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Indian Woman Shares Truth about Columbus Day &More

This beautiful educated Native American woman tells the truth about how celebrating Christopher Columbus day is very offensive, black history, black Wallstreet, etc. Be enlightened! Wake Up Black People!


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  1. Native Americans in the United States never came in contact with Christopher Columbus the ones in the Caribbean did so idk why the get so offended when Christopher Columbus is mentioned if he has nothing to do with them

  2. bitch don't blame the normal white man blame the illuminati that shit dates back to the 14 century chris Columbus was ordered by the king witch most kings where all powerful to take as much gold as possible he couldn't do that so he took slaves for more gold

  3. Am I missing something here! Why isn't this woman teaching them that they too are NATIVE AMERICANS! AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF THE INDIGENOUS NATIVE AMERICANS!! We were NOT the slaves of the native Americans we ARE the NATIVE AMERICANS!! It hurts me to see how we are being programmed to separate into calling ourselves AFRICAN AMERICANS when MOST OF US HAS NEVER BEEN TO AFRICA, NOR OUR ANCESTORS been to AFRICA since the fall of the temple in ISRAEL in 70 AD. We are NATIVE AMERICANS!! Our people were the FIRST PEOPLE that COLUMBUS and his crew saw when they got off the THE MAYFLOWER SHIP in 1492. They saw NEGRO PEOPLE. Look at this woman and then look at the NEGRO men sitting next to her! Good Grief any fool can see they are of THE SAME!! Aboriginals!!! We are The NATIVE AMERICANS!!! Open your eyes 👀 and see!!!

  4. People keep saying she looks black not indian or she don't lie being black. You fools are straight in deep sleep and have no clue or don't care where you come from if you are considered to be a so called minority. You are the success of white supremacy. It's in you that their tactics of ethnic cleansing has been proven effective. Your minds are destroyed and your parents never read and tought you how to fall in line with lies. You celebrate and live according to someone else's culture. Until we can come together on one accord we will remain the tail and not the head in society. You have to know who you are so you don't follow vain deception and the traditions of man. Wake up

  5. Sorry, but the native Americans and Africans Americans are a defeated people. 😕 Black people are way to disorganized and slow to compete with whites financially. If welfare was cut today, most blacks would die out. Black women did not listen to their men.

  6. This simple woman is an expression of what is referred to as poverty pimping by people with barely a grade school education. She is African and not native American as much as she may want to believe she is. Real native Americans have a phenotype resembling that of Mongolian people for it is from the roof of Asia Major that a large trek of mongolians began a great migratory wave some 20 thousand years ago.

  7. This bitch aint native american, most blacks in america have very little native blood its primarily african and sizeable european blood and very few have more than like 3-4% native blood, most blacks have none or liltte than 2% native blood. Also I dont want to hear the term Indian for fake ass Indians. Only Aryans are the true Indians WTF.

  8. I will always side with Native Americans, but I find it offensive when Afro Americans are passing themselves off as Native Americans. The reservation in Mastic Long Island is another example of exploitation of Native Americans by Afro Americans. That is, there aren't any Native Americans on the Mastic reservation, there are only Afro Americans who claim they are part Native American, which I find hard to believe. I do agree that Columbus day should no longer be celebrated due to the exploitation of Native Americans by Columbus and his pirates. It's bad enough that whites are continually exploiting Native Americans, we don't need additional exploitation by Afro Americans.

  9. Looks like Haiti? Has she ever been to Haiti before? Haitis beautiful sweetie don't believe the shit you see in the media. I'm surprised that you would say that being that you have this knowledge. You just turned me off

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