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Louis Farrakhan – Talks Homosexuality In Hollywood

Please watch: “Dr Umar Johnson – Bill Maher VS Ice Cube The Politics of White Privilege”

Louis Farrakhan talks homosexuality in Hollywood, Dave Chappelle and Tyler Perry


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  1. its wrong and nasty. . the bible and the creator ARE NOT RELIGIOUS. people are.. the creator simply said its not for us to do opposites attract not the same.. they wanna push this mess in our face and say accept it. ITS WRONG EVIL AND DOWN RIGHT NASTY

  2. No where in the Bible is homosexuality endorsed by God. The promotion of this nonsense is to break people's religious faith. We appear to be in the book of revelations. Strengthen your faith. Rev 3:9

  3. because the world is not ran by Christians alone..its ran by gay Catholic men and masons too.. a high percentage of the catholic church is gay and the pope is considered god

  4. Go to the book of Corinthians and you will see the laws that forbids homosexuality and look at what happened to sodom and Gomorrah? People who are gay will not like to listen to this message.


  6. Slavery was condoned in the Bible, and men had more than one wife. Where in the new testament does Jesus condemn homosexuality(specifically)? President Obama supported gay and lesbian rights, and gays can now legally marry in all states. I know some gay Muslims personally. Black people should not discriminate against gays considering the fact that whites discrimination of Blacks for decades. Love conquers all.

  7. I am not gay but i fucked up a while ago.i was under heavy drugs and he is right.i admit I sinned and now I don't mess with any of the crap i was doing.i still don't agree with men laying with men,that goes for women too.if that's what your weak emotion take you too …then let that be you.i like,love women….thier different and nicer part of us

  8. Now here we go! Homosexuality in where?  No honey you got it wrong!  Homosexuality is amongst your followers as well  and that bullshit you talking about?  Who's to say and it's none of your business who likes to funk whom!  Would you turn down donations based on one's sexuality?  I'd doubt that very seriously Mr. F!  You really need's to stop!

  9. if homosexuality was of NO offense the males in HOLLYWOOD wouldn't spend so much $$$ trying to convince "as many people as possible" they were females. vice-versa. #DECEIT! Nor would so many males try to deceive females they are/were interested WHEN in REALITIES it is another male they desire, vice-versa. ugh! A BIG MESS. But let's NOT OMIT THE PEDOPHILES in Politics & The Buildings called churches that are 501 c(3) …

  10. Hatred will always win. Thanks Chicago. I'm from garbage! I am from garbage! This man not only killed Malcolm but I am willing to bet when he had a dick, got it sucked so much, his head was spinning. Malcolm was not a social conservative. Malcolm was a real progressive. If he had been President, like Barack, when assassinated the entire race would have sacrificed itself destroying the country for war and real progress against elite oligarchs. Louis Farrakhan is America, Trump AND Obama (you remember flipflopper II said he defined marriage between a man and a woman). Love like Malcolm and Martin, just dies, rich elite trash reigns and we all help them vacation more than work. A dress is a piece of cloth like a hijab on a woman! What that moraless trash Tyler Perry says when he PUTS ON THE DRESS IS THE SHAME AND DISGUST of those who have power through this medium. He enacts 19th Century Minstrelsy. Nothing has changed. Brother Minister's empire is sitting on Stony Island surrounded by war. This dangerous Louis Farrakhan is no different than the dangerous sects of orthodoxy in Jews here in NYC. Love and Justice, I used to think, could co exist. Now, I realize they are both fake. America, which should be synonymous with power, will never be diminished no matter what it evils. I and the real Farrakhan may have only one thing in common. I hate America.

  11. homosexuality is a choice just as molesting children is a choice. People weren't born thinking about raping and molesting others. Its a sick perversion. Come out of those ways. It's easy

  12. Gays and lesbians have always been in the world since humans have been here and will always be here. And guess what? There is nothing homophobes like Farrakhan and David Duke  can do  to eliminate it. Nothing. And when homophobes are all worm food. Guess what? Gays and lesbians will still be here.

