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LEO MUHAMMAD: Why Caucasians Are Not Admitted Into Our Meetings.


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  1. Leo hates the white man…but he loves wearing the white man's suit and ties…he knows Africans still dress like savages in some mud hut villages and he is ashamed of his savage brothers…….Leo also loves the white man's inventions…cars..TVs…air planes…telephones…etc……keep using the white mans stuff and dressing like the white man…

  2. Judaism was the first religion to ever mention Moses…Abraham…etc…..The Jews were waiting for a messiah….not a false prophet named prophet muhammad…Christians believe that Jesus Christ is that messiah……So if you want to worship the God of Abraham and Moses… only have two options……Remain a Jew waiting for the Messiah….or become Christian and accept Jesus as the Messiah…..Religions that came hundreds of years later and stole from those religions are false religions..the work of the devil….The Jews said the real name of their God is Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, whose name was revealed to Moses as four Hebrew consonants (YHWH) called the tetragrammaton. The jews never called their God Allah..and neither did the christians…..that is a false name used hundreds of years later by a false prophet.

  3. You dumb Spooks clinging to Islam. Do you people have any idea what what Muslims did to Black Africans? For over a thousand years Africans were enslaved brutally. The castration, interbreeding, cannon fodder, and levels of slavery were extreme.
    Also which is well documented, Muslims converters from the Middle East that came here in the late 50's, 60s and 70s were sent here to convert American people to Islam as a kind of terrorist attack, They tried with the White youth and failed, then with the Hispanic communitys it failed to stick. Even attempts with the California and New York Chinese immigrants. But it stuck wonderfully to the Negro youth. It is very well reported by some of the actual Muslims that you were literally their last choice out of desperation; as blacks are not desired of Islam or as they said, "How can a monkey be an Imam." Problem is with you American Coons is that you got some white mixed up in you which gives you an intellectual and awareness boost but you all are still to black to know properly how to elevate yourselves. The Majority of the California Chinese were slaves that died faster than anyone for 200 years and now they have integrated and become successful. Sad little naps, just an imitating Ape species of the Homo Genus group that is capable of breeding with sapiens.

  4. nation of islam is fake,, a racist cult of innovation, the quran doesn't promote nationalism or racism, just because a guy as a good knowledge of history doesn't mean he's religiously correct!!!! Why do the nation of islam quote the prophet elijah from the bible to be the fool elijah muhammad??? blind sheep follow blind sheep!!!

  5. Your god was never Allah. Your prophet Muhammed called you raisinheads. Muhammed had black slaves.
    Get the facts straight you racist mother fuckers. And dont forget that slavery is still allowed in several muslim countries.

  6. so your the black panthers of war not of God and are race that you say God is so you judge over race when others before the black race even whites have been slaves mostly in Rome and more now who was the slaves and your prisons will not hold because the will lock some of you up but be brave I am the truth the way and the light as my father is the more of his father as he is the son as the holy ghost of sprits that gives freely as you repent in the mercy for many and the Muslims will not submit to no skin color but of God nor will Mexicans fall to your race of skin color to get others killed by your black wars of race Today I will break you even more you have no say so over Allah and the one that is and has come An you sound drunk in your witchcraft bow down and submit to your white God

  7. I am white. I did not enslave anybody. I am too young to have profited off of this society that benefits people of my skin colour. And yet you deny people like me the opportunity to do what they think is right for society. I don't deserve anything for who I was born to or what colour I was born as and neither do you. How can you claim to fight for equality when you so brazenly enforce the idea that we are not equal? The 'white devil' – how ironic that people have allowed themselves to fall victim to the very ideologies that they claim to oppose. As if any of us is defined by our skin colour. With hypocrites like you, we will never have justice.

  8. I'm Black and absolutely disagree. This is overcoming oppression by attempting becoming the oppressor. Why would you want to become your own enemy. Why would you want to take that position? If there is that much hate in your heart, you should be trying to understand and diversify yourself before reacting. Everyone should be able live amongst each other in the same land sharing the same resources and services. Call me a coon, Uncle Tom or whatever. You all know that this is NOT working. WILL not work. And HAS not worked. You know it for a fact. The only true progress is made cooperative.

  9. Hahahah! As if white people would want to go to their meetings. The real reason they don't let white people in their meetings is because they would have to hear truth and opposing views. Instead they get to listen to their own bullshit and agree with each other.
    Imagine meetings that didn't allow black people in?
    These people are so stupid that it gives me a headache.

