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Killuminati The Movie Part 10 – Malcolm X & Freemasons Occult Mystery Schools


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  1. @KilluminatiTheMovie He still isn't a deity. God is the only deity. Sure Lucifer might have more power than us, thus the reason people worship him. But God is still over him. And there is a such thing as particle-wave duality. There is solid stuff around us, i mean take the earth for example. As far as i know, particles only exhibit their wave properties at the quantum level. Can you send me a link to the QM stuff you mentioned? Im doing some research into different topics that relate

  2. i didn't knew all this shit before but know they i started to see all this videos is like i was brain waqsh all my life cause in reality if you really think about it all the people inteligent that wore or are speaking the truth get kill like malcom x and other people!! like in my country mexico allot of people are being killed just for speaking about police corruption and atrocities

  3. @KilluminatiTheMovie Well said but I wanted to make sure u know that people that believe in God (u could call them religious) aren't against good, factual science. In fact I don't know any1 that believes in God that doesn't believe in the facts concerning quantum physics. Also lucifer is completely evil, there's no good in him. Any good qualities he may show r just to gain our trust so he can better manipulate & destroy us. Otherwise great comment. Stay vigilant my friend.

  4. Only on youtube. X speaks truth and nobody listens what he is saying is happening now and he only has 5 thousand something views but some stupid shit videos with nonsense gets millions of views… Damn smh

  5. God is the Universe. #FACT! We all exist as one. There are no deities. We have spirits, but there's no Hell or Heaven. Those are only concepts that were created to endorse human beings to obey the elite. But if you believe otherwise it really doesn't matter because in the end, we're all gonna learn the TRUE truth whether we want to or not.

  6. what is that great secret that illuminati have to be "enlightened" to? that there is no gods, they have all been created to control stupid superstitious idiots, by powerful people. it offers relief from worry and a blueprint on how to behave in order to be controlled. they all offer comfort for those afraid of dying, offering "everlasting" life to the insecure and weak, attributing circumstance and coincidence to miracles. its ALL a big hoax.

  7. That's incredibly ignorant. Psychedelic compounds occur throughout nature for a reason: they play a role in nature mental development. I've tried a number of them if anything, they reveal to you knowledge and insight that many mystery schools have kept hidden: We are all One. Now pure satanism is a completely different, and such substances shouldn't be abuse, just like all substances. But unless you've tried LSD for yourself, you have no say in the matter and you show complete ignorance.

  8. There is ample evidence in favour of the notion of a Creator. What is your evidence against? I am not simply a blind believer or so-called 'creationist', or whatever derogatory anti-religious slogan one may use. I adhere strictly to no particular religion and my belief is based on observation & experience, not indoctrination or foolishness. For evidence I cite the Hermetic Principle "As Above So Below" and the Golden Ratio as proof of this principle. Your statement was ignorant and ill-mannered

  9. A hoax is a fraud, a trick designed to mislead or misinform people. Hes wrong though, there are many atheists(ruling out suggestion) that reported out of body experiences after they were revived from death. Many people who were dead at the time managed to explain in immense detail the procedures that took place which allowed them to return(CPR, defibrollator and w.e. else). Those who reported no experience had very poor, inaccurate descriptions. Tangible, verifiable replicable evidence exists

  10. Read the book "Old Souls" by skeptic Tom Schroder, and "Life After Life" by psychologist Raymond Moody. Schroder turns from bitter skeptic to cornered believer in his investigation into reincarnation cases in India, Lebanon and the USA with Ian Stevenson. Riveting read. Moody relates many near-death testimonies that he's heard from patients, and notes the stark similarities, the only main variation being with interpretation. He explores many explanations, also a great read. (continued)

  11. (cont) Google these modern scientific terms. The Placebo Effect: if you take a sugar pill thinking it's an anti-depressant, it will work like one. The pharma industry maintains that in order to market a drug, they test it against placebo and it must be 5% better. The second term is Psychoneuroimmunology which implies that health is based on mentality. The third term is Neoplasticity. This is the idea that the brain can remap itself, using the will. All of these are proof of mind over matter.

  12. Coincidence does not exist, the scientific fact known as cause and effect proves this. All effects have causes, all causes have effects. On Earth, if a meteor strikes, it appears to be a random, chaotic misfortune. But from the perspective of the source of the meteor, it makes absolute and perfect logical sense, it's path could be mapped and end-point accurately predicted. There is no true randomness, anywhere, ever. Such is the nature of nature. Chance is but a word for causes unknown.

  13. Got it. But what you said is also misleading. "here are many atheists(ruling out suggestion) that reported out of body experiences after they were revived from death". Is there any study about this? A serious description? Or is it like the "21-gram experiment" that is a fraud?

