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Louis Farrakhan – Obama’s Equal Rights For LGBT


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  1. I love hm! He speaks the truth in all of the Standards of God!!! The ONE God! What most people do not understand is that a true Muslim knows Jesus as well! Yes Jesus is mentioned in the Quaran.. they also believe that HE is coming again! The True Muslim is not ISIS, and they are mislead by the radical.

  2. remember…..jesus asked them…"who told you, you were nacked?….my brothers and sisters "satan"….it has been from the begining….man. and woman……not dikes or gays! repent serve jesus!

  3. GOD said, if you see a person committing sin, and you tell him of his sin, then the blood of that person is off of your hands.
    If the person confesses his sin, then you both are free of the blood on your hands.
    If the person doesn't stop, then you are blameless, and the blood is on his on hand. We must not see sin, and not say something. Even to death.

  4. I'm Catholic and I notice that Farrakhan promotes many things that my religion promotes and, conversely, condemns what Catholicism condemns. Homosexuality, immodest dress, adultery, permissiveness etc ad nauseam. I have more in common with Farrakhan than I do with the Clintons and I'm white. Thank the Lord, our Irish President, O'Bama will be gone in short order. PTL

  5. OB has tricked all of Islam. Michelle is a man and Obama "Barry" is as gay as Elton John and his open marriage. Child rapist and trafficker is his legacy.Disgusting how he turned on all Muslims. I feel bad they were all tricked and lied to by their King Brother… I feel like most of the world just got divorced from some of the religion they have believed their entire lives. I cant even call myself Catholic knowing that the Vatican has changed the way of the land. Its a shame for anyone whom does not have a God to have faith in. Peace n Joy is what I Pray for everyone of every religion. Peace be with you all~

  6. I don't fuck with Barry O but even if Michelle is a transgender and I can trust that it is a possibility, HIS husband still look better than half these little dick white mofo's wives as a tranny. Ya'll shut the fck up with them dry pussy hags you're married to

  7. Of the past few of his sermons I just watched, each time when he gets into saying hateful things about gays, he says, "Don't go," "Don't run away," etc. I guess that's his schtick.

  8. Muslims don't believe Jesus is God,they think he was just a man that walked around doing good work !! A Muslims God is Allah!( false God)! I watched another video where he said praise Allah !! This guy talks out of both sides of his mouth,he starts to make sense then back tracks !! He has all the qualities of an OCCULT Leader,,!! Very Scary guy !!!

  9. I don't know, I really don't but I believe genetically when you separately men and women by degrees…. faggy weirdos are a byproduct…., but the product of those generations are mostly beautiful women and thoughtful soldiers. only once in a while do we get an economic (politician) or a sexual libertine..

  10. Yea right you love who get the fuck out here , what the hell you doing to make a difference , not a damn thing , you don't sound like Muslim to me you sound like a clown without a job.

  11. I am white, old, and Catholic. I do not agree with many things Reverend Farrakhan says, but this was a magnificent lecture. I admire him quite a bit sometimes. I think in many ways he is very honorable.

  12. I'm disturbed and i don't understand why you have to publicly talk bad about Barack O'bama. you are a man that has held a high position in the nation but your lack of respect for another black man publicly is a disgrace. You are the complete opposite of Malcom X, and will never be a Malcolm X. You shame his family and his kids which is totally disturbing and not to mention shocking. Even if you believe or feel that all these things are true why not go to the man and tell him like the man you claim to be and expressed to him how you feel. Louis you publicly and ignorantly talk about another black man. There are white people who are looking at your hateful antics as well. Let me share one thing with you Brother Louis, the tongue is worst than a gun and you just shot the Obama's family with many bullets. I thought you was against black on black crime?

  13. As a white christian I stand with Mr Farrakhan on many subjects. We do not always agree on every point but I have grown to admire him. He stands in the gap and speaks much truth for people who have ears to hear.

  14. People still fighting about what's right based on the teachings of men from ancient times without a shred of scientific evidence to support any of it. It's all fiction and your faith doesn't make it fact.

  15. He's not the first gay president!!!! Michelle is Michael, Larry Sinclair was a man, Donald Young was Barry's boyfriend and Barry was fucking pastor Jeremiah Wright too…so i think that qualifies him as gay. But not qualified to be a US president. So he's just plain ol gay

  16. 1 min mark. That's because they're unrepeated and continue in their sin. Those who stop committing the sin's listed in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Galatians 5:19-21 and elsewhere are the only ones that are born… again. (of God)
    So your message is skewed. All those Hippocrates go to Eternal damnation. I'm not exempt.
    Those that endure to the end faithfully…shall be saved.

  17. yeah well farrahcoon had faggots speaking at the last million niggas begging the white man march….so im guessing this speach was made before they gave him money to do a 180…

  18. let me get this straight !!
    he is judging people who judge gays by saying no one has a right to judge but god .than think for someone else by saying….YOU THINK …you are better than them..conclusion..
    thinking for people and judging people by not admitting judgement of self…..
    great speak ( sarcasm)..laughing..a hot mess.

  19. This man [Faracon] is out of reality degrading the achievements made by former President Obama. Need to examine himself or be examined by a psychiatrist. I have watched him marking courageous comments. But, this time hi is out of line. Obama is the first President to go see black prisoners and who tried to remedy the plights of our black citizens. I wish he understands Obama happened to be a black man a president for all.
    Good luck with Trump. Where is your comment about Trump?

  20. The confused "minister" once again speaks the truth from the Bible, while calling himself and his confused congregation the Nation of Islam. Obama is a Moslem hiding as a "christian". Now the confusion deepens with this video: the first gay POTUS. I call him the trans-gender fagg POTUS. I'm adding my confusion here: Obama the tranny.