  10. Lost your names? You were then given the right to choose your names, as well as being given an education, citizenship, healthcare, a right to vote or not as you see fit, protection by rule of law, armed forces and the police, and free speech which doesn't appear to exist quite as extensively in Continental Africa . . . . . Arabs started off the Atlantic Slave trade, as well as compliant powerful Africans like King Ghezo of Dahomey.

  11. But why did our own people including Louis Farrakhan kill Malcolm Little better known as Malcolm X? Is it because they didn't want to hear the truth about what Elijah Muhammad was really doing behind closed doors? Anytime a person speaks the truth about something or someone they don't want to hear the truth.

  12. Want the truth from the holy koran itself? The koran states in black and white several times that Muhammad was a white man. I say it again, it says it several times, that the prophet was a white man. It also says that he kept black slaves, one of them was called Anjasha. i swear, look it up, its in the koran.

    King abdullah II of jordan is a direct descendant of muhammad, and this is acknowledged by the muslim world. Look at his complexion, he is white. Black people need to "learn" how to learn, before the try to learn it seems.

    I swear it people, and particularly the black muslims, look it up in your own holy book.

  13. These comments made by white and the whites in this video proves how insecure they are when it comes to black people. White people don't even live in the same community as black people, and the only time black and white people react with one another is outside the black community, and the only information they hear about blacks is from FAKE NEWS, but yet they think they know us. They follow us everywhere.

  14. i saw a white boy in a bow tie at the last million black men begging the white man march…and he was being protected from questioning by other black bow tie muslims…ijs…

  15. If anybody please tell me the truth ?? This man say caucasion are not allowed that's mean Aryan semeitic and hamitic ( caucasion) that's what the definition says ,, so it will be Europeans middle Eastern north Africa and horn of Africa and alot of parts were hamitic in Africa all caucasions ?? I'm sorry to say that but it's true it's inside history ,, so who is caucasions to him ???

  16. Freedom this is as a farce if this guy to do only knew the Caucasus the mountain region south of Russia are Muslims and they've been fighting for their religious freedom from the Russians of the North.

  17. Asians and Arabs are NOT black people! They can be just as racist as whites! remember the Arab slave trade where Africans sold their people to the Arabs was almost 1000 years before the transatlantic slave trade and Arabs enslaving Africans is still going on in the Middle East so dont be so quick to call Arabs your black brothers. Try marrying one of their sisters or daughters and then your black ass will see how much of a black brother he really is!

  18. Always telling us to do for ourselves and be to ourselves. Then, get rocks in their jaws when we actually do it. The other thing that pisses me off is I hate it when people act like they are sooooo upset about not being graced with your presence, when they know damn well they don't want you around in the first place.

  19. As an American of European decent I would like to invite South Africans of European decent to America and England should expel Leo Muhammad he is foreign born and should be made to leave

  20. What is really killing Muslims is there jealous of the white mans inventions and innovations, Muslim/ Islam is failed hate cult, that is desperately trying to hold on to its dark age roots. Seeing this devil cult in its desperation is a sight to behold, as it spews out its hatred from every inch of its demonic evil presence ( yes folks the devil cult of Islam is showing its true face ( pure evil)

  21. White people's "reverse racism"…their exclusion by others for fear they will destroy, and dismantle what another builds up for himself. They've proven time and time again they are devils yet continue to expect trust from all they've wronged. Been there done that……for CENTURIES. That's not racism but common sense to realize when people are toxic. Equality for all will never reside in them; incapable. Proof they are a fragile and insecure group.

  22. Go to Saudi Arabia and tell them Muhammad was a nigger. They would probably kill you. But then, Arabs are punking you niggers out and stealing your land and making you niggers slaves! But then, you beasts of the fields belong in slavery, ghettos and prison!

  23. I wouldnt attend this bullshit either. Muslims dont like black people either dipshits. Take a look at our own continent how UAE,Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries treat blacks. Even Egypt. Dumb fucks who don't know anything about their own history. The Arab and his religion is not for blacks either. What did Muhammad called black people in the quran?

  24. all that math he's using is from the "his-tory" of the so-called negro in the wilderness of north america…he's in the u.k.? what's the date for the end of slavery in england? curious

  25. You'll need to get some DNA Documentation on these Trick talkin Devils who try to claim Being mixed with black when they hated our guts since the beginning of time. Make them submit blood proof. But Esau continues to deceive, so it's best to lock them out this time The same as we blacks have no place among them the way they have oppressed us, so same as it should be that these deceitful crackers have no place among us, They got their tea party, and now they try to graph themselves in with us. NO WAY. Don't let Satan The Devil In. . . . You made that mistake before and it got our great leaders killed.