    The sooner obscurantism, superstition and religion (all of them) disappear, the better the world will be.

  13. I have a question that has bothered me for a long time. Mark 16:15-19 is a statement by Jesus that tells you how to determine who is a true believer. I have attended many churches and listened to different speakers of various religious beliefs and none of them have the signs that Jesus clearly states are proof that you are a believer. in fact , no one I know fits these qualifications. So my question is if no one fits the qualification for being a True Believer that were spoken by Jesus Christ himself, then is anyone a believer?

  14. I have a question that has bothered me for a long time. Mark 16:15-19 is a statement by Jesus that tells you how to determine who is a true believer. I have attended many churches and listened to different speakers of various religious beliefs and none of them have the signs that Jesus clearly states are proof that you are a believer. in fact , no one I know fits these qualifications. So my question is if no one fits the qualification for being a True Believer that were spoken by Jesus Christ himself, then is anyone a believer?

  15. Why did you have Malcolm Little X. executed Louie Louie?  Why do you have the picture of a Pedophile and a child rapist in the background Farriecan't? How many young teenage girls the The Dishoronable  Elijah Poole raped Calypso Louie?

  16. Love to hear Louis Wolcott give his speeches. Talk a lot does nothing. Why isn't the 🍉 of Islam patrolling Chicago? They are supposed to protect their neighborhood. Yet they sit on their ass while their own people murder each other by the hundreds. He mentions Malcolm who he had killed so he could be the leader

  17. As a gay man myself, I have read the scriptures, and I am well aware that it is not up to man to guide his own steps in life. We have to depend on the word and direction of the All-Mighty. What I know to be true is that it says in the old testament, as well as the new, that homosexuals will not inherit God's kingdom. I believe this. Farrakhan is a messenger of a god. If his purpose and goal is to deliver a message in order to transition me from a life a debauchery to a more clean way of being, then he needed to clean up his message. Several years ago, I went to see him when he came to my city. When he spoke of the gay lifestyle, he did it in such a way that was teasing, and insulting to a gay person. At that time his objective ,at that moment in his discourse, was to make the people laugh (along with him) at the disposition of the gay man. From my view point, how do you expect to minister to me, and appeal to my intellect to put on a new me when you are one of the people teasing me. That is a terrible and insulting thing that most gays have to deal with their whole life. Once he said things like that, the rest of his message would fall of deaf ears from the gay man, and I know that was not his goal. I am glad to see that he has changed his deliverance to the people. Until we are dead, we all have something to learn each and every day. I'm glad that he has seen the error of his ways, and is now doing and speaking better.
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  18. I have sympathy for those who are born with both male and female organs. They can't help the way they were born. My issue is with those who choose to do it for the love of fame and money.

  19. The God Fearing Black man, Black woman as well as the good White man and White woman would do well to follow this mans word.
    ——————————– —————————————– ———————————- ———————
    Hollywood will promote transexuals, pedophilia as well as beastiality when they believe the time is right and many who have no guidance, no concept of right and wrong and have lost their way will believe that we have the right to pursue pleasure at any cost.
    ————————— ————————————— ————————————- —————————
    I am not Black but I hear this mans words and learn from him but whether you listen to Farrakhan or another person who delivers the truth it matters not. Pursue the truth, treat your family and friends right, put love in your heart be willing to die in the fight against evil and hold your head up as a man and you will find your days long with happiness and respect.

  20. I have no respect for these people. All they do is talk respect but behind closed doors they are committing adultery, having women and children every where, many deny them nor do they take care of them.. Please stop the you know what. What is he talking about? Trump doesn't even know anything about the kingdom. He is void of anything that looks like morality, decency, Christlike let alone Mohammad or any body else.

  21. Trust me . Will Smith  liked wearing the dress,  thanks to his  old handler Quincy  Jones.   Hollywood is Satans domain. Sodomites  , Pedophiles,  Lesbians,  and Cannibals.    90%  of your favorite musicians and actors  are souled-out.   in 2017, 68%  of Americans are brainless  Liberals.  Agenda 21 is alive and well.  The NWO plan is working .

