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If Jesus Died On A Cross, He Didn’t Do It For Me

If Jesus Died On A Cross, He Didn’t Do It For Me – Kali Jenkins


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  1. Black people still believing in Jesus in 2016. LOL Slavery is still alive and well. Slave master let us out of chains in 1776 but I guess your brain is still in bondage to the religion they whipped in black folks brains! SMH

  2. He should've destroyed the world? I read that He GAVE His only begotten son that we may have EVERLASTING LIFE, not His Son died and God was mad and wanted to destroy us or for us to be in debt (John 3:16). I'm curious to know what scriptures are you referring to? Also what part of the bible said that He didn't die; to return from THE DEAD means He DIED, but rose from the dead. From my understanding when the bible talks about Him dying it also says He died for our sins. Yes alot of people died, but He was the only one who could pay for our sins. Ex. if you had a debt of twenty thousand that you had to pay immediately and there were alot of people around you, but there was only 1 person who could pay your debt due to the high cost everyone else would be irrelevant except that 1 person who is able to pay your debt. That is what Jesus/Yaweh did in regards to sin; He was the ONLY ONE who could pay for our sins. Apart from Him paying for our sins we would not be able to have a relationship with God/Yah. Now rather I or anyone believes that is our business, but I understand what people mean when they speak on these issues. Also I can't knock anyone because how do I KNOW FOR SURE that there isn't a God? How can I explain FOR SURE that He didn't create us? All I can do is say what I believe.

  3. The good thing is you are obviously seeking to know the truth of Christ death and resurrection enough that you are posting this video.

    You are not in debt to Jesus. When he died on the cross it was his gift to you. You have free will and God does not force himself on no man.

    Find out the truth of the death and resurrection of Christ by reading the new testament starting in Matthew and the Holy Spirit will lead you to truth and you'll never be the same.

  4. Sister – you are laughing – you are saying a lot of truth – you are mixing up a lot of things but you dont fully understand what you are saying so I will help you.

    There is only one question. Have you ever done 1 bad thing in your life. Have you ever said a rude word, thought a bad thought, even in this video you used a few words without realising it – any of these is SIN and it takes ONLY 1 SIN to go the HELL. This is spiritual law. Romans 6:23.

    The only person that does not need Jesus is that person who lived a 100% sin free life.
    If you lived a 99% good and 1% sin (i.e. bad) then that 1% will eventually take you to hell.

    It is like having a virus – virus is virus 1% or 99%.
    Sin is a virus that takes people to hell and Jesus is the cure.

    I hope this very simple anology helps you.

  5. Lol this is the curses on the very stupid black female the least to be married out of all race woman. Idiots the church bullshit and religion is a full blow out lie by the Roman Catholic Church. The most high had a chosen people fools that's why you useless hood rat ghetto trash still living like shit stupid fools. Read the fucking book loser maybe then you will understand something. The trans Atlantic slave trade is in the Bible.

