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John Henrik Clarke Christianity Before Christ – African Spirituality Afrikan Spirituality as Only Dr Clarke can express and explain. A passionate lecture on Afrikan Spirituality vs Christianity, or Christianity Before there was a “Christ” Dr John Henrik Clarke ex[plains how Afrikan People were and are spiritual by nature and always practiced the highest forms of spirituality without religious titles. This clip is from the Full DVD entitled ‘Christianity Before Christ.’


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  1. Clarke's argument about creating religion to make one feel good cannot apply to Christianity on reasonable grounds. The Bible says to (1) Consider others better than yourself 2 Give possessions away for the sake of the poor 3Die to yourself and Carry your cross daily–carrying an instrument of torture does not make one feel good.5 Go out as sheep among wolves-not smart 6 You will be hated because the world hated Me. how Clarke can call this a book created by those to make them feel better

  2. Hotep, That's just not true Dr. Clarke is an Afrikan man who did travel to Afrika more than once, and did study under some Great, well respected scholars. Dr Clarke is a man who wasn't perfect but was more than adequate for us who love an honest wise man who was well studied and committed to the liberation of all Afrikan People. Dr Clarke's scholarship is unquestioned. Afrika lives within the Afrikan, our ancestors and our cultural norms live within us whether we travel to that land mass or not.

  3. @iam01 professor Mary Lefkowitz publicly confronted Dr. Ben about his teachings that Aristotle visited the Library of Alexandria as impossible since Aristotle was dead before the library's construction.[7]

    In 2002, Dr. Ben donated his personal library of more than 35,000 volumes, manuscripts and ancient scrolls to The Nation of Islam…i find it ironic this man(YOSEF) would donate books to islam the very same people who First enslaved africans and muslims still enslave africans today..

  4. @iam01 Please watch this video on youtube it is vary accurate and will open your mind to some more truth..this is what has also been left out about our history::::::::The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story

  5. Long Live The Honorable Khalid Abdul Muhammad our Black Power General!
    Remember Black Family we are at war and the that war may be brought to us in our backyards by those who look just like us. We suffer Mentacide and some of our people will gladly do the bidding of our open enemies. So beware of the snakes amongst you, we are quick to find fault within self but as soon as we bring up that cracka we got a million and 1 negros jumpin up to protect their masa.

    Abibifahodie (Afrikan Liberation)

  6. @iam01 i read the bible…i do not set myself up for the religion aspect…religion is what a man interprets the bible or koran to be…i can resd for myself and therefor understand for myself…i do not interpret it to others..they should read and draw there own conclusion..the bible is not a religion….it is a book of moral structure..without morals knowledge is anything good can be used for bad and vice versa..

  7. @darkdani45 first, you didn't answer a single thing I said. 2nd, the bible wasn't written by white men. learn history. 3rd, why isn't your views just a way for you to gain sympathy and get power for yourself? 4th, move somewhere else

  8. @darkdani45 Yes, I have studied it and have a Master's Degree in Religious History. If you think Jesus was for the white man then you have no understanding of who Jesus was…you only have an understanding of those who perverted His teachings as the slave traders did. A man who says, "I am a vegetarian" but eats beef everyday is not a vegetarian.
    Right now, I have a homeless man living with me because of Jesus. Does that sound like white domination to you or compassion based on God's grace?

  9. @darkdani45 The majority of historians believe Jesus was a real person. The real question is why is Jesus important for anyone? Because where Jesus shows up in people good things happen. Martin Luther King Jr. followed Jesus. Has there been a greater black man? Also, all of us have told lies, stolen things, said God's nae in vain, etc. To stand before God as a liar, a thief, and a blasphemer deserves justice. Jesus took the justice for us so we can have eternal life.

  10. @darkdani45 actually the apostle Matthew is traditionally known to travel to Ethiopia 2000 years ago. Christianity has deep roots in Africa. Augustine came from Africa in the 4th century, long before 'white europeans' came.

  11. His Adam(pbuh) comment is faulty. Once you can understand that Islam mean peaceful submission to the will of the all mighty Allah then and only then the pieces could be made whole. It essential to understanding the life which we live and our purpose in this life.

  12. I'll never be a Christian again, or follow any other 'religion', cuz they all pretty much remove women, or put women in a corner! Our ancient ancestors respected women, realizing both man & women together create life! Instead of father, child, mother- we stupidly believe in father, son & 'imaginary ghost'! Teach men to mistrust women @ an early age, bcuz 'Eve' ate the apple or fig or whatever! All to keep us separated, pitting us against each other! & we're still buying that crap! O ancestors!

  13. We need to get back to the spirituality of our ancestors. They only believed in gods that looked like them. Now so many blacks are worshipping gods in the likeness of the white man. It's sickening and disgusting. You have turned your backs on your ancestors in favor of someone else's ancestors. We are 100% superior to the ww spiritually. He corrupted the beliefs of our ancestors then brought it to us claiming it's his. Get back to the original of our ancestors. Throw his back at him and be free.

  14. It's so sad, to see people completely disregarding 'Jesus' Yeshua is the Divine Son of God, and if you study the Prophecies of the Messiah you see that Yeshua fulfilled them all. I agree that we need to understand Christianity in an Afrikan context- it has been a tool used to suppress is a people, but to completely throw it out.. What's the alternative? I'm interested in a PERSONAL redeemer and that's who Yeshua is to me and many. To nullify it all is a deception..

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