  22. Homosexuality is provoked by the way in which they grow up their is always a psychological trigger that persuades them to "DECIDDE" to be a homosexual in which they will grow into the lifestyle and than will they begin to think and believe it is natural and part of who they are and that they were born with it but the truth is their was a psychological imbalance. Homosexuals dont want to admit their was a psychological problem because it could be traumatizing or their just living into the lifestyle and believe they were "born gay" aka gay socialization

  23. You talking right, and I will say this. You hear a lot new age Preachers and I quote "I'm not your fathers preacher" well, you can sure say that again. No bodies getting saved, and the anointing is not present. Todays church, and preachers are a joke to the world.,   And I will add, this, when  Jesus went into the Temple and turned over the money changers, He said, this my house, is a house of Prayer and you all turned it into a house of thieves" and he ran them out. I often think of that scripture, and how that the televangelist ministers today, always selling their goods, and at astonishing prices, as  high as hundreds of dollars..   The scripture that speaks of John's disciples, who asked Jesus, " John said are you the He will draw all men unto me",  Jesus  said, "the workman is worthy of his pay"  but I think there're    taking it  to far.

  24. Sir,I'm old and white and a Christian ,this is the first time I've heard you speak,I agree with everything you say and I'm glad you have the fortitude to tell the truth and may God bless you sir,keep the truth flowing

  25. I like Farrakhan he speaks well. One think I think he misses. We all peoples were made by God and the Satan wants to destroy all races (color of skin) and make one Race when it is done ( HOLLYWOOD PROGRAMING THE YOUTH ) monkey see monkey do. Then we people will be one mix of all blood same color ( EXCEPT FOR THE BLUE BLOODS ) then we will be easier to control. So things have been planned out by our elected leaders ( Our Future ), doesn't matter what country, color, or religion you are. WE are all in the same SINKING SHIP God help us all…

  26. Satan an angel i would think we agree, is not White, not Black. But this man and most Black preachers, are not really interested in God. No, they are interested in their Race, before God, not God before their Race. I hear it so clearly in all this man says, yet, I find myself agreeing with a lot of what he says. These co-operators with SATAN, are destroying LILY WHITE Europe. Why? They could care less about Negroes in Africa cross dressing. They have destroyed England, France Italy, and the United States. I think I hear him saying, and correct me intelligently if I am wrong, that the Black man is going to inherit the Earth and White men, who were the Devil in the Garden of Eden will perish to hell because essentially they are Satan. He speaks or tries to speak covertly and tries to cover his deep loathing of White people. Deep down, I think he is in turmoil. What does he really do in that quiet and personal time, you know, the time when NO MAN, NO WOMAN is looking? I agree with him on the Zionist problem. But the ruler of this world and WORLDLINESS is not a RACE. It is a spiritual war, God is not a RACE. In fact, expecting any particular race to inherit the Earth, is WORLDLY thinking, and so in that sense he follows Satan, because Satan, will use any man that will do his bidding. Jesus did not have sexual relations with anyone much less children. Jesus was tempted and went hungry for 40 days in the desert. We know Jesus was from an area of the world that is mostly dark skinned, so therefore Jesus most probably was not a blue eyed, blond haired European. THAT IS ART WORK, painted by WHITE people. Just like when a Black man paints a truly deep picture of Jesus he paints Jesus as a Black man. What the heck difference does the race of Jesus make anyway. It is not Jesus, nor Muhammad nor Abraham that preach RACE. It is the American Black preacher that does that. A White preacher that preached like Farrakhan would be LYNCHED..>BY HIS OWN PEOPLE…actually the same ZIONISTS that Farrakhan speaks of. I end with this. I actually like and admire Farrakhan, and, he may not realize I also admire Barack Obama, because I heard Obama in his own words speak of being devastated by his Grandmothers true feelings once revealed about Black men. I nearly cried for the man. I'm not sure I could carry the cross of a Black man in America. That said though, we are all fallen, and are in need of the One True Faith which is found in the Person of Jesus Christ.