    The Greek word mo·no·ge·nesʹ is defined by lexicographers as “single of its kind, only,” or “the only member of a kin or kind.” (Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, 1889, p. 417; Liddell and Scott’s Greek-English Lexicon, Oxford, 1968, p. 1144) The term is used in describing the relation of both sons and daughters to their parents.
    The Scriptures speak of “the
    only-begotten son” of a widow who lived in the city of Nain, of Jairus’
    “only-begotten daughter,” and of a man’s “only-begotten” son whom Jesus
    cured of a demon. (Lu 7:11, 12; 8:41, 42; 9:38) The Greek Septuagint uses mo·no·ge·nesʹ when
    speaking of Jephthah’s daughter, concerning whom it is written: “Now
    she was absolutely the only child. Besides her he had neither son nor
    daughter.”—Jg 11:34.
    The apostle John repeatedly describes the Lord Jesus Christ as the only-begotten Son of God. (Joh 1:14; 3:16, 18; 1Jo 4:9) This is not in reference to his human birth or to him as just the man Jesus. As the Loʹgos, or Word, “this one was in the beginning with God,” even “before the world was.” (Joh 1:1, 2; 17:5, 24)
    At that time while in his prehuman state of existence, he is described
    as the “only-begotten Son” whom his Father sent “into the world.”—1Jo 4:9.
    He is described as having “a glory
    such as belongs to an only-begotten son from a father,” the one
    residing “in the bosom position with the Father.” (Joh 1:14, 18)
    It is hard to think of a closer, more confidential, or more loving and
    tender relationship between a father and his son than this.—See BOSOM POSITION.
    The angels of heaven are sons of God even as Adam was a “son of God.” (Ge 6:2; Job 1:6; 38:7; Lu 3:38) But the Loʹgos, later called Jesus, is “the only-begotten Son of God.” (Joh 3:18)
    He is the only one of his kind, the only one whom God himself created
    directly without the agency or cooperation of any creature. He is the
    only one whom God his Father used in bringing into existence all other
    creatures. He is the firstborn and chief one among all other angels (Col 1:15, 16; Heb 1:5, 6), which angels the Scriptures call “godlike ones” or “gods.” (Ps 8:4, 5)
    Therefore, according to some of the oldest and best manuscripts, the
    Lord Jesus Christ is properly described as “the only-begotten god [Gr., mo·no·ge·nesʹ the·osʹ].”—Joh 1:18, NW, Ro, Sp.
    A few translations, in support of the Trinitarian “God the Son” concept, would invert the phrase mo·no·ge·nesʹ the·osʹ and render it as “God only begotten.” But W. J. Hickie in his Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament (1956, p. 123) says it is hard to see why these translators render mo·no·ge·nesʹ hui·osʹ as “the only begotten Son,” but at the same time translate mo·no·ge·nesʹ the·osʹ as “God only begotten,” instead of “the only begotten God.”
    Paul referred to Isaac as Abraham’s “only-begotten son” (Heb 11:17), even though Abraham also fathered Ishmael by Hagar as well as several sons by Keturah. (Ge 16:15; 25:1, 2; 1Ch 1:28, 32)
    God’s covenant, however, was established only through Isaac, Abraham’s
    only son by God’s promise, as well as the only son of Sarah. (Ge 17:16-19)
    Furthermore, at the time Abraham offered up Isaac, he was the only son
    in his father’s household. No sons had yet been born to Keturah, and
    Ishmael had been gone for some 20 years—no doubt was married and head of his own household.—Ge 22:2.
    So from several viewpoints in regard
    to the promise and the covenant, the things about which Paul was writing
    to the Hebrews, Isaac was Abraham’s only-begotten son. Hence, Paul
    parallels “the promises” and the “only-begotten son” with “‘your seed’
    . . . through Isaac.” (Heb 11:17, 18) Whether Josephus had a similar viewpoint or not, he too spoke of Isaac as Abraham’s “only son.”—Jewish Antiquities, I, 222 (xiii, 1).