  21. Farrakhan asks "Am I running you out?"

    I am a traditional old fashioned Southern White man, and am surprised to find Farrakhan's words drawing me in, because there is so much truth in them.

  22. That is not Proof. Just bc you heard it don't mean it's True. I only go something someone says out of their own mouth or If there is an actual Video. Anyway, NOBODY is Perfect and everybody got a secret..some more than others. HOW ABOUT ABOUT YOU….so shut up…

  23. Obama sold out black people. Obama was not a good president, but because black people have always suffered in America, him being a half-breed made the [email protected] a little more tolerable. Obama biggest sellout came when he put a Hispanic female on the Supreme Court. A black woman should be on the Supreme Court, and there are a lot of qualified black female judges and lawyers out there. Some of the Supreme Court justices we have now on the Supreme Court weren't qualified when they were nominated and confirmed. Hispanics will always look out for Hispanics, whether they are from Mexico or El Salvador, they only differ culturally, not ideological…Now there is no telling if we will ever get a black female on the Supreme Court in my lifetime. This half-breed [email protected] gave to everyone but black people…and blacks still think this [email protected] was the best thing since hot sauce…

  24. same sex marriage is an abomination to the everlasting father that ISAIAH PROPHESIED ABOUT !!     Isaiah 9:6 !!  …..too bad the minister denies exactly what that passage says !  Does Islam know better than one of God's prophets like Isaiah ?!   surely not !

  25. Mr. Farrakhan, can you kindly stop using my Lord's Name in vain due to the fact that you don't know him. In fact, the same sinful people you are talking about is going to end up in the same place as you…. if you don't repent of your life and Islam, as well. But it is really not even intelligent to use the Name of the Lord who is from another opposing religion, perse.
    No one in Christianity is using the Name of Allah (even though it is in the Bible and of Hebrew origin. Just like the forefather of Islam, Abram's firstborn son, Ishmael, outside the covenant and commonwealth of Israel) or 'Islam' or once name your Prophet in illustration. I think the Lord is pulling at your shirt tail.
    What if Mashiah showed you the way. And revealed the Hebrew God you, of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who is Israel. And you single handedly delivered the nation of Islam under you into glory. The million man march would be a trickle in the bucket compared to what God Almighty can do. I am Messiah' Seer, sir. I am sent to serve but can only serve you right.
    The kingdom of Christ will manifest, and he will claim all those who claim him as God's own son's, and so will the Father. (zech.3:16-18) there is a secret place my friend that very few attain to. You are in your destiny. Why not make it sure unto eternity. It will manifest whether you or anyone believe it or not. The Heavenly father has more than He needs to start over again in the millennium. It is coming soon, by brotha'. And being a man of great respect to the Islam community, and the power of God, that you have no clue of – Christians don't either – the Ruach of God – Zech.4:6.
    But I do have a lot of respect for you , sir, than I do for most who call upon the Name of the Lord in vain themselves. It is like, they are suppose to read the bible but you read it. And this thing about Obama and signing that bill. The bill was of the Heavenly Father. It is to mark as a sign of the times. Simply becuz the bill could have easily been defeated before it got to the floor. It was defeated over 15 yrs ago by a group of 10,k people from a certain church who were given a number from a member who was an Assemblyman, to call in Sacramento and deny the bill's worth. We did and it worked. But this age is about to end.
    Besides all that, don't be hatin' on the ONLY BLACK MAN that made it (twice!) in the devil's office! Give that man some props like you would expect it from EVERY black man if you had've ran, and got elected. You may say, but I would not have signed that bill. that is why God Almighty (His Way are not your Ways, nor His Thoughts your thoughts) did not put you in the white house. I know you would have been in there talking about, that's right people the slaves that build this place built it for us…and God chose me. But I ain't signing no bill for no dat-gum homo-sex-chiles! I wouldn't signit either. That is why I am a Seer and you are a Minister. That 10,k strong thing can still work even for Islam.
    How can anyone not see the signs of the times? Obama signing the bill is setting the nation up for the dissolving of the marriage institution. It must needs be, says the Lord. All, if not most, of women on earth have already gone a whoring after mammon. More money is being made at prostitution around the world than most wall-street corporations.
    As small as japan is, it gross several billion yearly, and had 20,k reported rapes in 2016. They are just one of the nations around the world like that. And they are marked for distinction as a society. They refuse to procreate, and yet are totally bent on sex. The anti-christ cannot, nor any man, other than Christ, rule the vase majority on earth.
    The population must dwindle in order for the new order to come. There are at least 4 more phases to go. It is right around the corner I tell you. Homosexuality is going to contribute to the diminishing population of the earth in preparation for the coming 7 years of great tribulation, one of the phases above.
    The world does what the USA does. Over 350,k people die everyday in the world, and are lost. It is going down to 1/3 of that for births. When hell enlarges herself the earth quakes. Yet everyday it groans for receiving uninvited guest. Hell was made from Eden the garden of God (the first one b4 the genesis completion) for Haylale' (who Latins called Lucifier). The first Eden became hell, and Haylale' became Satan.
    Like I said, I am Messiah' Seer the last treue one to appear before Messiah comes here. And I am telling you, Minister Farrakhan your position in life is the bottom of the totem pole your true destiny holds for you in this life. No religion would be able to contain you should you achieve that. It is hard to see with blinded eyes. God Almighty gives and takes away all blindness. I would say peace to you, but there is no peace. So I say, EnHaShem kodesh

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