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Louis Farrakhan – Talks About Jay-Z & 4:44 Album

Louis Farrakhan – Talks About Jay-Z & 4:44 Album


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  1. Give me some specifics what he has done for the progression of black people. Nothing. Tidal is host in a foreign country with 99% white. Please let's stop trying to make these people out to be more than what they are.

  2. "Study the white man he is successful " video lock off right after that.. coon I can be successful too if I steal everything and create laws that give me privilege while suppressing others

  3. I liked Jay-Z's song "The story of OJ" it said things that a lot of us already knew, and it said things that the youth need to hear in order to motivate them to think bigger. I don't know or care about jay z but even if that song inspires 10 young black men and women the way it intended then it would be considered a successful song in my opinion.

    I don't seek jobs, I seek to build an empire myself. I might not be a billionaire but I hope to leave something tangible for my daughter. I hope to change the "always seeking job" mentality in my neighborhood because it cripples us. It limits us.

    I think of some family members in Senegal who sew, and make leather shoes and bags, so talented! We have all the skills to create a successful business. And success is not really about money but money does help a lot. Anyway, my 2 cents.

  4. Dam I had niggers,,but love my "black People" you niggers,,throw shade on any bit of growth from there people,,they can't see change or respect anything that's positive,,,
    They sit back @ wait for a chance to throw shade on any situation,,,,F-N SLAVES…

  5. Looking at these comments explains our current state as a culture, we will never lift each other up, it's always selfishness that comes out when u speak on other people of your color, like Nas said – niggerhatred

  6. our problem is…well some of y'all problem is…you can't pass who you think these people are to hear the knowledge they speak. illuminati had done a great job on yall. they have made you some against them they have you beleive anyone of color that is successful could not possibly do the hard work to get there on the own. it the same as when you say white people keep you down when it really you not taking advantage of opportunities that are available and multiplying it to your finacial advantage.

  7. I listened to Jay's song "The Story of O.J." and caught the hidden messages to the next generation. Don't get it twisted!.

    Ok, so pooling money created Tidal! It's unfortunate that some don't see the big picture and abandoned ship. Dumbo!

    We must stand together! Hey, we can argue why there are societies some secret and others aren't, however, my point is that originally most were co-operations between peers. There is strength in numbers (pooled money is a lot more than individual money and that's major buying power).

  8. At 3:44 The million dollar question "IF " ?

    Consciousness is a byproduct and has been for awhile now !smh

    Collectively as a whole were losing ! Individual groups branching off worse than the Bloods , Crips , Folks and Lords !

    We have bought into the hype of talking , debating , discussing !
    Not enough farming, creating, planning and producing "plan and simple" !

    Most know what time it is, unless you live under a rock !

    The time for talk has been over !

    Farrakhan it's time to pass on the torch ! We need fresh ideas and action !

    I have nothing against you , it's time though ,to anoint a predecessor !

    Elijah had land , stores, produce (come on now ) !

    We need land,community gardens ,stores, produce , housing , tailors ,and that's the basics ,js !

  9. sad how many of us are so brainwashed…. every step for progression, is a positive one for the overall goal….. stop being haters and use this time we got right now to properly education….. This free marketing to the real ones, in the field and trenches. It don't matter who did what to who if you don't learn from it. What are we doing now with the knowledge?

  10. "Y'all think it's bougie, I'm like, 'That's fine'. But I'm trying y'all a million dollars worth of game for $9.99."

    The problem with most people is that they're either TOO CHEAP to buy in, or too caught up in being a hater to listen.

  11. and he MUST NOT KNOW that Jay Z hires 5 Jews for every nigga he got on his team, hell he even got becky wit the good hairz/head on the bench for when bey on the road workin for them. (A.k.A Rihanna/Ri Ri)

  12. Gen 15:13  And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed(NIGGERS) shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs(ALL CONTINENTS DURING THE SLAVE TRADE), and shall serve them; and they(WHITES) shall afflict them four hundred years(1619-2019); 


    Gen 15:16  But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again:(PALESTINE)OUR HOME.

