King Ken Griffey

King Ken Griffey

Just inducted today into the MLB Hall of Fame with a 99% approval. Ken Griffey was a icon , a major reason many young African Americans played baseball or imitated Griffey  on the field. Many call him Willie Mays 2.0. Known for his perfect swing , and unbelievable speed in the out field became a star early in his career.



Ken Became the first father Son duo to home run in the same game. Griffey was also at the time the youngest to 500 home runs. Also a Golden Glove winner Griffey was a sure candidate to be a first ballot inductee. The question was would he be unanimous, but he came just short. However Griffey will go down as one of the greatest of are era. Remember he did it clean (no steroids)!!


630HR (6 all time)/97 AL MVP / 13 All Star / 10 Time Gold Glove winner tied 3rd among outfielders

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