  7. Origin of the Cross
    If the Bible does not really say
    that Jesus was executed on a cross, then why do all the churches that
    claim to teach and follow the Bible—Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox—adorn their buildings with the cross and use it as a symbol of their faith? How did the cross come to be such a popular symbol?
    The answer is that the cross is
    venerated not only by churchgoers who claim to follow the Bible but also
    by people far removed from the Bible and whose worship far predates
    that of “Christian” churches. Numerous religious reference works
    acknowledge that the use of crosses in various shapes and forms goes
    back to remote periods of human civilization. For example, ancient
    Egyptian hieroglyphics and depictions of their gods and goddesses often
    show a cross in the shape of a T with a circle at the top. It is called
    the ansate, or handle-shaped, cross and is thought to be a symbol of
    life. In time, this form of the cross was adopted and used extensively
    by the Coptic Church and others.
    According to The Catholic Encyclopedia, “the primitive form of the cross seems to have been that of the so-called ‘gamma’ cross (crux gammata), better known to Orientalists and students of prehistoric archæology by its Sanskrit name, swastika.”
    This sign was widely used among Hindus in India and Buddhists
    throughout Asia and is still seen in decorations and ornaments in those
    It is not known exactly when the cross was adopted as a “Christian” symbol. Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words states:
    “By the middle of the 3rd cent. A.D. the churches had either departed
    from, or had travestied, certain doctrines of the Christian faith. In
    order to increase the prestige of the apostate ecclesiastical system
    pagans were received into the churches apart from regeneration by faith,
    and were permitted largely to retain their pagan signs and symbols,”
    including the cross.
    Some writers point to the claim by
    the sun-god worshipper Constantine that in 312 C.E., while on one of his
    military campaigns, he had a vision of a cross superimposed on the sun
    along with the motto in Latin “in hoc vince” (by this conquer).
    Some time later, a “Christian” sign was emblazoned on the standards,
    shields, and armor of his army. (Pictured at left.) Constantine
    purportedly converted to Christianity, though he was not baptized until
    25 years later on his deathbed. His motive was questioned by some. “He
    acted rather as if he were converting Christianity into what he thought
    most likely to be accepted by his subjects as a catholic [universal]
    religion, than as if he had been converted to the teachings of Jesus the
    Nazarene,” says the book The Non-Christian Cross.
    Since then, crosses of many forms and shapes have come into use. For example, The Illustrated Bible Dictionary tells
    us that what is called St. Anthony’s cross “was shaped like a capital
    T, thought by some to be derived from the symbol of the [Babylonian] god
    Tammuz, the letter tau.” There was also the St. Andrew’s
    cross, which is in the shape of the letter X, and the familiar
    two-beamed cross with the crossbar lowered. This latter type, called the
    Latin cross, is erroneously “held by tradition to be the shape of the
    cross on which our Lord died.”
    What First-Century Christians Believed
    The Bible shows that in the first
    century, many who heard Jesus became believers and accepted the
    redeeming value of his sacrificial death. After the apostle Paul
    preached to the Jews in Corinth, proving that Jesus is the Christ, says
    the Bible, “Crispus the presiding officer of the synagogue became a
    believer in the Lord, and so did all his household. And many of the
    Corinthians that heard began to believe and be baptized.” (Acts 18:5-8)
    Instead of introducing some religious symbol or image into their
    worship, Paul instructed his fellow Christians to “flee from idolatry”
    and from any other practice drawn from pagan worship.—1 Corinthians 10:14.
    Historians and researchers have
    found no evidence to validate the use of the cross among the early
    Christians. Interestingly, the book History of the Cross quotes one late 17th-century writer who asked: “Can it
    be pleasing to the blessed Jesus to behold His disciples glorying in
    the image of that instrument of capital punishment on which He
    [supposedly] patiently and innocently suffered, despising the shame?”
    How would you answer?
    Worship acceptable to God does not require objects or images. “What agreement does God’s temple have with idols?” Paul asked. (2 Corinthians 6:14-16)
    Nowhere do the Scriptures suggest that a Christian’s worship should
    include the use of a likeness of the instrument used to impale Jesus.—Compare Matthew 15:3; Mark 7:13.
    What, then, is the identifying mark
    of true Christians? Not the cross or any other symbol, but love. Jesus
    told his followers: “I am giving you a new commandment, that you love
    one another; just as I have loved you, that you also love one another.
    By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among
    yourselves.”—John 13:34, 35.

  8. My sista, you've conquered satan right here…!!!
    You did not Allow him to deceive you into Worshipping the Creation Instead of the Creator…..
    Yes, Jesus( Yeshua) was a Messenger among Many that Came before him…..
    This whole Mess was put into Existence in the Year AD 325 in the Council of Nicea…..under the authority of Constantine ( king back then with pagan Ideologies)…….
    FYI: If jesus came to die for them people, why then was he always hiding, always asking the SENDER/CREATOR( his GOD and our GOD), to Remove the burden from him…????
    If he had come to die for them people, he(jesus) should have been willing to die and happily…….lol
    — Stay Awake and may our Creator keep watching over you……

  9. The Jesus story isn't autobiography or eye witness account and the fact that they can't agree if God predestined him to die on the cross, he was betrayed and murdered, or chose to give up his life as a living sacrifice for us. That fact alone and many others that points to the problem that the holy babble (bible) hold

  10. Deuteronomy 30:1-3
    And it shall come to pass, when all these things are come upon thee, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before thee, and thou shalt call them to mind among all the nations, whither YHWH thy God hath driven thee, And shalt return unto YHWH thy God, and shalt obey his voice according to all that I command thee this day, thou and thy children, with all thine heart, and with all thy soul; That then YHWH thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee, and will return and gather thee from all the nations, whither YHWH thy God hath scattered thee.