  13. We have to start somewhere, one thing I'm revelating with me is this, I heard of many people in the conscious community and then I know people of consciousness. There are two different types of conscious communities I've come across, and there maybe many more.
    1. Conscious Knowledge-having the know that it exist but some know and it on the ledge of consciousness being a spectator,
    never getting into the game to be the game changer. We have all been there. But,
    2. Conscious Being-Is Truth-and it is exactly that, BEING that Truth, in being that truth we allowed that knowledge to transcend into BEING consciousness, BEING the game changer and not a spectator.BEING, consciousness brings change, because we are in action with Truth, which is a unstoppable force that cannot be denied.

    Ex: Football
    We have people who sit in the stadium and have knowledge of the game and spectate how the game show be played for how they would have done a particular play to win. But the reality is, they are on the sideline they have no clue about that game, or being the player. The player is BEING the football player, playing the game, accomplishing the goal, and that's to win. Big Difference.

    It does make a difference because some are knowers and others are BEINGS. We all must come to a level of Being! and not just knowing! Our responsibility is to BE the conscious BEING we came here to be. Consciousness is so vast, it's Infinite, as we all have a position in that space of consciousness. Being consciousness gives us Wisdom to understand one another's BEING. TRUTH just is, not a debate!

  14. Jay Z can't lead me NO WHERE! He is only out for self and is only making this so called conscious album to mimic the consciousness that true moors are awakening themselves with. His love of money is his god. He will not help his people in any way form or fashion. Our new beginning is us coming into knowing who we are which is not "black" people but moors. Our agenda is National first and not monetary. Farrakhan is fishing for young followers. It's time for truth to reign and not propaganda as it has been.

  15. A leader in what ?
    Money ?
    The man has given and sacrificed lives blood to get to this peak in this world
    Jay Z worshios satan so whatever money he has I don't want it if it comes at the hands of evil

    I was apart of the NOI I am a Muslimah and I love my brothers and sisters in Faith however I have to agree to disagree brorher Minister

    You know what's happening in Hollywood its just very sad that your efforts can only go so far

    That whole album is evil however I see the divine wisdom you use to get at least something out of it for our people ita not easy being moni in the middle may Allah guide you and protect you and make it easy for you to wise Ameen

  16. Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihana, Kanye West, P. Diddy etc, all the blacks artists musicians and actors have not done nothing for the black people or for their own communties. The Elites Zionists Jewish control all their asses and if they step out of line? Look how quick they put them back in check? I mean look at what happen to Colin Kaepernick since he refuse to stand for that shitty US flag? Not any football leagues will take him on board, and who really cares if they DON'T…. WE BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD BE RALLYING AROUND COLIN KAEPERNICK TO GIVE HIM OUR SUPPORT FOR WHAT HE BELIEVES IN AND STAND FOR, AFTER SEEING MANY BLACK MEN/WOMEN GETTING UNLAWFULLY GUN DOWN UNHARMED AND KILLED BY RACISTS COPS….NOTHING BUT WHITE SUPREMACY ALL AROUND! ….KMDT


  17. When you have and opinion of everything that don't make sense and everybody follows that opinion, the man with the opinion is not the question, its the fools that follow him. If one more person tell me what Farrakhan say, i'm going to tell him to go to hell. I don't give a damn, if you don't like what is said, Some people think Mr Farrakhan is right on EVERYTHING in this World

  18. Black people are mentally locked. Because why is it that most of you are knocking a message that is in large part is accurate. First of all if you really listened to Jay Z he has always preached financial independence but we only hear what we want to hear. Reasonable doubt was filled with advice . Another thing that is so annoying is yall are bringing up stupid shit about this message being given along time ago. If it is a message that's needed why does it matter if it was said before.