  14. I am unfamiliar with the "21-gram experiment", though I'm interested in what it is. Is that the Nixon/Monkey "study"? I apologize, I did not mean to be misleading; I was not actually referring to a specific study, I was referencing various books that include re-iterated testimonies from patients throughout the 20th century. However, given the vastness of the 'parapsychological' literature I certainly can not rule out the existence of such a study. I could provide titles or excerpts if desired.

  15. 21-gram experiment was made by a doctor who weighted bodies at the moment of death and observed that the bodies got 21 grams lighter. He said it was the proof that the soul left the body and therefore was a soul. The experiment was later proven to be a fraud.

    Anyway, personal experience is not valid for a scientific conclusion. One could easily argue that he saw a giant flying shark but no one would claim it as evidence or even believe it. So I'm interested in the studies you mentioned

  16. He sounds like a fool, the study is vaguely familiar to me though I've never explored it. Assuming a half-truth, you'd think that someone would wonder if it's not gradual dehydration/evaporation of bodily fluids or something similar, rather than jump to conclusions. Was the proclaimed loss in weight the fraudulent act?-Or was it the assumption that said weight loss was caused by the soul. A fool he must be, to believe that something alleged to be non-material possesses a measurable weight.(cont)

  17. (2) I partially agree; the subjective is often quite tainted by unconscious thought-clusters, and these influence our perceptions of everything. Yet, with regards to 'controversial' experiences, it is often through analysis of the subjective that the objective makes itself apparent. For example, one may die and come to the light, perceiving it as Jesus; while another could interpret it as a dr shining a light in their dead eye; yet nonetheless the light is realized as a consistent aspect. (cont)

  18. (3) One could extrapolate -from subjective experience- objective consistencies that lie beneath what the mind builds around said realities. There are a number of common themes with NDEs, that appear across the board regardless of creed(or lack thereof). The four most common are; a tunnel/wormhole, a 'warm' light, a detectable consciousness within that light, and a 'holographic'-type vision of one's life. There are many different subjective interpretations of these objective experiences.(cont)

  19. (4) As I mentioned, they (some) are not 'studies' per se, many are contained within old(and a few new) books written by many different types of people, mostly non-religious psychologists. A particularly interesting one is called Life After Life by Raymond Moody, Psychologist; he had many agnostic patients reporting intriguing experiences aswell as the devout, sharing and analysing many testimonies. Interestingly, not everyone goes to the same place via wormhole; some appear above their bodies…

  20. (5) I suggest reading Life After Life as a 'primer' for the subject as he is very non-biased in his investigation and reveals many consistencies in NDEs now generally recognized as fact by much of the public and many therapists. He admits that it is not a study, but this is no detriment to his discoveries. He compares passages of the Bible and the Tibetan Book of the Dead to his patients, with striking similarities in many cases. There are other books worth mention, would you like a quote? Link?

  21. (1)You can send me links, and I might read that one day, but every book with a similar subject were disappointing to me. They were all vague in some way, or too personal. My mother tells me about a dream she had that could only be true because of the coinciidences that she noticed imediately after she woke up, but I've been in the same situation only to find out that it was only coincidences. But we could talk about it if you want, you are the first to be very reasonable (cont)

  22. (1)Thank you for your honesty, and for the complement. I understand very well your frustrations, there are many belief-based books on the subject used more for preaching than teaching, but there are also very non-bias inquiries; Life After Life being one of them. If I could recommend two books by skeptical, questioning authors, in favour of a non-mortal(not necessarily eternal/immortal) ego, it would be that book and Old Souls by Tom Schroder. The latter was a particularly riveting read. (cont)

  23. (2)Tom is such a pronounced skeptic that he ends up sounding down-right ridiculous at times when trying to find alternative explanations to what he's witnessing; often he was forced to turn to telepathy simply because there was no other way aside from some form of reincarnation. Every question crossing my mind out of skepticism was quickly fulfilled in exactly the same way within his book. I truly cannot recommend this book enough, it's available on chapters(free shipping over $25). (cont)

  24. (3)I promise you these books are far from vague; they are very much straight to the point & leave no stone unturned. Thats enough about the books(unless you want quotes). I understand your statement regarding coincidence, however one must differentiate between coincidence/ascribing significance to the insignificant, vs legitimate synchronicity. Regarding parapsychological phenomena, the Bohm model of the universe explains many 'impossibilities' quite easily and has much supporting evidence(cont)