  11. NO sister, we black people are not in way responsible for his death, We didn't put him to jail, we didn't whip him, we didn't give him vinegar to drink, we didn't put a spear in his chest. All those things was done by the Romans, apparently one of us helped him carry his cross but why do we get all the misery of the world? poverty, discrimination etc but the actual people that killed him are well off in the world? THINK black people. THINK!

  12. Do you even know who made you?
    try to read the Bible. before you say something rude about God.
    Jesus died on the cross for our sins, what your doing right now on your video is a big mistake or sin

  13. Yeah, and people who don't believe in that fairy tale is a bad person like they're "The Children of the Devil." Give me a fucking break. For all I know, God only exists to a delusional mindset people have, and for what he's done over the last centuries, he's as useless as a tit on a boar. 2017, and people are still using that "I felt the Holy Spirit inside of me" cop out excuse to be their puppets. Thank God (if there was one) I'm not a Christian anymore. Oh, and BTW, if Jesus REALLY died for our sins, then why did he died for the original sin when Adam and Eve ate the apple from the wrong tree? That concept makes NO goddamn sense……

  14. Are you ok sista you need to do yo reasearch he died for the twelve tribes of Israel our Lord is powerful if you don't believe he will destroy and you laughing like it's funny he's the reason why you breathing 💯 Jacob is our four father 💯

  15. Salon סָלוֹן Peace love is unto you, my Israelite sister Kali Jenkins and love joy happiness and knowledge to your precious room here on you tube and I say again peace. This is not an attack on you Obviously you are young and don't understand or have not been taught about some things about the physical and spiritual world yet(that OK not your fault)some christian here in this room should discern that you are seeking the truth(especially the older christian women) about God and his son Jesus regardless how you are explaining it or else you would not be here how ever. they are laughing at you when this is very serious part of your life because you are seeking answers (that's good) God says thou shall not judge (Luke 6:37)you now they must come back and repent to you and then ask forgiveness to the father of the most high(God) and true christian know it is the word of might not understand but they do

    Now that been said According to◄ Hosea 4:6 ► King James Version God says, my people are destroyed for THE lack of knowledge:Some things my dear sister Kali Jenkins about God and Jesus and the holy spirit you have lack of knowledge of(that's OK) in time God will give you understanding keep praying.because if one ask why must they repent the holy spirit will give you the answer◄ read Matthew 7:7 ► God create us holy we mankind defile that was made holy it was called sin lie's cheating you name it we have done it so Christ had die for mankind to have life but ask God ask and be serious with respect and honor for he is our creator but he want you ask don't take others people words all the time

    According to◄ Hosea 4:6 ►because thou hast rejected knowledge I will also reject thee.

    how can one reject God's knowledge? By not reading the scripture daily(the words of the bible is God's knowledge/prayer) In order for one not to reject God‘s knowledge / love /blessing/peace he/she must repent and be Godly sorry for their sins (Acts 2:38) and have daily Communication with the father by the reading of God’s word. God's word is his knowledge read the new testaments and be sincere

    do not reject his word (the bible)and the father will send you the power of the holy spirit (acts 1:8)To teach you and guide you in all things.◄ John 14:26 ► Then you will begin to learn with help from other spiritual believers that the holy spirit will send to you there is a physical world and a spiritual world and you will understand what mankind sin was and why Christ love you so much to died for our sin john 3:16 and the word of God even will give you knowledge of who you are (Exodus 4:22 ) Israel is God's first born my Israelite sister.Salon סָלוֹן Peace sorry for the long message [email protected] need help in understanding anytime my sister…. peace

  16. Wake up Black People: Honey it is soooo sad to hear total ignorance of GOD. You Really, Really, really must take time to investigate these TRUTHS. It is so important! It is about your destiny whether you will gain ETERNAL life through JESUS the Christ or die in your Sin and receive Eternal Damnation, in a place separated from God, destined to dwell in hell with SATAN and his minions. God is so good, today is Still the day of Salvation. You must get a Bible and devour it. If you have a radio find Christian radio on your dial. Very important!

