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Louis Farrakhan – The Control Over Black Entertainers

Please watch: “Dr Umar Johnson – Bill Maher VS Ice Cube The Politics of White Privilege”

Louis Farrakhan – Jewish Control Over Black Entertainers


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  1. It's like all the European Black footballers. Not a black partner amongst 99% of them. Not even a mixed race lady.Given it 2 generations and the black disappears.

  2. Who are they that control Wall Street… they are the same greedy ass motherfuckers that control the banks big oil,persian gulf….. the golman Sachs Rockefellers Clinton's family, Rothschild, loehmans ,warburg Kuhn loeb, buffets Gates and the rest of those GODDAMN bastards that hide in the shadows.Damn child molesters, gay ass genocidal organ stealing,unattached to humanity hoes

  3. FarraCon is controlled Opposition himself and a freemason of the Zionist thought FarraCoon was going to African and change his name isn't that what he suggested BLack Americans who are aboriginals of N America do? Black Americans are Not African and FarraCON knows this so why would he suggest BLack Americans go to Africa when Africa is a continent and know BLack Americans are not their people Watch the words of these snake oils man

  4. "black" is not a nationality, but mr. honorable minister farrakhan knows all to well we arent "black". why the semitic games with our asiatic brothers & sisters? just tell the truth, we are moors/moorish/moorish-americans

  5. that's not the point that there are so called African superstars..the point is that they should open businesses that promote African employment in America and world wide..WORLDWIDE..instead of marrying these leaches

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