  26. If it all was left to black conscious leaders or black supremacist
    1. White people would be killed.
    2. Interracial dating would be prohibited
    3. Their own people would go broke while they (the leaders) get more richer, vain, famous, greedy, powerful, and fucking stupid
    4. All talk but no action
    5. They would fuck every woman but not father any of the kids
    6. They would not bring order but chaos
    7. They would argue over the fucking stupidest shit
    8.They will claim of not being racist while being racist
    9. If they do kill all white people the next in line are lighter people be it the Asians, Indians, Native Americans, light skinned brothers and claim it all in the name of racial purity (reverse KKK doctrine). Black supremacy is no different from White supremacy except in who they target
    10. Black woman would not be able to work but be submissive sex slaves
    11. And more hypocrisy would exist amongst them and their doctrine
    12. They will never unite even then because they will be fighting over territory literally until the last man is standing

  27. Fard Muhammed was a white racist n nazi agent of which these NOI leaders dupe you to follow and he himself told Elijah Muhammed and his wife that prophet is to great if a title to be called so god or Allah would be even a greater title to even possess because he knew that claiming to be God while I earth carries a burden of curses

  28. "We have not achieved racial equality"………………"we do not allow white people to our meetings"
    This is the backward logic of fundamentalist morons, may you all burn together with the racists from every other culture 🙂

  29. I'm black african … and this man don't know what d fuck is he talkin about … arabs are the worst when it comes to slave trade … far more than Caucasians … until this day this shit is happening even inside africa

  30. i see many who were infected by white lies about so-called Arab enslaving black people , i want to share with you some information , you see the Arabs rise begin when they accepted Islam then they came out from Arab peninsula and started Islamic conquest which resulted in building a great empire extended from Spain to the borders of China , during these conquests the Arab Muslims mainly fought against byzantine empire and Persian empire and since wars was the main source of slavery most of those who were enslaved by Arabs were white because Arab Muslims defeated Byzantium which was a white empire and the same goes for the Persian empire on the other hand Arab Muslims never tried never tried to conquer black Africa and most of the African Muslim nations have been accepted Islam though missionary work

  31. Der sollte seine Weisheiten in Afrika verbreiten,und vor allem DA bleiben,in Afrika.Wir sind nicht zugelassen in eurerTour.OK.Was macht ihr Schwarzen hier in Europa.Dies ist der Kontinent der Weissen und Schwarze sind nicht zugelassen.Bleibt in Afrika und erichtet dort die NATION OF ISLAM.

  32. Segregation now, Segregation today, Segregation forever from whites………whites don't even know why they hate black people, but we all know that they do…..1000

  33. Some Muslims are claiming that they never enslaved black Africans? They did and for centuries. There lies are simply falling apart at the seams as they desperately try to cover up the pure evil that went on during the Islamic enslavement of blacks
    Young black males where double castrated ( many died during this process
    The babies of young black female slaves where murdered so that female slave could focus on her duties
    The evil Islamic liars created some nice story lines to make out that they where nice to there black slaves( these are simply propaganda which Satan Islam is build upon) you only have to look in the Quran to see that it condones slavery !!!!!

  34. Racism swings both ways. I'm Irish , Irish slaves was sold for less and treated worse in comparison to other slaves from what my nan and her friends told me, even what history states aswell, What should I preach if he's using times before he was born as an excuse for being a racist. Just imagine how Irish folk feel with no-one to blame for our behaviour today. Oh wait we don't, we move on, if we've got a problem we settle the only way we know how. Bare knuckles. Live in the moment, let's be honest do you think god if you believe really wants you to be living a life with hate in your heart. Forgiveness heals the soul.

  35. Read this: ARABS WANT BLACK PEOPLE TO JOIN ISLAM. The reason is simple… As in centuries past, it was the Arabs that oppressed and enslaved the Black people MORE than anyone else, and now they want more slaves. Arabs are of the seed of Easu! So go join the Arabs thinking things wilk get better… But remember my words. Also you can move back to the continent of Africa and wait until the original people that sold black people into slaverly sell YOU. FOR IT WAS BLACK PEOPLE THAT STARTED BLACK SLAVERLY, it Was White People that abolished SLAVERLY… Yet you call US demons??????????

  36. These white folks are mad because they put themselves out by their behavior toward other groups of ppl. How long do they expect their bad behavior to be acceptable? Your kind goes all around the planet and kills and you think we are brothers? Fool you are no brother to the black man you have shown your true colors. These white folks really can't understand why we do not trust them although they go all around the planet and cause chaos and destruction smh bitch if a woman is raped do you think she should allow he rapist in her home?

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