  17. If every once in awhile if an angel or Jesus himself pop up, then more ppl would believed that happened. The way how things are happening now a days making more ppl 2nd guess themselves about the notion of God and Lucifer and Jesus. Sounds more like a family problem that ppl shouldn't get involved in. Who knw about heaven and how it looks, who do you knw that was dead long enough to say this is exactly what's going on. If some kind of foreign being comes here everybody would think "is that an angel or our creator or where did you come from" what will you do then for being ignorant?

  18. Is this a joke? LMAO!!! It's very clear to most people that you don't have a general grasp of the concept of Jesus. Even atheists get the concepts of sin and Jesus; you don't have to actually believe in it to understand the story. I bet one day it will all make sense and you will probably die of laughter at yourself in this video. I know I did.

  19. Ms Jenkins,
    Do not denounce GOD'S word before reading His plan of salvation through HIS precious SON, JESUS in John 3:16. After that, go to the Old Testament and read all of Deuteronomy chapter 28. While reading, you will see that GOD is talking about a people who kept disobeying him time after time. The beginning of the chapter tells of the blessings if HIS people obey HIM. At vs 15 to vs 68, GOD prophesied and told of the curses. There are NO other people who's ancestors went through this but OURS! VERSE 68 says, "I will bring thee into Egypt again by ships(Atlantic slave trade). We are the tribe of Judah who were scattered all over the world. The people who took us into slavery and the one's who financed slavery (fake jews ancestors) knew/know we are GOD'S PEOPLE. JESUS called them out in Revelation 3:9 as the Synagogue of satan. They and other nations including the Africans that sold them/us worked to remove our people far from their land. In slavery, whites used the BIBLE wickedly to intimidate, break and control our people. That BIBLE is our history and lifestyle. As for JESUS or other names he is called by, HE is not concerned about that, HE is only concerned that we have a relationship with HIM. Don't get caught up in the names and such, let him into your heart. Don' put limitations on the ALMIGHTY! He is sooooo good and so great that when slave owners beat the language out of our people and after generations forgot how to speak our language, HE STILL heard our cry!! Whosoever calleth on the name of the LORD shall be saved. When HE returns, HE will have a new name that NO TONGUE on earth can pronounce and we will be given a new name as well. I am speaking to you with the love of CHRIST, without judgement or cursing. Further more, I implore you to dig in and study for yourself. Information is being revealed in these last days as said in the book of Daniel. Know that we are made in GOD'S Image and likeness. Look up the true images of CHRIST and the disciples, plus women of the BIBLE. They look like us. These images were hidden underground in Rome and by our other oppressors. I'll tell you another thing, When CHRIST returns, those who enslaved, abused and afflicted HIS people will be destroyed! HIS WORD said that HE will return recompense upon their heads and will enslave their sons and daughters. Pay attention to what is happening these days, how they are treating us, our oppressors know that the time is getting awfully close and they know who and whose we are. There are even non-Hebrew brothers and sisters you can find on YouTube who know and speak the truth as to who we are. Please repent and come to JESUS, and cause the devil to lose another soul. Hell IS real and I hope you don't forsake HIM. Develop a relationship with HIM/JESUS before it is too late. We are at the time where we as HEBREWS, the TRIBE of JUDAH are waking up. Let no one deceive you and tell you that you don't need JESUS. HE is the way, the truth and the light. NO man cometh to the FATHER but by HIM.
    Mrs. Lomax

  20. Sister keep that knowledge these blacks need to start think for themselves. And fuck these. Crackers. Lies. To brain washed and program black minds if Jesus so real tell him to stop these crackers police from killing them illegally like how they did Sandra. Bland. Fucking stinking crackers the preacher do they talk about these things no they pretend we are equal. With stinking crackers

  21. If Jesus so real tell him to stop the crackers from. Rapeing and strangle Sandra bland behind. Their jail walls and people still think law enforcement. Is doing a job of killing rapeing black kids tell Jesus to kill these mother fuckers fu ck stinking white cracker Jesus fuck evil White bitches

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