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I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White Reaction, Thoughts & Knowledge!

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I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White.

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  1. Lol what. School has nothing to do with race. I don't know what school you went to, but mine, nor people I knew from other schools taught us "labels". It was definitely my parents that said that. If anything, my teachers at school tried not to use labels.

  2. Although the thoughts here are a beautiful sentiment and hopefully the world gets their one day. BUT acting as if you are "color blind" means you are turning a blind eye to the very REAL racism that exists. Yes we are all "equal" at the core but until we are all treated equally then we aren't equal at all.
    Also he's not thinking of the cultural and traditions different people have. I for one am Native American, our people had no concept of race before the Whites came and more damage was done to us through cultural genocide. If no one sees color than how can we hold on to our culture and religion that is so important to us? That's what makes the World great all the beauty in different races. I AM Native and I love being Native, trying to make us conform is what fucked us up more that the physical genocide. I don't want to be seen as an ambiguous human, I love my culture and destroying the concept of Race would also destroy our people's culture more than it already has. Be proud of your race and the different struggles you have overcome, white, black, brown, asian etc. What makes us who we are does not always revolve around the bad such as racism or discrimination. We are different directly because of race and that is beautiful. We need not learn to be color blind we need to SEE color MORE than ever and accept the differences but still see others as equals, that's when racism will TRULY end. When we appreciate other Races for what they are NOT to ignore the beauty of diversity.

  3. when did blacks become so cheesy, I so disagree with the I'm not black I'm not white bullshit appreciate your skin color because the fact of the matter is trying to ignore your skin color is like ignoring your culture. 😐

  4. preachhh. But it does sometimes start with the parents. my bf is white and my mom always be telling me white people are crazy and i just sit there like ok. Because some black people are crazy too so she can't talk

  5. I remember one of my teachers she treated me like nothing I am Puerto Rican and most of the people in my class were white she treated me like nothing I got D's on my test for no reason and every question was right I asked her she said shut up stupid brown girl ohhhh I nearly slapped the bitch yea I left that school ha 😂

  6. Label is not a bad thing it is called culture and the world is interesting to learn from one and other. Imagine the world with one culture one skin the world is boring.

    You don't believe me watch Where the hell is Matt videos.

  7. MY TEACHER NEVER LIKED ME BECAUSE OF MY SKIN COLOUR she always used to leave me out in the rain and let my books get wet but thank God i made through all my exams with flying colours…and today i have something to show (thank you SWEET SWEET JESUS)

  8. My teacher was the one to tell me I was not white, my mom was so upset, she worked so hard to teach me that I was a person and that my color should not matter, that people should not be labled

  9. One time I was in a school this bully said "she will never ever by smarter than me cause' she is white". I told her that "I was born in AZ I am Irish,German,Mexican. Doesn't matter who I am it matters Nothing but how would you like if I said you aren't smart because you are black please let's just go work ,help,play together let's always be the best unracist people Ever!" . She said "wow smart words girl * claps* alright bff * winks* * hugs*"

  10. I remember a I was doing a revise a centense it sed"Revise this Centanse' The Immigrants from Mexico swam to a new Country' I was like 'FUCKING RACIST' and my teachers were White,not to be racist tho.

  11. i always choose not to disclose my race on job application. and most of the time they ask me why i didnt. i tell them im not black or whatever label.glad somebodty shares same views. just seen this video

  12. this modern times people became like a motor machine that can be put on every circle shape of car wtf this is white idea this video the people who are talking must be brain washed damn hhhhhhhh i am not black he said like look when we come out our mothers bodies hhhh motherfucker even you look different the genetic variation will always be existed ,if your mother is black and your father is black than no doubt that you will be black there is genetic hormone that produces what type of race you would be hahahah i laugh so hard when i saw this reaction clip so i feel so sad for those people really !!!

  13. I remember in class, 2 groups were talking a white group of ppl and a black group of ppl, I remember my teacher only told off the black group of ppl and my friend stood up and made a big speech to the teacher about judging races and how afrensuve and wrong it is to judge ppl, my friend got a long detention…

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