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Leo Muhammad: Why We Wear Suits and Military Uniforms…

LEO MUHAMMAD: Student of The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan


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  1. 90rashad, you say that we are breeding out the white race but we ate also breeding out our culture by doing so, people change when they sell out, thwy stop fighting Black. Also… by your own rationale ..we are opening up ourselves to more and more diseases.

  2. Teach for unlearned who think they are wise, keep talking ahki. If they don't like it..SO WHAT! They hate the deen of Islam…because it speaks truth to their lies. As for the middle Eastern brothers…they should just shut up and keep quiet, especially the socalled "educated" one! Salaamu Alaykum!

  3. This place where the uniformed african is talking is called "speakers corner" where people can express their views and their beliefs. IN most countries where Islam is the main and dominant religion , most people are not free to express themselves or to talk about controversial problems. Nation to Islam should go to Saudi Arabia and start talking and they will see what will happen to them????

  4. I love the Noi, but I love the Original NOI from Malcolm's day up to 1975, not the New Era Noi. You only have to look at how Khalid left, it's too soft today with the media and cares about what it's oppressors think of them. Farrakhan has changed, but not for the better of his people. Salam to him still though.

  5. MAN!! Leo Muhammad is a master with the wordplay. The one thing about the nation of Islam is that they will always have an answer for your question and it will make all of the sense in the world.

  6. As Salaam Alaikum, I was born in the nation of Islam and as a junior fruit at 16 years old I was put in the men F.O.I. a little time later I joint the U.S.Army and became a SGT.  So military training is good for the mind to learn exactness, timing,discipline, it also trains the mind to think better!!! One of the remedies for the Native African American strip soul is to practice military drills. Before the Hon. Elijah Mohammed use it, Booker T. Washington use it at Tuskegee Inst. I think that every major learning center for African Americans should institute Military procedures. But must be caution not to joint it as a part of any religion. It should be a exercise not something to follow and practice as a religion. Every African American Church, Mosque, Temple should have military exercises.

  7. Love it, love it, love this Bro,Leo..Black women andlittle girls are being fired from jobs,,let go from elementary school..because of Afros or pom pom ..Natural black hairstyles! So, damned if you do,damned if you don't. ridiculous,racist,Caucasians.  use any excuse,.

  8. Do you want to be little black so much then we do something to be professional to be organized to be taken seriously its like oh why why you doing this why you why do you have to do the things that you do we want our respect

  9. lol either fuck off to africa rally ''your brothers'' who would probably cut you up for your money…. or shut the fuck up….
    and religion religion is evil and should be exterminated pointtttttttt wankers like this one are proof of that……… fucking idiots

  10. has much as i like his messages and he seem to be a smooth talker even though am a christian but all is video and talk is much of aggression and anger which makes me still have to disagree with is teaching and leadership  "WE WERE ALL HUMANS UNTIL RACE DISCONNECTED US,RELIGION SEPARATED US,POLITICS DIVIDED US AND WEALTH CLASSIFIED US"   humanity is the keyword irrespective of the past or present or race or religion.

  11. 5:55 You take us serious when we look like this 100 years ago those suits would not be a threat if they were standing outside the Bla Bla Hotel saying may I help you mam with his little name plate they would say this is a nice place and the help is so organized and clean

  12. Suits and military uniforms are better than the traditional African garb of a naked fly covered ass and a wooden spear!

    Of course Blacks forget that the only reason Africans are wearing any clothes at all is because of White missionaries and then tremendous quantities of used clothes which were shipped in from donation organizations in America.

  13. And what do u mean one of them was standing firm "standing firm"???? Were u not listening???? He said they are military style. And if u don't understand why comment. I don't understand why any other race but black would come here. It just baffles me that we can't have shit.


  15. Leo Muhammad he,s very right what he says peoples take more seriously the peoples that wear suits it Don,t matter if it uniform is more serious & more when is a educated person like him even better for the peoples to pay attention because some peoples are so full of ignorance that go more by the image first than the knowledge & the intelligence but anyway do you all imagine Leo giving that god allah speech there with his islam nation peoples wearing short pants or dress like a bad tiger like a thug they was about to think & see him like a old crazy they was not about to taking seriously!

  16. The Nation of Islam in the UK is insanity. Slavery on English soil was unsupported in English law and that position was confirmed in Somersett's Case in 1772, but it remained legal in most of the British Empire until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833.
    That is a 32 years difference from 1865. Leo Muhammad is a Jamaican WI. He has been brain washed by Louis Farrakhan
    Fact: the Nation of Islam disbanded because Wallace D. Fard, formerly Wallace Ford was not Allah/God of a manifestation of Allah/God. Every thing said in his diluted mind was false. Such includes the false story of a grafted race on an Island. A story told by Wallace D. Fard alone. It is not found anywhere else. The Nation of Islam is total bulls**t. Its really a cult following, now lead by Louis Farrakhan.

  17. It was written : The entire earth belongs to all of us, and none of us. If it really did belong to the righteous, the righteous wouldn't keep getting killed all the time. You Muslims are backwards in your thinking, believing you can just go kill other people because your paranoid holy men will kill you if you ask too many questions. Why do you think all the major nations are joining in to destroy ISIS? Will we not let you take our world from us. I know you say you will gladly shed blood for Allah. Really?

  18. Leo muhammed or whatever his real name is is nothing but a fag. He can´t deal with real life. He can´t a job. He needs to live on hand outs. Fuck you oyu filthy nigger. You come my way and put some horns on your head with a hammer.

  19. in century 21 blacks who want to be equal to whites are turds.
    because instead of asking for equality, best to stay in the shade and declares them war and overcomes them, a county all black, acts in the shade have to win our black supremacy, now it's our turn to rule, so is that I repeat do not ask for equality but conquer the black supermarcy because we were humiliated for 500 years and still we are being humiliated that's why I say to all the black study gain knowledge to become master, this world has to be rightfully ours, do not believe the shit of the enemies of conversations like that * I have many friends in the black communities * because we know that's a lie they can do it better than we lie and that's how they enslaved our bullshit grandparents, we will hold together against the enemy who is white, we take their women so we will for more blacks in the world thanks to interbreeding because we are genetically dominant, we ultimately for making their jobs will take all we have right the ocindental world, they used our They built grandparents europe and north america, so it is our
    long live the black West

  20. Is this the same "Nation of Islam" that Malcolm X left because of the scandal of Elijah Muhammad, and was killed by a black Muslim because Malcolm X exposed the organisation?

  21. Your wear the white devils suits because you secretly know Africans dress like savages compared to the Europeans…Imagine Leo Muhammed with a bone through his nose like his African brothers……Leo also loves using the white mans inventions…cars…phones…TVs etc…If you think the white devil is evil…then quit using his stuff..

  22. They hate to here the truth my brother I love how you have them looking if it wasn't for us black people the 🌎 wouldn't be what it is today keep preaching us young black man need to here this this was my first time listening and I've learned alot of thing

  23. I hear Leo talking all of this stupid shit…..but he doesn't want to go live in Africa……no….he likes the nice white country he lives in…..Even rich people like Oprah and Dave Chappelle would never think of moving back to the shit hole called Africa for good…they like their rich white neighborhoods instead…

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