Kobe vs Jordan: The Difference

Kobe vs Jordan: The Difference



The Beginning

Michael Jordan began his NBA career after going to the University Of North Carolina , and being groomed by the great Dean Smith. While at North Carolina Jordan showed flashes of his superior athletic ability. Jordan college career was capped off with a notable game winning shot over Georgetown. Once in the NBA the chains were off Jordan avg 28.2 pts 6.5 rebounds and 5.9 assist his rookie year. These are MVP numbers Jordan hit the ground running.

Kobe begin his NBA career straight out of High School. Kobe was already a great athlete but needed to polish his overall game. Kobe was the youngest player ever to be selected for a All Star team. Kobe rookie year was not as impressive as Jordan’s. Kobe averaged 7 pts per game adding 1 rebound and 1 assist. What was impressive about when Kobe came into the league he went from the 7 pts per game to 15 the following year , and 19.9 per game his third year. The Lakers lost in the Playoffs that year to the Utah Jazz , with Kobe ending the game infamously with two air balls. When Kobe came into the league no one expected this arrogant kid to actually live up to the potential he seen in himself.

The Peak

During the peak years of Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant is where we see the similarities of the two best shooting guards of All time. Although there numbers were great the biggest difference was the style of play , and the competition that they played against. Jordan greatest adversary was Clyde Drexler , and Mitch Richmond .Kobe went against Tracy McGrady , and Allen Iverson.Giving Kobes competition at the 2 guard the slight edge. While Michael Jordan played in a era that the Zone was illegal. Mike had to face hand checks and a more physical defense than Kobe had to face. However many would argue that it is much harder to score against a zone then a tough man to man defense. The evidence is in the statistic number s of Kobe vs Jordan. Jordan was much more efficient , but Kobe was more lethal from deep setting the record of most threes in a game at 12. Also Kobe was a much better volume scorer finshing with a better record than Mike in games scoring 50 or more.IMG_0343



The End

Jordan Finished his career as a Washington Wizard.  At the age of  40 Jordan played in all 82 games as the only Wizards player to do so. Jordan also became the oldest player to ever score 40 points.. While Jordan had just came out  of ownership of the team he  had much at stake in his performance. While Kobe is coming off a 2nd straight injury plagued season. Kobe tore his Achilles two years ago , many years ago that was career ending. Kobe has started his last season struggling& shooting bad , but also came close to a triple double against the Pistons. Before the end of the season  Kobe will give us one last moment. In the end Kobe still came up short of Mike when it comes to that elusive 6th ring. Although Kobe passed Mike for No3 all time in scoring.IMG_0342

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