  19. This man is a hypocrite and he is a homosexual but they don't want to put them on blast this man it's a fake he works for the government I'm surprised he not down with Illuminati

  20. Minister Farrakhan is full of shit isn't he the one who organize the million man march never heard of him supporting the black family March what kind of leader is that peace of shit… but he's happy to tell you to support tranny's fuck you shitakan

  21. Jay-Z is a big dude. A lot of men want to be like him because he's accomplished a lot of their dreams which is to have a physically beautiful woman, riches and to be successful period. Louis Farrakhan is just hoping that the Black community starts to practice what Jay-Z is explaining in his 4:44 album.

  22. Full of crap. Jay Z has done nothing for the black community. Only thing he has done is made himself richer. Now Oprah is a different story. She builds schools in Africa and so forth. Jay Z is a clown. I have lost respect Louis for promoting this Jay Z clown. Jay Z hasn't said anything in his album that the average intelligent black person doesn't know. Bye with this foolishness. I wish Tupac were alive.

  23. It's hypocritical of min farrakhan to praise jay z's album that contains gratuitous use of the n-word when he has always been very critical of the use of that word.
    If history teaches us anything about farrakhan, his endorsement of jay z is political and financial.

  24. Farrakhans speaking truth and droppin a gang of gems just like Jay-Z was not only on his 4:44 album but a myriad of his other albums beforehand, the only real significance in this album is the fact that it reflects his growth into being a better person and thinking about family units along with the financial future of our people. In all honestly I have to say that it really sickens me to see that so many people are so f**** ignorant to the intelligence that both Farrakhan and Jay-Z have exemplified within both of their Legacies. Instead of listening and building on the conversation productively our people are busy ranting about s*** they don't know any f**** thing about like this Illuminati bullshit or Satanism; things that they inadvertently already unknowingly follow every time they work a job or turn on the television or use this very internet itself anyway, as a collective OUR PEOPLE ARE SO LOST.

  25. Jay-Z worships Satan.

    We are living in the last days, he's just one of the many false prophets that will try to bring you into Babylon. Put you faith in God and no one else or you will lose His gift of eternal life.

    When God returns every eye will see.

  26. There are some messages so powerful on that Jay-Z album and the mainstream media news and Hollywood didn't mention it!. This was a CALL TO ACTION! He said who owned all of news and entertainment and creates fake division between everybody! Jay-Z actually gets the right team of support…its on!

  27. I'm letting everybody knows that Mc shan new album is way better than Jay z albums if you are a real hip hop head go listen to the new MC shan is for the real hip hop head

  28. The bible told us to love our enemies and bless them:
    Matthew 5:44King James Version (KJV)

    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

    this is what he's doing.. But you people are doing opposite and this is why most of us Christians burn in hell and aren't getting far. Jesus had to bow down to Satan to play his game I'm order to get that crown back to make us Kings (even females are Kings) God speaks in masculine terms! Remember Jesus called Satan the prince of this world. He didn't disrespect him calling him all types of names except that he is coming and telling him to get behind him!! You people don't get it!

  29. Jay ain't no devil he just really pro black and he ain't selling himself short in any way at all an most people that are biggots spread those lies so our kids will believe what he does is impossible but he says from his own mouth that it can be done by other people you just have to commit your self to your success

  30. I'm telling you Jay z is about progressing who listens. Jay switched on power. He had it for past decade now he wants to empower. Rt. Been seen since I got the Keys and Beyonce Superbowl preformance

  31. All mouth pieces to the same dragon; the leader, the preacher, the jesters. Check what they're all saying? Hate, kill, envy, riches, denigrate women, violence. No matter which mouths talking is singing deaths song.

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LOOK! Illuminati Is Not The Only Secret Society Controlling America – Moor Societies Built The Rules

LOOK! Illuminati Is Not The Only Secret Society Controlling America – Moor Societies Built The Rules