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Leo Muhammad on todays’ Plight and Solution for Black people

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  1. If we wanna make a change in our community, we need to start within our
    own circle. We need to understand what `Black´ means! Let us begin why
    we were label as `Black´! It is not our idea to see us as `Black´! It is
    an invention by Piggi Pink people, who label themselves as `White´
    (White Supremacy)! It does not really sound smart to name yourself as
    Piggi Pink, it sounds a bit disgusting. So when the devil decided to
    conquer the world, think of the british empirer, those Piggi Pink label
    themselves as `White´! All african people got the label `Black´! Asian
    people got the labe `Yellow´! Native american as `Red´!

    White stands for freedom, peace, clearness! If you have a wedding you
    wear white! If you wanna end war, you put up the white flag!

    Black stands for every negativity! If you go to a funeral you wear
    black! …, black mail etc!

    That is not what we are! We are brothers and sisters of spirituality, of
    rythm, of joy…etc.!
    You feelin´ me?

    So why do we have to accept the psychological structure of color, that
    should define us invented by the devil/white supremacy, you feelin´me?

    If we wanna be free we need to stop to accept the idea of Piggi
    Pink/white supremacy! We must destroy the psychological pattern and give
    us our own label, invented by african or african american brothers and
    If we stand in front of a mirror, what you see? The answer is simple:
    You see a human, with black hair and a brown soft skin.

    So we got to lable us as `Beautiful Brown Human Beings´!
    That is the very first step to do! That is the very first invention own
    by african american people before we start to take over other things.
    That is the first invention to owe a psychological structure, you

  2. I have a message for black and African girls have children with white chicks and white dudes, so will for more blacks in the world our genes are dominant and one recessive, when a man or black woman has children with white people, thus existed least one white or white in the world

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