostonians rocks with our teams. They all are linked to the Jew Communist that runs this infrastructure and once ran slave trade, same secret societies… I grew up eating Beef, but it was so easy to quite once I realized Ancient Cosmology and that the Cow( Holy Cow) Mother Cow, was scared.. Body feels better , also skin looks clear and smooth… You people have no clue what happened in the past events leading to a The wealth on this Flat Earth into the hands of few. The reason for all the deception , division , and dying all over the Globe … 5 percent of the World knows the truth or has an idea .. The other 85 percent still believe its Anglo Governments…. Jew Communist are our problems in America greedy system of living. If you can create it, Invent it, or perfect it . The Jew Communist will Run it , or else!!!!

  9. my brother Farrakhan we all are on a plantation no matter rather you are rich are not which you can see LeBron has more money that he would be able to spend in four or 5 life times over and we all are subject to this government that we live in we're subject to mistreatment we subject to lesser jobs lesser places to stay then our White American counterparts the only way to get off a plantation is leave nothing has changed it takes the same the exact same thing that Harriet Tubman did to leave the plantation our black leaders need to be either honest or better leaders because you can't lead if you still haven't left

  10. we can't be blaming and waiting for them,,
    now that we blacks realised what went wrong,
    why don't we start from somewhere, anywhere instead of blaming and blaming them ?
    I knows they stopped Gaddafi of Libya for his plans to lift Africans,,, but why didn't we do something when they were moving their weapons to Libya, to kill Gaddafi?
    like turn the whole major cities upside down, in the whole world,

  11. if we wanna win this fight, we got to start to do better, do like they are doing to us, creating of human In the laboratory, black hybrids that will also help us black up to build our black reality, if u wanna over power the criminals, u got to think and do like the criminals,,,

  12. I guess it's really JEWISH SUPREMACY and not WHITE SUPREMACY. Jews owned 40% of the slaves and they only made up 2% of the US population. why aren't BLM and other PRO BLACKS asking for reparations from the Jews??


  14. It appears the only way for a large scale change and equality in America is through bloodshed.Malcolm X said this and I couldn't agree more.Otherthan that it will be the same old chit,blacks being brainwashed, manipulated, cooning,and hating on each other for some of the dumbest reasons.

  15. this is the same Farrakhan that says they say I ain't a Muslim. the Saudi family said I'm a Muslim..who can dare question that..then he went on to say, Elijah Muhammed is the prophet of Islam and a messiah. this guy is a blasphemer.

  16. we all are in the plantation (white, latins, blacks) and the owners, as always, are the jews. White people, we are not your enemies, we are giving our lives, for the jew federal reserve, as well

  17. farrakhan is an arabized negroe because he follows arab masters' religion of islam. he and other brainwashed negroes may say that religion is not culture but common sense tells us otherwise. rational mind says that religion can never never be separated from the culture that nursed it, islam is in arabic language, the islam founder is an arab, islam headquarters is in arabia, islam was built in the same kaaba that held 360 ancient arab deities, sunna is the arab behaviour and practice,……so isn't it religion is cultural?

  18. Behold the message if you don't like the messenger… Don't let other black people or white people tell you how much they don't like the minister for this or that, just heed the message.

  19. Why are we doing this people. When you post negative about the leaders when have or had you make us as a people look stupid to these white folks on here. This is why our people as still oppressed but I guess you can't see that on your degree level. Guess you better than the other niggas. But believe this you will take a bullet like the rest just for being black. The cops don't give a fuck about your degree status or your education. FOH!!!!!!

  20. unfortunately professional negoros don't watch informational in self deginity programs-As mentioned– there up holding white supremacy.Bling bling so bright can't see the puppet masters

  21. NOI founders have laid down bases for racism against white, if you read their books and how they present a white man as devil racist. So white racists will soon with this group of innovators NOI who took Islam as if it was sent down for black slaves only. Let them wish for death if they are the only ones who are destined for paradise.

    I dont understand why true seekers of truth will remain with this cult, even Malcolm left them once he saw how unislamic this cult is and joined true Islam

  22. Blacks do have license to be anti semites? If it is white talking shit to jewish he will be labeled anti semites, kkk, nazi etc but this trash filled talk of black preacher aimt consider to be a hate crime? This preacher clearly instigating hate among blacks.

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