Iowa School Tells Students ‘Blacks Are Too Stupid’ To Go To School Or ‘Live With’ White People

Parents of Iowa students have been fuming since a teacher at Bailey Park Elementary School in the City of Grinnell made racist comments to their class that were unbelievably brazen.

The comments were directed at mocking children of mixed – African American and Caucasian – heritage.

Geoff Burd told reporters from local KCCI that his daughter, Nikki, told him that her teacher said that “black people and white people” should not marry, have kids together, or go to the same schools.

“It’s an unbelievable situation,” Burd explaind. “I work very hard to protect her. I have worked her entire life to protect her.”

The teacher specifically said that “black people and white people can’t be family. Black people should not go to this school. Black people should have their own school.”

The same teacher confronted Burd’s son, Marquez, on the school playground and laid into him as well, saying “black people are stupid and don’t know anything.”

Todd Abrahamson, the superintendent of the school district, said that the teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave because of the comments.

“We started a level one investigation, and that just started yesterday and today,” Abrahamson told local KCCI.

But Burd said that is not good enough.

“I worry about their emotional stability,” he explained. “You can never take those words back, and she can never retract those words. She can never get those words out of my children’s head.”

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