Lady Sounds Off Against Dr. Umar Johnson – Is She Right Or Wrong?


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  1. You complainin about Umar who does a great job with parents and their children so what you're rambling about really means nothing.

    Umar isn't perfect just like nobody else is, however, he makes mistakes and fools like you want to flip and look crazy like you do.

    that other fool is the one who STARTED that nonsense beef but nobody wants to talk about that though and that other fool ALSO made multiple insults that other folks share those SAME characteristics, yet, nobody wants to bring that up smh.

    You're wack and bitchin about nothin but despite the crap you saying, Umar Johnson WILL be SUCCESSFUL.

  2. Another miseducated black feminist government agent who's agenda is the same as the white supremacist, this pathetic lost lesbian is working for donald trump, question what is she doing to make the world a better place besides making YouTube videos about how she hates black men….someone tell this bitch the kkk is hiring……100 SALUTE

  3. Dr. Umar's rant against SETI was STRAIGHT CRAZY, and his apology was no better!!! I agree with you, he's week, and I cannot fathom why he speaks in third person, he is strictly self proclaimed!!! I use to like Umar in general, but after I did my basic homework on the brother, I found him to be very disturbing!!! His followers are desperate and choose to turn a blind eye to the obvious signs of his extreme arrogance, divisive views when upset, and asking for the people's money but condemn those same people when you don't get as much as you expect, and he certainly is no role model, I'm baffled that he still have so many followers!!!

  4. shut up you sound stupid what are you doing for our community ??? You sound like the Feds, You have no principles or Morals find another platform to get followers Im Disgusted with this video , You dont know this man personally so how do you know what this Brother been through . Speak for yourself

  5. Your entitled to your own opinion but you cant speak for me (who is light skin ) You would rather have your kids led by a White Teacher in a white school , Where your children would never learn the Harsh reality of Growing up as Minorities in this Racist country ! Rather then Give my Brother His Props for bringing awareness to Our community while you sit in the driver side of your car throwing around opinions That are irrelevant because what you say doesnt Matter and falls on Deaf Ears . While what Dr.Umar says has a Message That Federal agents such as yourself doesn't wanna hear ! Also by the Way Im Dr.Umars Brother and you have no idea what we have been through or the injustices We have faced due to a corrupt judicial system Ran by White Supremacists who prey On Afrikans Such as myself

  6. Dr Umar does great things for his community all day everyday..All information on how the school system works is on poiint..USEFULL more than anything, when it comes to the people dealing with the school system. And that is GOOD

    He does make mistakes here and there, he aint perfect..Why are you getting all mad about his mistakes..?
    let the man do his thing. Hes doin better things than most people out here..Maintain yo Malcolm, like Martin. Those are characters to defenetly take notice of..

    You know if Malcolm and Martin DIDNT argue over who was right with each other but accepted each others point of view respectfully lovingly while continuing they own thing they probly would have gotten even further in the civil right movement

    Its like Cornell West and Michael Eryc Dyson doin it now

    and you doin it yet again…

    everyone whats to be right..

  7. You may not agree with her but she has a right to have her say at least give her the respect that she had courage to action it but she does have a point.

  8. She told no lies! We can't attack our own. A light skin black man is as black as a dark skin black man. We as a people can't get caught up in petty bullshit like that while we're constantly being besieged by white supremacy.

  9. Ummm to the lady that made this video. Stop paying attention to the messenger pay attention to his message!!!! Umar acted the fool on purpose! He wants everyone to pay attention to what he is saying and not who it comes from!!! Brilliant on his part. He also could care less if you ever donate money to the school again because more than likely he's going to take half of what everybody put in and put it in his personal savings account and use the rest on helping our people. With all the YouTube videos he has done for free trying to uplift us hell I can't knock him if he takes a cut. Just don't take half though brother 😂😂😂 I personally put up 10,000 towards the school and if he takes 2grand for himself it honestly won't bother me. I mean he is a single father paying alimony and child support$$$$

  10. I respect your position but u really should not use a public venue to speak on what is clearly your personal misgivings sista..I hope u sent him this message yourself. Peace

  11. This sister has a right to her opinion, but, she has only grounds of emotions, the brother works on facts. WE have a part to play in life, man and woman. Sis, slow your roll, and play your part..

  12. Any of you idiots who agree with this , you're unconscious just like this fool. I've liked lots of views of chyna fox has said over the past year. But what is wrong with Dr umar Johnsons views on helping black people and what should be done. Dr Umar , is a upfront , tell the truth , tell it like it is type of person . This rant she has here is stupid ! Is she mad at Obama ? Or black trump supporters ! Is she upset about that ! Any black person who speaks against someone like Umar Johnson has no true knowledge of black history ! Chyna is mad and fault finding with Umar Johnson. I bet she has no issues with Ben Carson or Roland Martin !

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