  25. (4)There are a number of scientifically recognized phenomena that also lend support to the notion of man being more than body. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to remap or create new synaptic pathways with pure will; the Placebo Effect is when one takes a sugar pill believing it to be a cancer cure & it somehow cures their cancer(autosuggestion, mental healing, whichever term you like). Psychoneuroimmunology is the idea that your mental/emotional states determine your physical health(cont)

  26. (5)Though these are not conclusive evidence of a non-physical self, they lend some credence to the idea. There are also many other supporting instances, which, when taken together, can be quite compelling. " studies involve victims of an ailment known as hydrocephalus…can cause severe retardation and death if not treated..Two young children..presented with normal mental development for their age…no evidence of a cerebral cortex."Link upon request, studies by Lorber. (cont)

  27. (6)Those children died at ages 3 & 12 months; referring to the 2nd "He was still following a normal development profile with the exception of the apparent lack of cerebral tissue shown by repeated medical testing." His development wasn't hindered by the lack of a cerebral cortex, of which Wikipedia says: "The cerebral cortex plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language, and consciousness." Robert Monroe's OBEs are interesting, more to share if you're interested.

  28. (1)The kind of coincidences I have experienced could be put in every category from Dumb/Silly/Simple to Misterious/Spiritual/Intense. I can't remember of good examples right now, but they often come to mind. In the beggining, I mean, when I was young, I used to doubt my senses, my memory and my knowledge of the world then Science to a point that it could only be "meant to be". I started to understand by accident or investigation what those events really were. Most of them were Simple (cont)

  29. (2) usual events that happen daily, though I couldn't notice it because of superstition. But some were tricky. I accidentally found out by talking to someone involved or falling into evidence till I started to be skeptical of … well, everything. Then Life itself became so simple, so easy to understand. Things have a probability to happen that most of the times is impossible the calculate due to human interactions being unpredictable and often enough they.. happen. So what I couldn't(cont)

  30. (3) understand became what I "couldn't understand at the time" because of lack of information. Eventually all was clarified, and when it didn't… it didn't. Sometimes you just can't have the information you need. So those Misterious/Spiritual coincidences became irrelevant to me. Or, what's even better, workable. I could retionalize almost everything with what could have cause whatever it did, and this is pretty much what I concluded as being True. (cont)

  31. (4) I am very familiar with Neuroplasticity, The Placebo effect and Psychoneuroimmunology. I find it fascinating that these are even possible. I agree that the Human Mind is astonishingly complicated, but I don't think there's anything "Spiritual" to do with that. The brain is one of the things that are almost completely unknown to science even today. The Placebo Effect is a proof of the unknown relation between Mind and Body, but… only so far. There is no mystic behind it. (cont)

  32. (5) The neurons and other cells that do "mind transport and functioning" are part of the bio-physico-chemical machine that is the Human Body. The brain, which has the leading role, is part of it. There are things which we can't understand, like the Placebo Effect, some unusual reaction to common deseases etc, but everything that Humans once found to be incomprehensible became workable after studies. "Paranormal Phenomena" became basic physics, "The Human Soul" became the Human Mind (cont)

  33. william cooper knows whats his talking about i listen to all his work and i am convice the goverment does not have our interest in heart i feel like in german times we are all being bread to be feed to someone some way  some how this era where we live is like no other we will ever see and it will get worse and worse for this time is god's wrath not the devil so dont blame him when the world becomes 10 worse than what it is blame our self my self included cause if we dont recognize who are true creator and who we truly should be serving most of us will be led to hell by ignorance and one thing jesus has led me to understand ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse in the eyes of god for you have made your choice. we all have choices and dam the man who believe s in a man. prays jesus and god bless all who believe have keep the faith and are like a bride waiting for her husband. take care may the love of jesus be w you all.


  35. the guy talking about blood oaths lost all credibility when he mentioned the palladium. that was referenced from an admitted hoax. he obviously doesnt know what he is talking about.

  36. The secret is the capture of Ma's Son/ The building block of the universe. Hiram Abiff is Aboriginal man, Ma's Son. Everything in the universe follows the principle of Ma and Son; man comes from Woman/Ruth the Moabitess and not from mans rib; one of the lies of freemasonry the science of hiding the truth in plain sight/Trading places using religion to replace nature/ legal to replace Natural Law/Organic Constitution/ Eugenics to weaken and destroy the aboriginals and the un-seeing ones.

  37. illuminati is afraid of Islam. Thats why there is always war in middle east. that's why they created the isis to show people (!) how violent islam is. But it isn't. By creating İsis they have also created the other extremism which bows to every single injustice. Know that İslam does not bow to injustice nor does it kill innocent people . We people need to research about İslam from very reliable sources. İt is the ultimate truth.

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