    Contrary to what the title may suggest, this is not an article about the Nation of Islam’s (NOI) First Lady, Mrs Khadijah Farrakhan, or any of the other purported Muslim ‘wives’ of NOI leader Minister Louis Farrakhan such as ‘Sister Arifah’, ‘Sister Zinab’, ‘Sister Karen’, ‘Sister Tynnetta’ or any others.
    Rather, this article concerns itself with those alleged violations of the NOI’s institutional legal code – the so-called restrictive law– arising from Mr Farrakhan’sextramarital affairs with female celebrities such as the actress-singer Lola Falana
    and (it’s been rumoured) the Tony award-winning singer Melba Moore
    Concerning Ms Moore, there is a further allegation that Mr Farrakhan may have embezzled $50,000 in NOI funds to pay off debts owed by the soul diva during the 1980’s. The large sum of money involved has led to speculation that the payment may have been ‘hush money’ aimed at dissuading the artist from resolving her financial difficulties by selling a ‘kiss-and-tell’ story about her presumed romance with Mr Farrakhan to the news media. If true, this affair has all of the hallmarks of the NOI’s very own iteration of the 1994 NAACP scandal in which Benjamin Chavis, the group’s former Executive Director, was dismissed from his post over his misappropriation of $300,000 in the civil rights organisation’s funds in order to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit.
    Each of the allegations contained herein derive from the writings and broadcasts of NOI dissident Lance Shabazz as well as from individuals associated with Mr Farrakhan’s elite ‘Executive Protection’ personal security detail (commonly known as the ‘E-Team’) and who have shared their revelations in a well-known NOI online forum.
    Over the years a number of troubling allegations have surfaced, both online and offline (culminating in the 2015 Lance Shabazz memoir
    ´´blood sweat and tears´´ as well as his July 2011 Moving On farewell YouTube webcast), to the effect that Mr Farrakhan may have carried on a series of extramarital affairs with women, both within and outside of the NOI, in flagrant violation of the 6th tenet of the Restrictive Law of the Nation of Islam (RL-NOI) – as recorded in the NOI publication The Supreme Wisdom – which strictly forbids fornication and adultery. In addition, Mr Farrakhan has long been suspected of participating in the 1965 murder of malcolm x
    – and then lying about it – in clear breach of the 20th, 22nd and 25th tenets of the RL-NOI.
    This has raised grave concerns about the independence of the NOI’s judicial process, not the least of which is whether or not Mr Farrakhan, as leader of the organisation, is bound by the same laws that govern the conduct of the movement’s rank-and-file – and whether the NOI chief is acting in a just and lawful manner when he punishes his subordinates for the kinds of violations of which he is alleged to be far more guilty. It also raises fundamental questions as to whether or not, in the event that the NOI leader is found culpable for such violations, the movement has adequate procedures in place through which to establish a
    ´´special tribunal´´ and appoint a special counsel for the purpose of subjecting Mr Farrakhan to a Nixon-style special impeachment proceeding aimed at holding him accountable for his suspected high crimes and misdemeanours.

  28. Hope NOI will reveal to FOI the Bible & Quran present Earth as a flat circle w/ Dome. The same Satan LF speaks of is the same which tells us we're on a ball in space & unimportant. The same deceived the world with this thru movie magic aka Hollywood NASA.

  29. When you pair sex with ideas, those ideas take root in the mind with incredible force, especially a young mind. Art, as Plato said, should be banned in a Republic. I wouldn't go so far, but I would bring everyones attention to how dangerous and corruptible art CAN be if not used for goodness, but for the purposes of evil. Art should show us the way of truth and goodness rather than hate and evil.

  30. I wish GOD would start killing the top people in Hollywood who are calling the shots. All those into those sick pedophile/sex rituals. That's my sincere prayer for Hollywood. I hope GOD destroy every actor who KNOWINGLY PROMOTED those abominations. Amen!!

  31. People are so stupid. Sex without the benefit of marriage is a sin regardless if you're straight, gay or bi. People need to stop taking part of the bible that only seem to benefit their argument. It should be all or nothing.

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